Orchid - New Start and A Contest

I'm one of those stitchers that never keeps track of their stitching hours. A two hour sit-down session might entail ten minutes of emailing, ten minutes of intermittent tv watching, five minutes of daydreaming and staring at the chart... You get the idea.

Awhile back, Vanessa challenged me to a 55-hour Mermaid of Atlantis finish. Although it's at the back of my mind and I have yet to do it, it got me thinking about a trial run.

You see, I'm stitching Mirabilia's Orchid for a friend's very late birthday gift; so why not keep tabs on my stitching time (minus the mucking around time) and have a contest out of it for some fun? :D

The Culprit

Guess how long it will take me to finish her, in hours, minutes, and seconds. The winner will be the closest time without going over.

The Reward

A $15 gift certificate to 123stitch.

  1. Please list your guess in this format - HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS. For example, 59:59:59. The winner will be the closest time without going over.
  2. Please check previous comments before responding. If there are two winning times that are the same, I will go with the first comment.
  3. You don't have to be a follower. That decision is yours to make. :) However, I'd appreciate you clicking on the ads on the sidebar (under "Cool Treats").
  4. Please make sure your email address is listed either in your blogger profile or on your comment. I will need this information for 123stitch.
  5. The contest will close when I post the pictures of the finish and the countdown timer. (My deadline for finishing this piece is Dec. 30th, 2011.) I will also take a screenshot of the last comment on this post as the cut off time. This information will be included in the "Orchid - Finish" post as well.
  6. If you'd like to pass on the GC but still participate, please feel free to do so! The more the merrier. :D

  1. I'm counting the entire process of stitching. This includes unwinding the floss from the bobbin, separating the strands, winding the floss back on the bobbin when I'm done with the color, and deciding on the next symbol to stitch. I won't be watching the clock when I'm stitching. I'll just start the timer and let it run.
  2. I am NOT counting water breaks (in or out, ROFL!) and other small diversions.
  3. I won't be watching TV, but I might listen to audio tapes or shows to alleviate boredom. :)
  4. I'm a slow starter, but tend to gather up steam as I'm finishing a piece.
  5. I'm often told that I'm a fast stitcher. To this effect, let me say that we have no kids or pets, and when I marathon stitch, it's in the truest sense of the word. For example, finishing Olde Irish Blessing over the last weekend meant that I spent 80% of my waking moments on it. I'll leave it to you guys to work out the hours. ;)

Here are pictures of last night's start and the timer. I'm stunned at how long it took me to do that little bit...

Your guess is as good as mine as to how many HOURS, MINUTES, and SECONDS Orchid will take. Let the fun begin!! :D


mdgtjulie said…
What a fun contest. I say 86:34:12. Eighty six hours, thirty four minutes, twelve seconds. And good luck to everyone!! Thanks Joyce, for the giggle.
jcat0629 said…
I just know Bren talked you into this LOL

Okay, I'm in with 17:43:32 - seventeen hours, forty three minutes and thirty two seconds! What fun this is going to be!!!
Chris McGuire said…
Okay, my guess is 69:45:20 . I can't wait to find out the results. Good luck :-)

Kaisievic said…
Great contest but I am no good at working out that sort of stuff. I am going to say 92:54:26 - 92 hours, fifty-four minutes and twelve seconds - a pure guess!

What fun!

Hugs, Kaye xoxox
Kaisievic said…
sorry, twenty-six seconds - see I told you that I was no good!

Melissa said…
What a fun contest!

I don't keep track of my stitching time either. So, my random guess is 34:45:15
Katie said…
I never kept track that way either. I know I look up and get distracted with the TV. I did start keeping track of days with one of my new HAED. I thought that would narrow it down a little better than years at least haha. Good luck!

My guess 72:13:01. Good luck everyone.
karamino said…
51.15.49? Good luck!
Danielle said…
I am going to say 37:37:37.
cucki said…
wow lovely contest and beautiful stitching project xx
Rachel said…
Wow, what fun!!

I would say 31:25:00
Sarah said…
What a fun idea! I'm going to go for 46:28:45
Andie said…
Oh what a fun idea! :) I'm gonna say 28:12:11 Have fun stitching Orchid!!!
SueT said…
A random guess! 71:43:28
Probably have as little chance of the right time as anyone else so why not! I do hope you finish it in time. Looking forward to seeing the finished masterpiece.
Sue T
in France
a new follower
Shannon said…
How fun! :) I guess 53:37:18.
Mouse said…
oooo well then my guess is 20 hours 3 minutes and 45 seconds :) and good luck :) love mouse xxxx
Kat said…
What an original idea! I'll guess 53:45:16. Can't wait to see how it goes!

Heidi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Agi said…
It is really a funny contest, I love it! My guess is 39:45:30
Love, love, love this contest!
My guess is 34:26:34
A personal number for me!!
Kate said…
Great contest - my guess 55:54:48
Adrienne said…
What a fabulous idea for a contest!! Love it!!

My guess -- 48:44:17
Kate said…
What a fun contest :).
I'll guess 36. 58. 10
SoCal Debbie said…
My projects always take longer than I guess they will. My guess for yours is 63:07:13. Happy Stitching!
Veronica said…
Fun contest. Well, I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say 29:12:11. Happy Stitching!

Ewa said…
Oh, how fun!

Heidi said…
You're so fun, Joyce!! And WHO wouldn't want a 123GC?!? ;) I will play too..... 23:33:33! Happy Stitching! :)
Blu said…
I'm going with 42:14:35
nikkin said…
I am going to low ball this as I have faith in your smoking needles!


Great idea for a contest and an awesome way to get another beautiful finish in!

P. G. said…
Great contest! My guess is 50 hours, 56 minutes and 42 seconds.

Happy stitching!

Mireille said…
Great, what a fun. Succes.

My guess is 33:54:13

Jan said…
A cool competition :) My guess is 58:58:58
Kate said…
Oh my word! I am going to have to use my brain Joyce! erm, I guess I should read other peoples guesses but that might put me off, so if somone else has guessed the same already than thats their luck....my guess is..46:32:21...enjoy it!
Susan said…
I used to keep track of my stitching time, but it became more stressful than it was worth. Hmmmm, time? I'm a terrible at these things but, 43:45:47
Lisa Dunn said…
What fun! I'm going to guess 30:30:30. :o)
Minnie said…
My guess would be 67:59:59 good luck.
Novia said…
I am in with 32:32:32 Please finish it - at 32:32:33 PLEASE!!!!!! ROFL
EvalinaMaria said…
So, she challenged you to do it in 55 hrs eh? I think you will do better than that - 54hrs 59 minutes and (just to be on the safe side) 45 seconds. :)

Keebles said…
OK, I never win anything, but I'll give it a shot...27:09:13
Ok...random shot: 62:47:31

Good luck Joyce - may the pesky frogs stay well away from your needles :)
Anne said…

That's my guess!!! I tried to estimate the best I could!! What a fun contest darlin'!! Can't wait to see her all finished and sitting pretty :D

Xeihua (Sara) said…
Great Challenge :D I would love to say 7 hours so that we would have a new finish quiet quickly eheheh, but ok.. ok... I know you would kill yourself to get that time so I'll be saying 45:30:30... and now... please make sure I'm close, because I want to see WIP pics eheheh
Nina said…
You always get the greatest ideas! :D

My guess would be 29:47:55.
♥ Nia said…
I can totally relate with your first paragraph!! ;) heheeh
You already know I love Orchid :) Can't wait to see your stitching!! :D
Woooowww... that's hard to guess :p hahahhaha
My shot: 35:57:27 :)
Vani said…
Awesome! I will guess 21:43:36

Good Luck!!!
Jennifer M. said…
Hmmmm mighty interesting contest lady. I have faith that you could finish this design in a day if you wanted to, but you mentioned counting water breaks and such. LOL She doesn't seem like a big chart and with your smoking needles I would guess 33 hours, 20 min, 44 seconds. :)

Debby said…
I'm sure I'm no good at guessing something like this - but what a fun contest anyway!!!! I'm going to go with 56:32:32. Good luck and I can't wait to see the finish - and find out who wins!!!
lesli said…
This is such a cute contest...I love it!

My guess: 44:52:31


Rahenna said…
Oooh, this sounds fun! I'm going to guess 29:30:00 for you. :D The pixies stitch up fast. Of course, I could be totally wrong. :p


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