Random Afternoon Question

After this weekend, we will have one more International Hermit and Stitch Weekend before 2011 closes on us. I've had quite a few emails asking if IHSW will continue into 2012. I'm all for it. :D I really enjoy having the 3rd weekend of each month set aside to hermit and stitch and knowing that my stitchy friends all over the world are doing the same.

Are you guys still interested in having IHSW continue into the new year?

I'll leave the same poll up on the sidebar for a week to make it easier to find. You can either vote in this post or on the sidebar. :)

To answer an anonymous comment from the last post, YES, if you blog only once a month, we'll still come over and stalk your blog... so start a blog already. ;)

Katha, of COURSE it's ok to join with a 'tumblr-blog' account. :D As long as we have pictures to see, we're happy. :D I'm not able to follow your blog or leave a comment, but I've added you to my blogroll. :)

If you haven't joined us for this month's Hermit and Stitch Weekend, what are you waiting for?? ;) IHSW... enter your blog address and join up!!!! :D


Julie said…
I voted yes.
Since joining the IHSW i look forward to the 3rd weekend each month,knowing not only will i be sewing, but also there will be a big group of us all around the world doing the same thing.Then with a click of a button we can see what we have all done.Not to mention the friends we have made through you. :)
Kaisievic said…
100% YES on your poll so far and I am not surprised. I love the thought of us all stitching together at the same time even if we are in different time zones (now, how does that work again? lol!).

I certainly hope that you host it again for 2012.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox
Ruth said…
Since I found this last month, I love the idea and love having a weekend set aside, I think I make more of an effort to just sit and stitch. So I was a huge resounding YES lol.
A big h*ll yes from me as well!
♥ Nia said…
Yes!! This weekend is only my 2nd time, of course I will want more in 2012 ;) ehehhehe
cucki said…
i voted a fat big YES..i so much wanted more in 2012..love xx
AmyJo said…
I also voted yes as I just love the Hermit and stitch weekend and I would really hate it to end.
nikkin said…
The yes button needs to be changed to ABSOLUTELY!!!! Lol

Valentina said…
My answer is YES, of course! The IHSW is such a good idea, it has to keep going on in 2012!
Melissa said…
I voted yes. I enjoy setting aside a whole weekend just for stitching and being able to look at everyone's work after the weekend
Kat said…
I want to join but I can't figure out where to sign up! Help!!!


Juls said…
Oh my yes as this will be my first one!!!!! I found you by way of The Maiden!!!!! Looking forward to this weekend!!!!
I had never heard of IHSW, what a wonderful idea, Evalina guided me in this direction. While this weekend is out, I will look towards next month and next year.
LiBBiE in Oz
Mangogirl said…
yes please :D it's such a good excuse to stitch all weekend long!

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