Yiotas Xstitch - A Product Review

Yiota emailed me awhile back, asking if I'd like to review one of her cross stitch kits. "Sure," I said, "it'd be fun!"

Of course, that meant I had to spend some time (ok, who am I kidding, LOTS of time) looking through every single category and studying all the pictures. Sometimes, we just have to suffer a little for the sake of art, right? ;) LOL!!!! There is such a variety of designs on her site, but I finally decided on Koi Fish in Stained Glass.

The package arrived safe and sound a couple of days ago, nicely packed in a white Par avian envelope with "Please do not bend" stamped in nice big letters. There's even a cardboard taped to the inside back of the envelope to further stress this point.

The cover page is printed beautifully. In looking at the floss as compared to the picture, I'm happy to report that they match to near perfection. In this case, what you see is certainly what you'll get. :D The stitch count, finished size (based on 14ct aida), and contact information are all readily available on the cover page.

The kit comes with all the threads numbered and bobbinated (perfect!!), a needle (size 24, I think), and 14ct aida; all neatly encased in a cellophane envelope sleeve. When I stitch this, I'll probably use an evenweave, but it's important to note that the aida nice and soft.

The chart is printed on a nice medium to heavy stock paper. The symbols are crisp and easy to read, the legend nicely laid out, and the accompanying directions are clear and to the point.

I'm not sure when I will stitch this, as 2012 is looking really jammed up (blog post to come on that topic), but I know I'll have fun with this design. :D


cucki said…
wow well done for the review..kit is so lovely..
more fun stithcy time :)
hugs cucki xx
Sarah said…
Lovely kit and review!!
Minnie said…
From what I can tell the kit looks very well put together and I think you have given a honest and fair review.
Melissa said…
The koi looks gorgeous! I am looking forward to seeing it stitched up :)
Katha said…
OMG funny, but I bought this chart just a couple of weeks ago XDD. I want to stitch it 2012, if I can squeeze it in somewhere between my million other wips xDDD
Great review! The chart looks gorgeous!
Rebekah said…
You chose a beautiful design! I have always liked koi and other pond type designs.
Mouse said…
ooooo lovely choice .... and I keep seeing this peeps commenting ..lol ... she does do lovely kits and I think some one said there was going to be a choice for even weave in the future ??? and curious what have you got planned now apart from my humming bird hahahahaahh ;) love mouse xxxx
Novia said…
Great!!! The list is just getting longeeeerrrr :-)

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