Random Afternoon Question

To all my friends in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! I know the Canadian Thanksgiving was in October, so I'm going to make today's question as international as I possibly can.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If you're not in the US or Canada, do you have a holiday that's similar, and how do you celebrate?

I go to my cousin's, make green bean casserole, eat a LOT of that and honey ham (I'm not a turkey person) and that's about it. I don't do the Black Friday shopping. It's too crazy and crowded for my taste.

The day after Thanksgiving, we put up the Christmas tree and decorations and the rest of the weekend is spend hanging out and relaxing.


Rachel said…
We have two dinners in one day. First we go to DH's parents, then a few hours later we go to my parents. We always have turkey and stuffing, and I make cherry cheesecake. :)

I don't do black Friday shopping either, that would put me in a full blown panic attack. I used to work at WalMart, and I had to work a black Friday, OMG! I will never work there again, on a black Friday, lol.
Katie said…
We have my mother's family here. End up with 12 eating. It's chaos but fun. After they leave I'm watching TV and stitching. No shopping on Black Friday. I would rather pay extra not to have to deal with people haha.
♥ Nia said…
In Portugal we only have Christmas and King's Day (January 5th)
The tradition is to decorate our houses on December 1st, family gets together to have dinner on the 24th (presents at midnight) and we all get together on the 25th and continue eating! hahahaha It's fun to spend that time with family, just enjoying.. no work, stress, other things to do, nothing more! Just Christmas time =)
The season closes with King's Day, we take down the tree and everything else... until next December again! :)
Chris McGuire said…
We cook for the family. Stop by and get some turkey!

Mireille said…
In Belgium we have Christmas. First there is for the kids on 06 december St. Nicolas. He brings for the kids presents.
Christmas we mostly spend with our family.
Measi said…
This year we went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner (not my choice). Normally we either go to Erich's dad's house or my mom's for the holiday for the full traditional dinner.

I avoid all shopping on Black Friday if at all possible. I find the whole circus of it highly disturbing.

Friday evening through Sunday, we head to Cape Cod and enjoy a weekend with friends. I normally make my turkey & stuffing, and friends bring side dishes.
We don't really have anything like Thanksgiving in England. We could have "Yay we got rid of America" Day or "Where did our Empire go?" Day I suppose!
Our Queen does have two birthdays but it's not really a big thing for the rest of us.
We also have a couple of Bank Holidays in May and August where it is traditional to get stuck in a traffic jam on your way to the seaside. The weather is ALWAYS bad even if it's been glorious all week. That's another tradtion!
Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgivings.
Maureen said…
we don't have anything like thanksgiving in Scotland - we're all too busy moaning about everything to spend our time being thankful lol!

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