Festivities and TUSAL

The day after Thanksgiving is usually when we put up the Christmas tree. It's been a hectic year for me and I'm generally feeling tired. As a result, I have been toying with the idea of not putting up the trees this year... but sure enough, on Black Friday, while most people are out shopping the sales, up they went. :D

I decided to simplify a little though, and only put up our yearly ornaments and some of my favorites. The outside tree was situated by the front door this year, and I added garlands on it to match ones on the gate.

Christmas in S. Florida - Christmas Tree and a flamingo. LOL!

Our Little Drummer Boy that's handmade in Germany.

The meaning of Christmas. :)

I'm a couple of days late with my TUSAL post. If you haven't joined in for next year, head on over to Daffycat's blog and SIGN UP!! :D


Pauline said…
What a lovely christmastrees!
I have one, and every year i don't want to put him up...but always do!
children want it, and when it is all done, it looks great!Sometimes you just do things...I wish you a great christmastime.
cucki said…
wow what a sweet christmas tree..so sweet..
keep well dear and have fun..love xx
Kaisievic said…
Last year, I was so exhausted with work that I didn't put up the christmas tree until christmas day! lol! It is going to go up next weekend, this year, though.

Love your tree and special decorations.
Hugs, Kaye xoxoox
You have insoired me to put out my Christmas decorations too! The Maiden
Sarah said…
Lovely decorations!
weestitchy.com said…
your Christmas tree is lovely i cant wait to get mine up, and the meaning of Christmas is really nice too, i would have that in my house
Anne said…
Ooooh!! I love your tree! So coordinated and sparkly :D Love the flamingo hanging out above your outdoor tree. It's perfect!! As for the meaning of Christmas, I wish more people remembered that and not all the crazy running around buying presents part. This is what we celebrate in my family. Although a gift or two is nice too :D


PS, when I get some photos back from the girls, I'll send you one of the dress!!
Lesleyanne said…
Your trees and christmas ornaments are gorgeous. Lovely orts in your jar.
Barbi said…
Oh!!! How beautiful it all is. I love Christmas and Trees and ornaments and decorations! I could go on!
The Meaning of Christmas that you have is beautiful!!!!
Katie said…
Beautiful decorations. My husband did our outside lights yesterday. We are putting up the tree next weekend. I came down with a head cold and just didn't feel like it yesterday.
mcewan07 said…
Lovely trees and ornaments.My tree goes up on the 1st december, and not a day sooner.Although i only ever seem to put up a tree and thats about it.Put the fake snow stuff on the windows last year, and i was still finding smears of it in june.It was a nightmare to come off.
rosey175 said…
It seems I'm doomed to live Christmas vicariously this year! I'm so glad you decided to decorate; Christmas decorations always look so cheerful (after Thanksgiving)! Do y'all decorate palm trees in Southern Florida like they do in Hawaii? ;)
Melissa said…
Your Christmas trees look great! And I love your drummer boy ornament :)
♥ Nia said…
I L-O-V-E your tree!!! Looks so beautiful!! :D
Still waiting for December 1st around here =)
Ewa said…
Awww, your tree looks like i t belongs in a department store :)

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