2011 Online Advent Calendar

Jo had the great idea of doing an Online Advent Calendar this year. Each stitcher that signed up was given a day to post about a Christmas piece they've stitched and also their Christmas tradition/s. I get Day 8. :D

Since I don't do much holiday stitching, I had to think long and hard on if I could join in the fun. So there I was, wrecking my brain, thinking surely there is something Christmas-sy I've stitched... and then WHAM, it hit me like a freight train... our musical house!!

I can't even remember when this was stitched, but it's probably safe to say that it was about 10 years ago when I saw this and had to have it. Hubby and I are both musicians and it suited us perfectly! :D We added a gold string to make hanging it easier.

It comes out to play every year and can usually be found either on the wall or as a display piece. This year, it's home is under the Christmas tree, right next to hubby's stocking.

Yup, the stockings are found under tree this year. Being in South Florida, we don't have a fireplace, so I get creative with where they should go. I quite like them hanging under the tree, so that might be the start of a new tradition. :)

As far as Christmas traditions go, we don't have any per se. Growing up in Malaysia, my big thing was putting up the tree, buying a pair of socks for my dad, flowers and stuff for my mom, and then candy for my brother. We went to church to celebrate the birth of Christ, and hung out with friends.

When I moved here, I continued with putting up the tree and my nativity scene. For a few years, I made us dress up and take a picture with the tree, but we haven't done that in awhile... getting old and lazy, I think. LOL!!! We don't do gifts, since that's not what Christmas is about.

The in-laws come for their annual 3-month visit from Oklahoma in the winter, so in recent years, I've cooked a Malaysian dinner for Christmas. Maybe I'll continue with that tradition this year... or start a new one... ;)


Thank you! How strange that your one Christmassy finish comes with the same frame that my choice did!
Is it a Bucilla design by any chance?
Are you going to share any of the photos of you and the tree all dressed up?
Pauline said…
What a surprise that you are a musician to!I play an instrument from the age of 6 years.( that is very long ago....:) )
This moment i make music with my hobo ( hautbois), in this time of the year i am very busy!
I have 4 christmasconcerts to do.
Because i am a singer to...
Monique said…
Thats a lovely design and so interesting that it's in a house. One learns new things every day. Thanks for sharing.
Sarah said…
Lovely piece. . .thank you for sharing!
cucki said…
wow so beautiful..thank you for sharing xx
Katie said…
Beautiful design. Love the idea of putting the socks under the tree. We always have boxes besides our socks cause we get too much haha.
Esther said…
Lovely christmas house! Its so great to have items like that, which return every year in your home at christmas time.
Thanks for sharing.
♥ Nia said…
You don't enjoy stitching holiday stuff?! I love it!! I love to stitch for Christmas :)
Anne said…
This is super sweet! I love that the frame is like a little house! Stockings under the tree! Why not!! It's great to have your own traditions :D I myself love to stitch Christmasy ornies, but there's only so many places to put them!! We do the gift thing, but my mother always stressed the ReAL importance of Christmas, Christ's birth, and so we go to church early in the morning and then break the fast by having a huge dinner in the evening. You should take a photo by the tree and post it!!!!
Meari said…
That is a cute Christmas house!

What do you serve at a Malaysian Christmas dinner?

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