Christmas Dinner 2011

Christmas dinner this year comprised of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian food. MIL and I spent a few hours prepping and cooking in the afternoon, hubby skillfully pan-fried the fish cakes, and by 4:45, it was time to dig in! :D

Top row (L to R): Assam Shrimp, Fish Cakes, Cilantro Chutney
Bottom row (L to R): Malaysian Curry Chicken, Mixed Vegetable Stirfry

Mixed Vegetable Stirfry: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushroom, and wood ear.

Fish Cakes: salmon, mashed potatoes, green chili, lemon juice, cilantro.

Assam Shrimp: coated with flour and pan fried, then coated with a chili tamarind sauce.

Curry Chicken: spices from Malaysia and cooked with coconut milk.

Rice Pudding for dessert: garnished with raisins and ground cardamom.


Stitching Noni said…
Merry Christmas Joyce! Wow, what a wonderful looking feast - enjoy!
Merry Christmas! All of that food looks fantastic, especially the fish cakes and stir fry! I hope you enjoyed it!
Rhona said…
Mmmm, what yummy looking food! Hope you all enjoyed it.
cucki said…
merry christmas deary.,,such yummyy mouth is watering..
love cucki xx
Andie said…
Mmmmmm yummy! Hope you had a wonderful day! *hugs*
The Maiden said…
It all looks so yummy, now I'm hungry again!
Lesleyanne said…
Looks delicious. Merry Christmas.
Wendy said…
oh my, that must have been alot of work, but it all looks really jummy !
it looks like you´ve had a lovely christmas !
valerie said…
Ooooo, delicious! Can I be adopted for dinner next year?! lol It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas dinner!
Kate said…
Fantastic looking feast!
Oh my gosh... I am hungry now ;-)
Siobhan said…
Yumm--especially on the Indian food! I hope you had a great Christmas!
♥ Nia said…
I'm hungry now.. hahahah :D
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! =)

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