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It feels weird not having a WIP to share with you guys today. I tried to finish the winter scene of Chinese Garden, I did. But, apart from the usual laundry, groceries and chores, we also did our quarterly deep cleaning of the house, ie. dust the vents, baseboards, etc, or as hubby likes to call it–my 'meth-addict' phase. LOL!!! This time around, I was even scrubbing at spots on the carpet with Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. Man, does that product kick butt or what?! ;)

On Saturday night, I caught up on episodes of Fringe while stitching since the DVR was getting too full. The result? Stitching 0, aliens and ghoulies 1! ;)

Sunday, after the aforementioned cleaning session, and prepping dinners for the rest of the week, I stuck my head down and stitched and stitched... but had to stop at 2am with some stitches left to go on the over 1 Mandarin Ducks. Bah!!! But fear not, finish them tonight I shall, for a picture tomorrow. :D

Now to the subject matter at hand...

I try to leave comments on blogs, even if it's just a quick "Looks great!" or "WOW!! Great progress." I love getting comments myself and always feel bad if I don't at least acknowledge reading a post, especially when I get so much pleasure from seeing the beautiful pictures.

There are 3 ways to display the comment form in Blogger:
May I suggest that if you haven't already done so, to set your preference to Pop-Up Window.  To do this, go to DASHBOARD - SETTINGS - COMMENTS - COMMENT FORM PLACEMENT and select POP-UP WINDOW. Then, save your settings.

ETA: If you're using the Updated Blogger Interface, you'll need to change back to the old interface to do this. :( Thanks, Daffycat for the head's up. :)

This Pop up window option allows your readers the flexibility to look at, refer to, or browse around your blog anyway they want and that's a great thing! :D

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. When the comment form is embedded below the post, the page has to reload a few times for your readers to leave a comment. The first time, when they click to comment; then again, when they are asked to type in the word verification; and AGAIN when they submit the comment. That's 3 page loads per post! If a reader is catching up on a few posts, these reloads take up a lot of time, and the unfortunate result is, the reader will just move on. :(

2. The Full Page option opens a comment page either in a new tab or worse, on the existing tab. In the case of the latter, this comment page takes the place of your blog, which means the reader will have to navigate to return to your blog, and more often than not, that doesn't happen. :(

If readers wants to comment in more detail about your post and need to refer to certain details, they will either need to click on the "Show Original Post" option, hit the back button, or open a new window. Again, this gets to be a lot of work.

A note of interest: The "Show Original Post" option in this window does not include pictures. :( This means to comment in detail about a particular picture, there is more back and forth for reference, and takes up a lot of time readers might not have.

Both of the above options result in more 'work' for your readers, and I think it's safe to say that as bloggers, we want to make their experience on our blogs great and as easy as possible, and this includes the leaving of comments.

I'm off to catch up on blog reading now. :D


Anne said…
You better read mine!! I was just thinking about posting something about this myself...seems we are on the same page again!! I've had this problem with a number of blogs and I hate to say this, but I have moved on :(....if possible, I often right click the comments and open in a new tab, but sometimes I forget. Anyways....can't wait to see the duck!!]]HUGS!
nikkin said…
Thanks for the info sweetie, I have updated my blog preferences, so comment away! lol

The Criminal Minds marathon won out for me this weekend, but I booked the rest of the week off, so plenty of time to make up for it! =)

Claudette497 said…
A-ha! That's why some blogs are such a PITA! I guess I'd better check mine now, lol. I'm looking forward to seeing those ducks!
Kaisievic said…
Hi Joyce, good advice - luckily when I checked mine, I have already done that - so hopefully my blog readers have no problems.

Hugs, kaye xoxox
T.J. said…
I appreciate your insight and may I add that by choosing to moderate comments whether than have the word verification makes things much easier for the commenter as well.
Daffycat said…
One note...if you've switched to the updated Blogger Dashboard you will need to change back in order to change your comment form. I've searched and searched and I can not find it in the new one!

An excellent post, hun!
Jennifer M. said…
Don't I feel like a blonde now...I thought I had mine set on pop-up window this whole time. It seems it was on full page. Oops! Now you have no excuse to skip my blog! :D

I can't wait to see you pics tomorrow! Now, do you know why I seem to be having issues with following someone?
Minnie said…
Thanks for the tip :-)
Lesleyanne said…
I'll have to go and have a look at mine. Look forward to seeing your progress after your busy weekend.
mcewan07 said…
Thats mine changed now. And thanks for the tip about it, i often just leave things as they came, im not to good on this site(as you notic by lack of items on the side bar in my log) lol
cucki said…
thank you so much dear..great post for all of us.
Kate said…
Great advice - It's quite frustrating when you would like comment on blogs and then find that blogger will not let you for whatever reason. I like people to know that I've read their posts.
♥ Nia said…
meth-addict phase!! ahhaah good one! I can relate to that LOL I'm a bit of a clean addict as well =)

You know... I don't really like the pop-up window for comments, I don't like having more windows 'floating' around heheheh Maybe because I'm usually working and reading blogs at every break I get ;) so it's nice to have it all on one single window :)
But I see your point... the reasons you wrote make total sense :) I have to think again about that..
Kate said…
Thanks Joysze, I just tried to check mine and I don't see this option, I believe I have seen it before though? Anyway, I will try again later and thanks again.
Melissa said…
Thanks for the tip. I changed mine, but first I had to switch back to the old blogger look, and then I could update the settings (like Daffycat said).
Kate said…
Doh! Are you saying I need to pay attention and read everything thoroughly??? I'll never learn. :)
Tama said…
I can't comment at all if it's not set to pop-up window - Blogger refuses to admit I exist XD
I'm not the only blog-reader this happens to, either.
Yay for pop-ups, which I never thought I'd say!
Veronica said…
Oh, I definitely get you on that. However, I read blog feeds on my Google Reader so when referring back to the post is inconvenient as you described on the blog itself, I've taken to referring back to it on my Google Reader instead... unless of course, the blogger has his/her blog as a summary on Google Reader instead. Now, that's annoying!

rosey175 said…
I seem to have a hate relationship with blogger's comment forms. I'm very much a tab girl (I middle-click EVERYTHING) and I always get distracted and lose the popup version haha.

I have mine currently set to below the post as it's what I'm used to over on LJ but I hate the way blogger handles it. RAR. I like to reply directly to the comment so I had to hunt up a script to allow that, and I think it makes the comment form look even weirder. At least LJ doesn't refresh after every click and notifies the original commenter that someone has replied to their comment. Each service has its vices and virtues, I suppose.

Maybe blogger's got something in the works since they've taken this option off the updated blogger settings. I'll consider the popup one more because your reasons were interesting. A faster internet doesn't mind the refreshes so much but I can see where they could get annoying. Plus, who doesn't like attention? XD

/hops off soapbox, laaa~ :D

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