Random Afternoon Question

It's only Wednesday afternoon stateside and we are at 56 Hermitters for this weekend already! How awesome!!! I am giddy with anticipation, first of all to be able to just ignore everything and stitch, and then to see your gorgeous WIPs. :D

We have quite a few first timers... WELCOME!! :D
And to the repeat offenders, *giggle* YEE-HAW!!! It's HERMIT TIME!!!

Taylor, if you see this, comments on your blog are not working. :( Sorry, I couldn't email you directly as there isn't any email attached to your blog.

Mon, do you by chance have a blog we can stalk? I couldn't find any links on your profile page. :)

Now, for today's question... it's a loaded one and no cheating!! LOL!

How many WIPs do you have and feel free to list them all. :D

I've always been a one-project girl, that is until the Chatelaine classes got a hold of me. I've been told that just because I'm taking a class, and technically can't stitch on a project until a new part it released, I still have to count them as WIPs. How is that fair, may I ask? *stomps foot*

So, taking that into account, I have 4:
  • Chinese Garden Mandala
  • Spring Knotgarden
  • Mermaids of the Deep Blue
  • Regal Tiger *shudder just thinking of the yucky hard aida*


valerie said…
Yay! IHSW is here! Although, I kind of have a busy weekend but we'll see how much I get done.

Let's see...wips.
Dimensions Stocking on Aida (yuk!), BBD AotH, Mary Wigham (ugh!) and Drawn Thread Almost Halloween (almost done!)
Lonneke said…
HAED - Magnificent Wings
HAED - QS Creativity
HAED - QS Venus Dryad
HAED SK SAK Rapunzel
Chatelaine - Herbularius (whoot!)
Ink Circles - Fall Mandala
Elsa Williams - 100 cats and a mouse (you know, for when I get bored behind my pc)

O dear, that makes 7...
And I was actually thinking about starting a new one...(insert guilty grin)

(sigh..I really need to update my own blog!)
shio said…
ishw soon ...*preparing shell and tweezers and other things(?)*

my wips are
SAL La Broderie (annick abrial)
SAL Aux Chats (jardin prive)
SAL Autumn Alphabet (lk)
Quaker d´Halloween(jp)
Broder et oublier le temps (jp)
Link monocolour (dork st)
Biscornu d´Autumne
SAL T.G Ackworth School

Pauline said…
I have at least 6 Wips.
My 3 Haeds, my KK, my squirrel and a christmasstocking.
Ineke said…
My WIPs:
Chatelaine Herbularius
Chatelaine Autumn Knotgarden
Chatelaine Spring Knotgarden
Chatelaine Peacock Garden
Chatelaine Watergarden
Chatelaine Fairies
Chatelaine Winter Watergarden
HAED Forest Door
BBD Anniversaries of the Heart
Tree of Stitches
Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow

And a lot of quilts....
Mouse said…
mmmm dare I answer this one ..lol
ok deep breath here
poinsettia house lhn (almost finished)
thread gatherer lhn wip
winter whites lhn getting there
mary wigham sal (not got very far ..lol)
Haed afternoon tea just started need to get back to !!
Star sal .. catching up slowly
Celtic Autumn shouting at me to get finished .. ditto with "the castle" TW
and have got a few new starts for prezzies thrown in there ..lol
think that is it ???
love mouse xxxx
cucki said…
yipeeeeee IHSW is here..me so happy..
hmmnnnn ..at the moment i only have one wip..
i will start working on it soon..may be next week..
happy stitching to you all xx
rosey175 said…
I have two actual, factual WIPs with one drifting toward UFO status, eek!

1. Dolphin Trio Dimensions Kit (WIP/UFO)
2. "Soul Pumpkin"

In my head however, there are about 20 billion WIPs. Do they count? XD
EveningEmma said…
I have a few:

1. Klimt's 'Tree of Life'
2. Mythical Dragon
3. Epic Pokémon Pattern
4. Birds Sampler (which I had completely forgotten about until just now).
5. Beatrix Potter Sampler (which is really a UFO and I don't know whether I'll ever finish it)
keebles said…
It's a mental block with me...only one WIP at a time! Mine is Mickey and Friends, but I have every intention of finishing it this IHSW and then it's on to A Walk In the Highlands, my first HAED!! (but I always do one of those miniature Disney kits with the little frames as in-betweeners as a sort of cool-down between projects).
Xeihua (Sara) said…
Yay.... IHSW is closing in :)
Now as per my WIPs, I'm actually being a good girl and keeping a low number:
1 - HAED QS Reflections 2 (my MP)
2 - HAED QS Believe
3 - HAED Dragon Fae 1
4 - HAED Touch of Spring
5 - HAED SK Treasures
6 - Table Cloth

Can you see a pattern xD
Agi said…
HAED: Train of Dreams
Chatelaine: Autumn Knotgarden
Chatelaine: Spring Knotgarden
Cross My Heart: Sampling of Herbs
Victoria Sampler: Heirloom Nativity Sampler

All together 5, but Nativity is to be restarted on a new fabric, Autumn KG published design is finished. So somewhere between 3 nd 5...
Rahenna said…
Not too many. :D

- Angel Procession (TW)
- Cirque des Circles (IC)
- Titania (Mira)
- Tree of Hope (Mira)
- mystery gift :D

I'm really only working on Tree of Hope and Cirque, though. The other two are trying to escape to the UFO zone, so I've gotta rein them in!

And I need to finish two ornaments this month, but those really don't count since I can bust those out in a day or two. *flex* XD
Claudette497 said…
I have 204 WIPs. I try to get stitches in on 3 every day. It doesn't always work, but if my math is right and I stick to my plan, 2014 will be a BIG year for finishes, lol

10 Things
1000 miles
A Simple Life
Arab Tent
Auspicious Argosy
Autumn Help
Bassett Hound
Be Jolly
Beach Holiday
Bearly Studying
Beau Leggy
Berry Patch
Best Witches
Bird Headed Triskele
Black Cat Border
Black Cats Halloween
Blackwork Beasts
Bless Our Farm
Blue Dragon
Bowl of Flowers in a Landscape
Bug Band Sampler
Bunny Battle
Burrowing Owls
Cactus Garden
Cafe Terrace at Night
Calamity Pippi
Calico Cat
California Sampler
Cardinal's Treat
Cat Napping
Catbird Seat
Cathedral Rock, Yosemite
Celtic Angel
Celtic Birds
Celtic Peacock
Celtic Sun Needlebook
Celtic Sun Pincushion
Cheaper than Therapy
Chinese Dragon
Christmas Reindeer
Christmas Socks
Church Ornaments
Clouds Today
Coalbrookside by Night
Colorful Rabbit
Conla's Well
Crane Paradise
Cross Stitch Collector
Cuernavaca Peacock
Cut and Paste
Dancing Bears
Dandelion Play
Don't be a Parrot
Don't do Mornings
Dove Love
Down by the Sea
Dragon Bell Pull
Durrow Circles
Durrow Saint
Eastern Promise
Eat, Drink and Remarry
Egyptian Sampler
Elskede Norway
Fall Peeper
Fancy Work
Farm Scene
Felicia Flamingo
Finding a Rainbow
Fish of Fortune
Fish with Sun
Flaming June
Flower Garden and Bungalow
Flutter on By
Folk Eggs
Fractal Bookmark
Frog Band
Frolic in the Foliage
Garden of Delight
Garden Rabbit
Gingerbread Stitching House
Give Me a Needle
Give Thanks
Give Thanks to God
Glad to Come Back Home
Glorious Spring
God of Truth
Good Life
Great Wave of Kanagawa
Greedy Cat
Green Dragon
Groovy Jungle Cat
Grumpy Fairy
Hamburger and French Fries
Happy Sweet Sixteen
Havana Mandala
He is Risen
Highland Stag
Horses at Play
Hot Dog and Baked Beans
Hunt in the Forest
Icelandic Mother and Child
Icelandic Ponies
Irish Proverb
Knots 7-12
Lake at Hakone
Land of Paradise
Last Day
Last Tango
Let Go of My Onions!
Let it Snow
Let's Neck
Lewis Chessmen
Little Book of Jungle Animals
Little Ducks
Love One Another
Magenta Mermaid
Magnolia Window
March Winds
Martini Witches
Medieval Scene
Memorial Night in Bangkok
Middle Earth Map
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Midsummer's Eve
Mini Stockings
Misty Morning
Moose Silhouette
Mountain of the Holy Cross
Multi-Colored Alphabet
My Day Complete
My Other Garden
Nap Attack
Near Gray Court Junction
New England Whaling Waters
Octopus Garden
Odd Owl
Oil Wells
Opium Poppy
Orange Dragon
Oriental Sampler
Paddington Station
Paris Opera Ceiling
PB & J
Peaceable Kingdom
Pine Trees Against the Light
Place for Everything
Pleasant Thought
Polish Flag
Pre-Raphaelite Angel
Pretty Plant Poke
Proof of God
Proud Peacock
Rainbow Goldfish
Royal Rose
Sanctuary for Japan
Scaredy Cat
Seals at the Giant's Causeway
Singin' in the Rain
Snow at Mukajima
Stained Glass Dove
Stained Glass Peacock
Stained Glass Pillow
Statue of Liberty
Sticky Business
Stitcher's Christmas
Stitchtalk Butterfly
Strawberry Thief
Summer Orchard
Summer Outing
Sunrise, Yosemite Valley
Sweeping Cobwebs Ornaments
Sweeping Cobwebs Sampler
Tall Ship
Tartan Sophia
The Castle
The Swing
The Year Grows Rich
This is Our Home
Tom's Trick or Treat
Tree of Life (Klimt)
Tree of Life (Mexican)
Tree of Stitches
Two Hearts
Up, Up and Away
Village in Winter
Warhol Peacock
We Believe
We Is Friends
What Happens at Grandma's
Wherever You Go
White Wedding
Wolf Sampler
You're the Best
Zoomorphic Bell Pull
Joysze said…
I usually reply to you guys individually via emails, but I have to say it here again.... Claudette.... oh my Lord!!!! GIRL!!!!! *THUD*
Xeihua (Sara) said…
I'm with you on your comment to Claudette Joysze.... OMG!!! :O you're really brave and now I'll be waiting ansiously for 2014 to see many of this finished :D
Adrienne said…
I have 3 WIPs:
- Drama Queen - custom chart
- Tree of Stitches - Abi Gurden/The StitchSpecialists
- QS Terra Fairy Sprite - HAED

and one that I think now qualifies as a UFO :(
- Home Sweet Home - HAED

I feel so guilty when I don't stitch on a pice for ages. I wish I had more time to stitch!
Anne said…
Um, WOW Claudette! That's a lot of WIPS!! I only have 1 technically:
HAED Tea Bath Fairy.

Finish pin cushion and start some new ornies.
Lissanne said…
Crap, I must still have a fever! Did I read Claudette has 204? OMG!

Mine are:
Chinese Garden
Hummingbird Garden
Micro 2
HAED Hold on to Hope

I have other Chats ready to start, but I haven't Stitched the start yet, lol.
Tama said…
WOW I have nothing like Claudette; I do have a big list but mainly because I used to start everything as soon as I got it and then it became a UFO. Except I don't like calling them that because I feel guilty for abandoning them. If I only count what I've worked on this year, I have around 15, maybe a few more.
Ewa said…
Holy CRAP, Claudette!!!

I have a few active ones:
Medieval Shelf
College of Magical Knowledge
Middle Earth
Riding the Wave

I need to restart Dark Queen

I also have some UFOs. A Thomas Kinkaid embellished cross stitch and some Winnie the Pooh bibs.
I don't know if I'm quite awake enough to list all of my WIPs here right now, but I'm pretty sure I have over a dozen of them, from kits, my own patterns, other people's patterns, and game sprites. It's fun to bounce between things, though, so maybe it's not *so* bad!
Veronica said…
LOL! And I thought I was bad. Seeing Claudette's list made me feel much, much better. ROFL! Here are mine in no particular order.

Mirabilia - Garden Verses
Mirabilia - Christmas Flourishes
Passione Ricamo - Romantic Stitcher
Shepherd's Bush - She Tends
Angie Designs - Romantique Sampler
Little House Needleworks - Little House Neighbourhood
Papillon Creations - Love With A Capital L
Drawn Thread - Spot of Winter
Lilliput Lane - Lilliput Village
Abi Guden - Tree of Stitches
Stoney Creek - New Birth of Spring
iStitch - Mystery SAL
Valerie Pfeiffer - Chorus Line

I *think* that's all but there might be a few lurking that have currently slipped my mind. I'll let you know if and when I remember what those are :P

threadbear said…
Sorry, just picking myself up off of the floor after seeing Claudette's wip list!

I've got "about" 10, all HAEDs *sheepish grin*

Joyce, hopefully I've fixed that rogue blogger post now :-)
Babs said…
1.Haed - Bottom of the Garden
2.A stupid steam and railroading pattern that is for an uncle and doesn't get finished.
3.Miss Kat - Home Sweet Home
4.A freebie from Crossstitcher, still not finished, half stitched I think
5.Beatrix Potter - Miss Moppet
6.Joan Elliott - Earth Goddess
7.Passione Ricamo - a monochrome faerie freebie
8.Abi Gurden - The Great Escape
And I still might have forgotten some
Rachel said…
I have too many, lol. Not as many as Claudette, but I could be there pretty quick, lol. I do have the majority of WIPs/UFOs listed on the WIPocalypse/25 Project Challenge on my blog. :)

Looking forward to IHSW!!! DH is taking the little man hunting (that always makes me worry) so I will be home stitching, either with my little girl or not (she's usually off somewhere else, lol).
Ummm... I will never, ever again, feel bad about the number of WIPs I have. Claudette, did you hear the clunk as my jaw hit the floor? 204? OMG.

Hmm... I have:

Sweetheart Tree June Sampler
Kreinik Freshwater Fish
Nora Corbett "L"
Lizzie Kate ABCs of Parenting
HAED Queen of Hearts
Dimensions Advent Calendar
Christmas Exchange Mystery Piece
Wedding Card for friends

June Sampler and Freshwater Fish will be finished in the next week or two. L will be finished before Christmas. Lizzie Kate will hopefully be done before Christmas. Advent Calendar - aiming for next Christmas :) Queenie? Well, She's for DH's 50th birthday. I've got just under four years.
wendy111 said…
Claudette, I feel so much better now! I have 5 Chatelaines started

Misty Morning vineyard
Peacock Garden
Baroque Garden
Chinese Garden

I also have 3, not make that 4 others (I think)

Cloister Garden - The Drawn Thread
Cirque des Circles
Birds of a Feather mystery SAL
Jim Wurth Needlepoint

I have not started the next of the 12 days of Christmas so not a WIP!

Oops, making Halloween ornament for a friend, but very small so does not really count!
wendy111 said…
And another oops

Make it 6 chatelaines, I forgot Hummingbird!
Melissa said…
I have a few and will probably add Mirabilia's Mediterranean Mermaid to the list soon

1. Dimensions-Patchwork Baby Birth Record
2. Chatelaine-Japanese Garden
3. Lizzie Kate-Halloween Rules
4. Country Cottage Needleworks-Snowflake Serenade
5. Little House Needleworks-Pine Tree Inn
♥ Nia said…
OMG!!!! Claudette497 has 200 wips???!?!? woooowwww :p
I have.. two heheheh only 2 =)
I have Nora Corbett's Bluebell that I will stitch this weekend with you all :D And I have Lizzie Kate's Christmas Rules, a SAL with another friend, only two blocks left until the end of the year! :)
Jenny said…
Oh LOL - too many to list! Sometimes they stress me out a bit, but for the most, I am fully content. Sometimes I feel bad about starting something new, but I can generally override those feelings....
Taylor Grove said…
I will be stitching Faces of Faery 88 and Starry Night
mcewan07 said…
My main WIP for this year is :-

HAED - train of dreams
HAED - once was innocent - colour
HAED - dryad
HAED - butterfly wood

I have also started a few stitches on the wips below, and the will be joining my rotation in a big way come 2012 ( or once i finish my 1/2 yearly goals - whatever is first)

HAED - celestial night
HAED - only one home
HAED - firemoon
HAED - twilight shimmer
HAED - Flights of Imagination

And i will be buying two more for christmas that will become 2012 WIP's

HAED - gypsy firefly
HAED - Siberian forest

And another 13 i want :S

I also have a dimension one that's more of a UFO at the moment - cant even remember its name :S.
Anne Marieke said…
Thank you very much for posting a lenght of Eterna out to us, Joyce! My share arrived today, so now I can complete my part 2.

Big hug!
Anne Marieke

p.s. too ashamed to list my WIPs ;o)
Mia said…
I really don't know... honest and true! I'm so totally unorganized... *shame on me!!*
But for sure I've got less than 100, more than 15...
And since I'm so darned unorganized, I don't have a list to give... *shame again!!*
Guess I need to get a grip on myself and organize my stitchings (and life... LOL).
Heather said…
Just 3:
Alphabet blanket
Christmas card
and a snowman pirate x-mas ornament
Mon said…
Sorry - I think I've fixed it now - my new blog appears as "contact me - my webpage" and it's http://menai.posterous.com/

Great to join in! Hope yours went well too

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