The Kitchen Sink, Anyone?

I usually try to keep blog posts topical, as I don't know if it bugs you guys for me to go willy-nilly in all sorts of directions, rambling on about nothing, and jumping from one topic to another like I'm on a sugar high. ;)

I hope you won't mind me making an exception today, as it's a willy-nilly-lots-of-tidbits kinda day. :)

First up, I forgot about the October TUSAL yesterday. Eeek! So, here is my ORT jar, a day late, with lots of red rayon from October's Chinese Garden part.

A huge WELCOME to all my new followers, and a similar huge HELLO to all my existing followers and blogging friends. I try to return the favor and stalk your blogs, but sometimes I'm flummoxed as your blogs aren't listed on your profiles. Imagine this scene....
Me.... all excited.... "NEW BLOG TO STALK!! NEW BLOG TO STALK!!"
Eager little finger goes "CLICK CLICK CLICK"
Anticipation builds, then a furrow on the brow (which incidentally is bad for me as it makes lines on my forehead which then makes me look old!!)... "WHERE'S THE BLOG LINK??!!!"
Looks around all bewildered, and trust me, me bewildered is not a good thing. For some weird reason, inanimate objects choose these exact moments to run into me! ;)
Here's how to make sure your blogs are displayed on your Profile page. :D

I try to reply to all your comments via email. It always makes my day to read what you have to say and I'm blessed to have gotten to know some of you really well. :D Sometimes, your contact emails aren't listed with blogger and as a result I get a "no-reply" address to blogger.

To add an email address to your blogger account, go to EDIT PROFILE and select SHOW EMAIL ADDRESS. Be sure to enter your email address in the space allocated a few lines below this selection.

I'd recommend not using your main email address but instead use another address set aside for your blogging demands and needs. :)

A while ago, I had a poll about changing the look of this blog. The votes were pretty unanimous on the option to keep it the same. There were two votes for change... I wonder who you are. ;)

What I did change is the look of my FINISHES BLOG. (This link is located on the tab bar at the top of this page.) After playing with different options, I decided to go with Blogger's new dynamic view option, but keep my linen background. What I love about it is while I've set the page to a SNAPSHOT default, you as a user can select different viewing options. :) The MOSAIC option is quite cool. :D

Sara challenged me to a Mermaids of the Deep Blue finish this weekend if she finishes her Mystery Project by today. Well, her end is met. She sent me a picture of her Happy Dance and it's STUNNING!!! Since it's a gift for her mom, she won't be posting a pic till after November, but check out her blog anyways. :D My end of the challenge... hrmm... maybe I should take tomorrow off? LOL!!!

My friend, Jen, started blogging again after a long hiatus. I think she got sick of me bugging her about it all the time. ;) Stop over and say hi... she's an amazing stitcher and has the most hilarious dog.


Shebafudge said…
Love the finishes blog! Looks great like that. I really enjoyed a slideshow of progress on Japanese Garden Mandela. I'm using that to show my hubby that it is a really good idea for me to sign up to the new mystery!!
Kate said…
haha! When I read the following..I usually try to keep blog posts topical, as I don't know if it bugs you guys for me to go willy-nilly in all sorts of directions, rambling on about nothing, and jumping from one topic to another like I'm on a sugar high. ;)....and thought that my off topic willy nilly rambling about nothing blog was getting to you! Sadly for me that is everyday but your blog is freat and so are your posts.
Kate said…
Doh! That should say GREAT!
Valentina said…
Your Finishes blog is just awesome!!!
Both for the look of the blog itself but above all for your finishes!
I didn't know you could make such lovely things with blogger, thanks for sharing, I think I'll make one too, but I don't have so many wonderful finished pieces to show... that's definitely a way to push me on stop starting new things and finish all my wips!
Jennifer M. said…
Your finishes are amazing! I am so jealous. I would have more finishes if I didn't have so many projects going on at the same time. :)

Xeihua (Sara) said…
I LOVE your FINISHES BLOG, you'll have to teach me some day how you managed to get the photos with your details, I LOVE it.
I must say I'm just like you when it comes to topics for blogs, if I don't have them... you'll just get lost in my ramblings xD...
Eheh I've met my part, so.... grab your needle girl, and start stitching those gorgeous mermies xD
I've Jen blog on my blog stalking list (as if it could be any different right) and I love the "ORT-eating dog" eheheh
mdgtjulie said…
Hi, Joysze. I'm doing blogs tonight, and saw yours. Good luck to you on the Mermaid challenge. Glad you kept your blog the same. I like it (except the color, lol. Could it be something besides brown?!?). Off to check out your finishes blog.
Sarah said…
Well Hello to you too! (I'm a new follower). I'm really enjoying your blog, good luck with the mermaids!
chris said…
Hi Joysze,

Sure had a post of random thoughts..and I loved it. I wonder this, why do some peeps not blog for ages and then close their blog without warning their followers??? I think did they have some huge calamity in their life or did they just get fed up? Then others write such personal things about their hubbies and family.
I think then that they must have no one to talk to so they write it in their blog?
So I feel very blessed and am thankful that God is so good to me!
Hugs and Blessings
Chris x
Mouse said…
heheh thought the whole point of rambling was ermmm to ramble hehehehe ooo well done on to sara and when you going to get yours done then ???? off to go and looksie at your finishes :) love mouse xxxxxxx
cucki said…
wow..your finishes are so lovely..i love them so much...
good luck to you with the mermaid challenge..
love and hugs xxx
Lonneke said…
You finishes are great! I see you have finished The mighty Samourai. That's the one and only piece I have never been able to complete! I have restarted it 3 times, and I am still not happy with it. It is now burried somewhere deep in my closet.
Haven't seen it for many years...
Rachel said…
First of all, Joyce, I LOVE willy-nilly blog posts, heehee. I tend not to respond to my comments individually, but maybe I should. ( I am really shy, and tend to keep quiet for the most part, though I do tend to be very chatty on the internet. I just always have this feeling that people don't really want to hear from me, lol.)

I LOVE the new setup for your finishes blog, very neat! It give me an idea that I should put my finishes on a separate blog......(DH would tell you to stop putting ideas in my head, hahaha).

I have faith in you, I am sure you will be able to finish the Mermaids this weekend! AND I look forward to seeing it!!!!!!! (Time off work to stitch really isn't a bad thing, is it? LOL!)
♥ Nia said…
I enjoy so much reading you blog! You always make me laugh, really laugh out loud!!! :D

Beautiful works!! Awesome page with your finishes, I love it! :D I'm not quite sure but I think Petal Fairy was the one who brought me to your blog =)
Melissa said…
I enjoy reading random blog posts-you can learn all sorts of new things.
Your finishes look great. I am a fan of the magazine style because it has both the picture and the details. Good luck finishing your mermaids!
Isadarena said…
Oh !! Joyce , you made me laugh when I read your post about discovering new blogs :-))what a funny girl you are:-))
I LOVE , yes, I love your new finishes blog : but how can you make so many things like that : it is so original and so pleasant to look at :-)
Hope you have the best of days !!

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