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Today's question comes courtesy of Carolyn:

How does everyone stores threads they are using while stitching on a project?

Mine depends on the project. For the Chatelaines, the silks are in Floss-A-Way bags. They come that way from ECC and I find it very convenient. For projects that uses DMC, I have them all bobbinated and in a floss organizer.



Pauline said…
I make my own cards.
In every card ther are many holes, i take two for each colour of floss.
In my box are the bobbins with all the colours i need for a project.
On the cards are the threads, ready to use.
Rachel said…
I use the plastic bobbin boxes like you have pictured. I have 12 boxes full of my main stash of floss, then each project that I am working on has it's own floss box. (I usually pull the threads from the main stash for each project, then when done, the floss that is leftover goes back in the main boxes) HAEDs have the large ones, most others have smaller ones.
Chris McGuire said…
I use plastic bobbins. I keep all my floss together in plastic boxes and pull the color I need as I need it. I don't separate the colors for the project. That's a good idead though. The colors I am working on are sitting on the armrest on the couch. I pin each color to the armrest by sticking the needle through the hole in the bobbin and into the armrest. Wierd huh :-)
Agi said…
I store them in a box in envelopes in floss away bags. Each envelope has the colour number on the envelope itself and in the top right corner, and I use different colour coded ones for the speciality threads (I glue a little coloured "ear" to the left side).

For big projects I also write the symbol to the envelope, not to mix them up. For HAED or Chat it can be very useful! And I put all the envelopes to a box, each project has its own box.

For floss used in several projects (usually do only 3-4project, so it does not happen often) I put a little paper with the name of the other project, so I can transfer the envelope there.

Unused floss goes to a cardboard box in floss away bags.

Maybe sounds a little complicated, but I find it very comfortable to go by this system, each floss is easily identified, and I keep the envelopes in ascending order, so it is really quick to get the required one. Which is quite importand with HAED where you have 100 colours and tons of confetti...
Rahenna said…
I'm a total lazy butz, I throw all the skeins in a plastic bag to keep them together, and I pull thread directly from the skeins until they're so thin the labels won't stay on. Then I grumble and sigh as I roll up the remaining thread on a cardboard bobbin. :p

And once I finish a project, I toss the bobbins/skeins in the "to be put away" pile until it gets so ridiculous I actually have to put them away.

Yes, I'm lazy. XD
Katie said…
I use the plastic container you showed. I have all my pieces kitted up with their own floss especially my HAEDs. Now with some small patterns I have those cool ziplock bags that you can get at the needlework stores. http://www.123stitch.com/cgi-perl/itemdetail.pl?item=MI-1024-0005 Is a link if I don't make sense.
cucki said…
i put them on the bobbin and put them in the plastic container..
Julie said…
All my flosses are stored in numbered order, in a DIY organizer box similar to the picture,stacked in a set of 4 vertically in their own plastic holder with handle.
When doing a project i keep the required flosses in the floss organizer like the picture.Then i make a card organizer and put the symbol and DMC number next to the hole.And off you go. :)
mcewan07 said…
my main stash is in either bobbins, or in little bags with cards stating their number, and then into little drawers which have labels saying 100, 200, 300, etc.
I then have homemade plastic floss holders.(like the paper ones you get with holes in them) with a metre of each colour i need for that chart in them.
If i am not clear sorry, feel free to ask if you want to know more.
Maggee said…
My main stash of threads is organized like this: DMC are in floss-away bags, with a purple index card in them with the color number written LARGE on them, for ease of reading. They are in a plastic drawer thingy--about 9 drawers. Some drawers have two sets like 200's and 300's are together, and so on. My specialty threads are in paper CD sleeves, with the window so I can see the color, designer, etc. They are in plastic boxes by designer. Then there is the big basket full of skeins that I have finished with... overflowing, as it waits for me to put them in their proper homes. Each project that I work on has it's own Fabric & mesh zipper bag and inside is a smaller one for the threads. So they are always with the project. Clear as mud?? It works for me, though I would love a cabinet (inexpensive!!) for the CD sleeves!! Ideas appreciated!! Hugs.
nikkin said…
I am an OCD child...for my HAED's I have a plastic organizer with all the floss for the project on plastic bobbins in numerical order. Then I have cards with each symbol and DMC code with precut floss. Finally I sit down and draw out all the symbols on a piece of stock paper, then attach it to a piece of cork. Then I have all my needles pre-threaded and ready to go by poking them in next to the symbol on the cork board, and just pull more floss from the card when I run out on my needle, and from the organizer when the card is empty.
Very time consuming to prep, but so easy and fast rather than rethreading needles all the time when switching colors, or grabbing full bobbins all the time. But again, I am OCD, so I sometimes go a little overboard, lol.
Great question, I am loving reading everyone's methods!

I have all my threads bobbinated in plastic boxes like the one shown and then I have a box for each of my projects with all the threads I need for that project pulled from my main thread collection. I also (for HAEDs) stick a picture of the design on the inside of the box for reference and identification and a note of the total number of stitches in the piece for working out my stitching totals. I pre thread my needles as I stitch and when I am finished with a colour I tuck the pre threaded needle in the bobbinated thread. I just couldn't be bothered to sit down with my Pako and spend ages writing the symbols and threading needles - I wanted to stitch!!
Kate said…
My main threads - half are on bobbins in a wooden bobbin box and those that are not yet wound onto a bobbin are waiting in an old shoe box, ahem. My current WIPs have all the threads they need on thread cards and are in their own little pouches. Mini-projects that I randomly decide to do - I just take what I need from said bobbin or shoe box and leave the rest where it is. It does require some searching though - but I only have a relatively small stash. I am just not that organised. All my bobbins are sorted by colour not number, doh!
Mouse said…
oooo my silks and hand dyes are all on rings in floss bags and the normal ones are on bobbins .. i am working my way through a whole spinners worth of anchor threads sooo i think i shall be awhile ...lol .. all threads used for a project are kept with the chart and fabric ready for stitching ... once stitched what's left are kept with the chart in case needed to stitch it again (smalls) the silks are stored as make in a cardboard box at the side of me :) .. love mouse xxxx
you can see it on my photo of my craft room on my blog ..lol
Kate said…
Usually my projects have everything they require in a large Ziploc bag, so I can just grab and go for when I switch out a project, and I store those in a couple of those plastic drawer-type things. I dont have a full set of dmc, just floss for whatever projects. Leftover floss goes into a plastic box for pilphering thru as needed ;). I have no idea how I'm gonna store HAED stuff though, oiy! I havent bobbined since i was a little kid doing embroidered dish towels!
Valentina said…
All my threads are in floss a way bags, stored in numerical order in two drawer organizers.
Anne said…
I'm just drooling over your Chat stash right now!! Those are gorgeous colours. Which one are you going to be doing? Or did you already state that earlier???

As for me and organizing. It has only been this year that I learned to organize my threads, now that I have more. For my HAED, I have a separate plastic box with separators, sort of like a fishing tackle box, and I have the threads on bobbins with the numbers and symbols. It was hard to draw the symbols. I guess I could have cut each one out then taped them on (just thought of that now as I am typing :P ) The other DMC threads are in a bigger tackle box on bobbins. I have some ol' school DMC's and threads in really old floss away bags. I would like to get new ones, but I always forget to put that on my list!!!
Karen said…
All of my DMC is on bobbins; if it is a small travel project, the bobbins may be on a ring, or may be in Floss Aways on a ring. If it's a bigger project, I use the bobbin box. If it's a REALLLYYY BIG project (Scarlet Quince, for instance), I have tackle boxes that are about twice as big as the bobbin boxes, length & width, but still about the same depth.

IF my project has blends (most of 'em do), I also use small ziplock bags to store the blends in. Each symbol has a bag, marked with that symbol and the colors of the blend. I'll cut equal lengths of both colors off of the bobbins, pull one strand each out and thread a needle; the remaining 5 strands of each go together into that bag, and when I am down with what's in the needle, what's left goes in there, too. So I only have to go to the bobbin box when all 6 sets of strands are used, so I can keep the box out of the way to some degree.

For anything with silks, I usually have the skeins, once opened and in use, wrapped in a lark's head on a mother of pearl ring (from the bead section of your favorite craft store), and the ring and the color tag in a Floss Away bag, or when I first started collecting silks, I used Tyvek CD envelopes w/windows, so they'd be protected from humidity but still breath, and I could see it without having to actually get into it.
I use the DMC bows. The bows fit into the DMC sleeves that will fit into a 3 ring binder. I have 3 of the DMC binders that my extra floss is in. For my current projects I keep the DMC floss in sleeves for that project. My specialty floss I keep in little individual baggies. Then I keep all of that (& the beads, chart, & working copies) in a plastic bin.
Maureen said…
I am not convinced that bobbinated is an actual word - but it definitely should be lol!

I therefore am a bobbinator.
♥ Nia said…
I have 3 ways for keeping my threads while stitching, depends on the kind of project I'm doing.. Good idea to write on a post ;) I will show it on my blog! :D

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