Everything's SAL'ing Up Roses

I'm nothing if not a planner, especially on the stitching front. Ideas are always swirling around in my head about what to stitch, when to stitch, how to get them all in without rotating and lots of finishing. I guess I'm not called The Darth Planner for nothing. ;)

I even made a picture and everything. ;)
The stitching community is such a wonderful one, and in recent months, many a SAL (Stitch-A-Longs) have been swirling.

With 2012 just around the corner, I'm jumping off on Measi's great idea of listing the ones I know about in one (alphabetical order) spot and add to this list as I find new ones. Check them out and join in the fun! :D

Crazy January Challenge 2012
Just typing that gave me heart palpitations!! 15 new starts on the first 15 days of the year, then finish them before the year ends. Needless to say, I won't be taking part. :S

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW) 2012
Take some time out just for you every third weekend of the month to hermit and stitch away.

Love for Stitch-a-Longs
Looking for a stitch anything SAL? Mel and Andie has a Yuku board just for that.

Oldest UFO (Unfinished Object)
Have a UFO lying around you'd like to work on or finish this year? Evalina's is 30 years old. How about yours? :)

Theme-a-licious 2012
Heather is running a themed monthly SAL over on her blog. Fantastic idea!

Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long (TUSAL) 2012
Daffycat is hosting this again. Woot-woot!! The rules have changed a little... Head on over and sign up for another fun year!

WIPocalypse 2012
Measi is spearheading the charge and challenging you for WIPs and UFO finishes. Rock on!! :D


♥ Nia said…
I'm like that too!! I have so many things on my mind, specially for christmas.. that was one of my problems to stitch last weekend (no focus on bluebell!! :p)
And yes, I already have plans to stitch in 2012 too!!! hahaha :D I will be here for IHSW :) and I have SALs with friends too, fun time!! :D
Ruth said…
Love the list, I'm doing the Crazy January Challenge on Facebook and thanks to your lovely list I found the theme a licious SAl which I love the idea of
EvalinaMaria said…
I wish I could be organized like you... do you have any tips for me to start with? I am the most disorganized person on the planet!
cucki said…
oh my dear..my head is spinning with all my new stitchy plans for 2012 he he he
yup..i will be here for my IHSW and my monthly MS sal..and ufo group stitching..
2012 is going to be so much more fun xx
Katie said…
I prefer to just stitch whatever screams the loudest at me. Every time I setup a "rotation" it fails within days haha. So I will join in your IHWS and just watch the others haha.
katica said…
Love the list! I'm doing two of the, the tusal and the IHSW! otherwise I think I would be over run with projects on the go and no finishes!

I like to plan but I'm not very good at keeping to the plan! but thanks for the list I will look forward to seeing the various stages of progress on all the different stitchy blogs out there!
rosey175 said…
I think I'll just stick with IHSW and the new TUSAL until I go crazy and join the others, ahaha. My attention span can't have too many projects going at once~

But thanks for the list! I'm often surprised just how many stitchy blogs are out there!
Hi Joy,
Thanx for the awesome SAL lists. Love your little creative pic! I have a bad feeling I may be checking out blogs next year as much as I'll be stitching. I'm such a stalker LOL! xo
geeky Heather said…
Thanks for the shoutout! =) I absolutely LOVE the sparkles you have on the hover links!!!
Lesleyanne said…
Great list. I wish I could find a way to stitch all that I want. I have a list of what I would like to stitch in 2012.
Esther said…
Thank you for the list! I joined the oldest UFO....mine is 27 years old....aaarrgghhhhhhhhh!
Kate said…
I will definitely take part in IHSW. I am also going to try and alternate wips with newbies, I am hoping it will stop me from getting bored or distracted.Thanks for all the links.ca
Julie said…
Thanks for the e-mail:)

Thanks for those links,but i will be sticking with Measi's WIP'S 2012 and Daffycat's TUSAL and of course your very good self ;).But more blog's to stalk.
Ivy is coming along beautifully.
Valentina said…
Thank you Joysze for this sal's listing!
I've got too many wips already so I won't join the crazy january challenge. Of course I'll keep hermitting, now that I've started, I just can't stop, is so much fun!
I think I'll join the theme-a-licious, sounds funny, and also the TUSAL.
And of course, with all my wips I'll join the wipocalypse, but I fear I won't be able to finish all of them, just because I've got so many things kitted up that scream at me "please, start me!"

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