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Random Afternoon Question

Today's question comes courtesy of Carolyn:

How does everyone stores threads they are using while stitching on a project?

Mine depends on the project. For the Chatelaines, the silks are in Floss-A-Way bags. They come that way from ECC and I find it very convenient. For projects that uses DMC, I have them all bobbinated and in a floss organizer.

Ivy - All Dressed Up

We hit Joann's after work last Wednesday night, and totally fell in love with this blue fabric for Ivy. It was the perfect shade of the kreinik in her wings and in hubby's words, "It's spectacular!"

As I previously mentioned, I'm stitching about 6-7 of Nora's Pixie Couture line for our closet. Since it's a dressing area, why not deck it out in fashion and fabric? :) We hung up Fern and Ivy, and the others will go on the perpendicular wall.

Many of you are wondering what my next pixie will be. I haven't quite decided... I have the bead kit for Sweet Pea, so that would be the most logical. However, I'm stitching Orchid for a friend and I think that will have to be next.

The Maiden, (I'm going to answer you here as I can't reply to your email) I'm very tempted with Lilac... so she might be my 7th! :D

OH! It would be nice if I told you guys the other pixies I'll be stitching huh? ;) Sweet Pea, Lilly, Bluebell, and Gardenia... possib…

Festivities and TUSAL

The day after Thanksgiving is usually when we put up the Christmas tree. It's been a hectic year for me and I'm generally feeling tired. As a result, I have been toying with the idea of not putting up the trees this year... but sure enough, on Black Friday, while most people are out shopping the sales, up they went. :D

I decided to simplify a little though, and only put up our yearly ornaments and some of my favorites. The outside tree was situated by the front door this year, and I added garlands on it to match ones on the gate.

I'm a couple of days late with my TUSAL post. If you haven't joined in for next year, head on over to Daffycat's blog and SIGN UP!! :D

Friday Randomness

My Resimay
To hoom it mae cunsern,
I waunt to apply for the job what I saw in the paper.I kin Type realee qwik wit one finggar and do sum a counting.I think I am good on the fone and I no I am a pepole person, Pepole realee seam to reespond too me well. Certain men and all the ladies.I no my spelling is not too good but find that I Offen can get a job wit my persinalety.My salerery is open so we kin discus wat you want to pay me and wat you think that I am werth,

I kin start emeditely.Thank yoo in advanse fore yore anser.
hopifuly Yore best aplicant so farr.Sinseerly,
Because my resimay is a bit short - below is a pickture of me.

Employer's response:Dear Bubba:It's OK Honey. We've got spell check. See you Monday.

Ivy - Finished!!!

She's done, she's done, and so darn cute! :D I love the garland in her hair and those metallic teal beads are to die for. We're going to JoAnn's after work to pick out a fabric for her backing and she will be finished the same way as Fern.

I don't know if I've previously mentioned that I'm stitching about 6 pixies for our closet, so this is 2 down, 4 to go. :D

The Particulars:
Ivy by Mirabilia
Fabric: Ancient, 32ct hand-dyed opalescent lugana by Picture This Plus
Stitched 2 over 2
Floss: DMC, Kreinik
Beads: Mill Hill
Started: November 10th, 2011
Finished: November 22nd, 2011

Random Afternoon Question

To all my friends in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! I know the Canadian Thanksgiving was in October, so I'm going to make today's question as international as I possibly can.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If you're not in the US or Canada, do you have a holiday that's similar, and how do you celebrate?

I go to my cousin's, make green bean casserole, eat a LOT of that and honey ham (I'm not a turkey person) and that's about it. I don't do the Black Friday shopping. It's too crazy and crowded for my taste.

The day after Thanksgiving, we put up the Christmas tree and decorations and the rest of the weekend is spend hanging out and relaxing.

Everything's SAL'ing Up Roses

I'm nothing if not a planner, especially on the stitching front. Ideas are always swirling around in my head about what to stitch, when to stitch, how to get them all in without rotating and lots of finishing. I guess I'm not called The Darth Planner for nothing. ;)

The stitching community is such a wonderful one, and in recent months, many a SAL (Stitch-A-Longs) have been swirling.

With 2012 just around the corner, I'm jumping off on Measi's great idea of listing the ones I know about in one (alphabetical order) spot and add to this list as I find new ones. Check them out and join in the fun! :D

Crazy January Challenge 2012
Just typing that gave me heart palpitations!! 15 new starts on the first 15 days of the year, then finish them before the year ends. Needless to say, I won't be taking part. :S

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW) 2012
Take some time out just for you every third weekend of the month to hermit and stitch away.

Love for Stitch-a-Longs

IHSW November Update

Hi everyone!!! How did Hermitting go this weekend? I can't wait to check out your blogs (all 94!!!!) and drool over the pictures. :D

BLOGS TO STALK! (scroll down past the picture)

I didn't get as much done as I'd have liked. We hung up a big mirror in our closet on Saturday. I use the word "we" loosely since hubby did most of the work but I was very helpful with my input. ;) On Sunday, I didn't sit down to stitch till later in the evening.

As a result, I didn't meet my goal of finishing Ivy. :( She's getting close though... needs some hair, backstitching, and beads and it'll be time to do a Happy Dance! :D

Friday Randomness

Wednesday was hubby's birthday, so we took the day off and headed for the beach. :D It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, but it wasn't too hot, and the breeze was nice and cool.

We had lunch at this place called 101 Ocean, and then spent a few hours hanging out on Anglins Fishing Pier and wanted to share some pictures with you.

We really should do this more often. It's so good for the soul. :)

Happy Hermitting everyone!!!!! If you haven't sign up for IHSW, it's not too late! :)

Random Afternoon Question

After this weekend, we will have one more International Hermit and Stitch Weekend before 2011 closes on us. I've had quite a few emails asking if IHSW will continue into 2012. I'm all for it. :D I really enjoy having the 3rd weekend of each month set aside to hermit and stitch and knowing that my stitchy friends all over the world are doing the same.

Are you guys still interested in having IHSW continue into the new year?

I'll leave the same poll up on the sidebar for a week to make it easier to find. You can either vote in this post or on the sidebar. :)

To answer an anonymous comment from the last post, YES, if you blog only once a month, we'll still come over and stalk your blog... so start a blog already. ;)

Katha, of COURSE it's ok to join with a 'tumblr-blog' account. :D As long as we have pictures to see, we're happy. :D I'm not able to follow your blog or leave a comment, but I've added you to my blogroll. :)

If you haven't joined us …

IHSW - November

Yup!! You got it... it's that time of the month again!! ;) International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. Woooohoooooo!!!

With the holiday season looming and gaining speed, I hope this weekend will allow you to set aside some down time for yourself, be it to stitch and relax or to stitch like a mad person on your stockings, ornaments, holiday gifts, etc. :D Come one, come all, and LET'S HERMIT!!!! :D

I'm not sure yet what I'll be stitching. I started Mirabilia's Ivy last Thursday night, and we'll see how she does through this week...

What? A WIP? I thought you'd never ask.... LOL!!! Man, I love those greens!

A gentle reminder: Please double check that your blog address is typed in correctly. :)

Friday Randomness

Teresa Wentzler is a constant topic of discussion between my friends, Heidi and Vanessa, and me. One of these days, we'd say, we'll do another one. We even have our favorites picked out, but for me, the thought of all that backstitching is enough to send me off running and screaming like a grown man channeling a schoolgirl. Well, that was convoluted. :)

Yesterday, Heidi brought TW's Miniature Season Samplers back to my attention. I've been looking at them on and off, and they are getting really tempting. I love the ribbon embroidery in Summer, the colors in Spring and Autumn, and even Winter is growing on me.

This all bodes badly for me... really, REALLY badly, 'cos I've gone from occasionally thinking about them to actually planning for the possibility. "They're only 5 x 7; not that big, shouldn't take too long, and it could be so much fun..."


Random Afternoon Question

A fun one today... Aragorn or Legolas? ;)

Definitely Legolas for me. As a lot of you know... I like my smart, pretty boys. Stringy hair and running around in the dirt??? No, thank you!! LOL!!!

Quack Quack

As promised, the ducks are done!! :D

Part 8 of the Chinese Mandala Garden included the Winter Scene with over 1 mandarin ducks and the outer border. Since I just started on the border last night, there's not much to show for it... but we have ducks! :D The reeds in the foreground are super cool too.

Comment Form Placement

It feels weird not having a WIP to share with you guys today. I tried to finish the winter scene of Chinese Garden, I did. But, apart from the usual laundry, groceries and chores, we also did our quarterly deep cleaning of the house, ie. dust the vents, baseboards, etc, or as hubby likes to call it–my 'meth-addict' phase. LOL!!! This time around, I was even scrubbing at spots on the carpet with Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. Man, does that product kick butt or what?! ;)

On Saturday night, I caught up on episodes of Fringe while stitching since the DVR was getting too full. The result? Stitching 0, aliens and ghoulies 1! ;)

Sunday, after the aforementioned cleaning session, and prepping dinners for the rest of the week, I stuck my head down and stitched and stitched... but had to stop at 2am with some stitches left to go on the over 1 Mandarin Ducks. Bah!!! But fear not, finish them tonight I shall, for a picture tomorrow. :D

Now to the subject matter at hand...

I try to leave c…

Friday Randomness

The mind is a funny thing. It controls every single part of our body down to the very smallest cell. Said to be the most powerful "computer," it regulates our body temperature, powers our senses, and learns in ways we can't even begin to imagine.

And yet, it could be easily fooled. There are a slew of optical illusions that are geared for just that. Your brain can't wrap itself around why things your eyes see are not what they should be...

... and the biggest mindf*** ('scuse my language) of them all...