Friday Randomness

Wednesday was hubby's birthday, so we took the day off and headed for the beach. :D It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, but it wasn't too hot, and the breeze was nice and cool.

We had lunch at this place called 101 Ocean, and then spent a few hours hanging out on Anglins Fishing Pier and wanted to share some pictures with you.


What a yummy snack!!!!

I love looking out towards the horizon. Could watch it all day. :)

View towards land from the pier.

I love everything about the ocean ...
When I'm rich, I'd buy a place here. ;)

Our shadows being cast onto the ocean.

The crash of the waves onto the beach churns up a conglomeration of sand and shells.
It's hypnotic watching clear water become murky and clear up again,
all in the matter for a few seconds, over and over...

This was after 3pm, towards the hottest part of the day.
Even the birds were seeking shade. LOL!!

We really should do this more often. It's so good for the soul. :)

Happy Hermitting everyone!!!!! If you haven't sign up for IHSW, it's not too late! :)


Rachel said…
Happy Birthday to your hubby!!! Those photos are fantastic, you must have had a wonderful day!! I love the ocean, I wish I lived closer to it. :)
cucki said…
happy birthday to your hubby..lovely place and great pictures..
keep well dear and have a fun weekend xx
Julie said…
Happy belated birthday to your hubby.Great to see pic's of where you are.So hot and sunny there,windy and raining here.shmance
Ruth said…
Love the pictures, I love the ocean too and could look at it all day long, a place by the sea is my lotto win home lol.
Happy belated birthday to your hubby to, happy hermitting to you too, I'm so looking forward to it.
EvalinaMaria said…
It looks like a lovely day! Here sun is just rising and today is even colder than yesterday... Thanks for the IHSW.matin
Pauline said…
What a beautiful pics...again!
I am jalouce about the sun!!
Here in Holland it is all dark and dusty.
I see that you have fun!
Congratulations for your husband!
Kate said…
Love your pictures - I also love to be near the water I find it very restorative for the soul.
Shannon said…
Beautiful pictures! :)
Topcho said…
Happy bete birthday to your hubby! Love those pictures... they're warming me up, lol... it's been quite cold an windy here these days
Karen said…
Happy birthday to your DH.
You know how I love the beach, and we're going to have snow tomorrow. I'll just stare at your blog all day.
Barbi said…
Wonderful photos! I love the one with your shadows on the water! Amazing weather you're having! It's going to be easy to hermit where I am this's going to be -24 Celsius tomorrow. EEK!
Mouse said…
looks like hubby had a great day .. and lovely to see you on there too .. fantastic shots of the ocean and I could sit and stare at those views too :)
already started hermiting yipppeee :)
love mouse xxxx
nikkin said…
Beautiful pics...I am lucky enough to live near the ocean as well, but it is not very warm this time of year, lol. What a great way to spend the day with DH too! Glad you had a great time, you deserve it!

Wow looks like you had an awesome day with some beautiful and refreshing weather! I particularly love the photo of you and DH in shadow. It kinda looked like a romantic "Titanic" moment. Sweeeeett!!! Happy birthday to your Hubby.
Lonneke said…
Oh, that looks so lovely!
Imagine, here it is fall with mist en grayness, and the leaves have already fallen for the most part, so not much color left.
I am sucking up the sunshine in your pictures! :)
What a nice way to spend a birthday!
Happy belated birthday for your hubby.
Gillie said…
Love those pictures, especially the shadow ones. Gorgeous day here in the UK but much chillier! Will be going to the sea later but I have begun stitching, honest!
Cindy said…
I would love to join IHSW but I can't seem to find the list. Please help.

Dani - tkdchick said…
Great shots! I wish I was somewhere sunny and warm like that!
♥ Nia said…
I love your photos!! Thank you for sharing :) It's so cold around here.. watching your pics made me feel a little closer to the beach and those summer days (oh! how I miss them!!!) :)

Have a great week sweetie!! :D
Ewa said…
Happy birthday to Hubby! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time :)
Anne said…
Happy Birthday (Belated) to your man!! You two are adorable!! I love the photos you took!!

So sorry I have been remiss in emails/comments, etc....been super busy!! But I still think of you!

Jennifer M. said…
Pretty Pictures! I need to venture up there to your beaches. I think Ft Lauderdale's beaches are prettier than Miami's personally. Plus Ft. Lauderdale just seems much cleaner to me.

Veronica said…
Lovely photos. Happy Birthday to your hubby. I love the ocean too. It's so soothing when it's calm.


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