Friday Randomness

I know, I know, some of you are hoping for a hunky sort of post. It's been awhile since I did one of those, but I'm going to have to disappoint for another week, as I wanted to do an "Everything AND the Kitchen Sink" kind of post.

First of all, five little words: TUSAL... very late... so sorry!!!! My ORT jar got to bask in the morning sun this month, next to the fountain hubby built for me and one of my oncidiums. The little beauty has just starting blooming, and the jar is getting full with silks from Chinese Garden Mandala.

I'm glad that so many of you share my feeling about the captcha, or as Heather calls it "Craptcha," codes. BTW, check out her blog. She went to the Orchid Daze at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and took the most gorgeous pics. I WANT TO BE THERE!!!!! I hope she doesn't mind me sharing one of her fabulous pics here...

Where I was I? Oh yes... stupid codes. Blogger has been kind enough *snort* to make them easier to read, but they're still such a pain. I'm sorry I neglected to post about how to turn them off on your blogs in my last post and I hope that my replies to your comments were clear enough on how to accomplish this. If you'd like to turn them off, Heather's Public Service Announcement will lead you easily through the steps. :D

Lots of you guessed that Sweet Pea was my new start... you guys know me pretty well. Is that a good or bad thing? I mean... are we getting to the 'oh, so comfortable' stage or is the magic gone? Do you get excited to see a post from me or does it bring forth a groan? And here I was, telling Anne that I don't like drama. LOL!!!

Nothing much new on her as I haven't had too much time this week. The fabric is PTP's 32ct 'Ancient' opalescent lugana. I think she might be going on hiatus for the weekend as I'm seriously thinking of starting the beading on Chinese Garden. I usually leave this to the last, but with only one stitching part to go, what's the harm? ;)

The Serengeti Mandala.... ahhhhh!!! It's release is just around the corner. It's going to be glorious!! Every 25sq inches of it. :D Thanks for all your votes and input on the poll. The favorite was African Daisy, with Doubloon being a close second. But Susan cautioned me that AF is quite yellow in real life. She should know... she's used it before. :D As for Doubloon, I did some test beading on my 32ct PTP fabric, and it just won't work. I'm not willing to deal with cramming in those beads or, worse, deciding which beads to omit.

I know lots of you have been eagerly awaiting my decision. Should I keep you in suspense just a little bit longer? ;) *giggle* Truth be told, I haven't made a firm decision, but what I've done is more layovers than I care to count.

It's pretty safe to say that it'll be Wichelt's Flax though, as it's hubby's favorite and has that hint of green I've been wanting. I know this for sure because I looked up the DMC equivalent. LOL!!

Oh, did I forget to mention that I've ordered the kit? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Whoah!!! What happened??? How did Patrick Wilson make his way in here??? I could've swore I said that this wasn't going to be a hunky sort of post... but what's the harm in one picture. ;)

Thanks for reading my very long-winded post. I'm planning on catching up on some blog reading this weekend.

Happy Weekend Everyone! :D


Kate said…
OMG!!! Am I first to comment??? Yay, an elusive title to be sure....I love hearing from you! The magic is definitely still there - hahaha...i saw those orchid pics and thought of you too. And yippeee - a hunk! Thank you soooo much, i cant believe you picked up on my subtle hints. :)
Kate said…
P.S Have a great weekend!
Giovanna said…
It's going to be great fun watching you stitch Serengeti :-)
Have a great weekend.
Kruissteekies said…
great kit you ordered! Happy stitching
cucki said…
aww that kit sound so lovely..
happy stitching..
big hugs cucki xx
valerie said…
OMG, I am late with my TUSAL and IHSW reports! Does it count if I've been writing it in my head for the last week?

Wow, that orchid photo is amazing!

Great start on Sweet Pea. :::whispers::: I wanna see beading on Chinese Mandala. heehee

Oooo cute guy. Is this the guy on The Gifted Man? I love that show! Can you tell I am bad with names. ha!

Happy Friday!
Ann said…
Hi Joysze,

Love your fabric choice! If I understand correctly it's a 32-count but not handdyed?

I love your little fountain and your orchids ... but the picture above is really nirvana! Would love to have a greenhouse like that! ;-)

It should be fun seeing all your Mirabilia fairies once stitched and finished on one wall!

I'm joining you on Serengeti (and hope to keep up with this one ;-)

Have a great weekend!
Minnie said…
I'm always excited when I see a new post from you, keep it up:-)
Lesleyanne said…
Always great to see a post from you, the magic is definitely still there. Love your fabric choice, hunk choice. Great progress on Sweet Pea. Have a great weekend.
StitchyWoman said…
Well, I haven't been following for very long, as I'm new to blogging myself. But I have to say that I get excited when I see that you've added a new post! I have very much been enjoying your blog, and I love the idea of posting hunky men on Fridays. (Though Patrick Wilson is not my fave, that's a very nice pic of him.)

Keep blogging and, for goodness sakes, keep stitching!
Kaisievic said…
Great post and thank you for the hunky man. Also, thanks for the link to Heather's explanation as to how to get rid of the captcha codes. I will try that now.

hugs, Kaye xoxoxo
Michele said…
YAY! She ordered it! lol Can't wait to see it started and finished. ...and there is NOTHING wrong with a lil eye-candy for us to look at...he is perdy ain't he. XD
Pauline said…
You always bring a smile on my face!
thank you Joyce, you are such a nice and funny person! :)))))
Mouse said…
love your ort photo ... the orchids are gorgeous as is the hunk .. first time I've seen him ( I live a sheltered life hahahah ) and way to go you have the Serengeti ordered whoooo hooo ;)
think I have sorted the comment thingy on mine now :) love mouse xxx
Krista said…
Your TUSAL is pretty in the garden. Love orchids.. there is an orchid show next month in NY I can't wait to get to, flowers brighten everything :) Your stitching is awesome, as so is that hunk too. Enjoy your weekend!
Andie said…
No your posts aren't boring!!! :D

Love the layover for Serengeti...... How will you cope?! You may have to start *whispers* rotating ROFLMAO!
Patrick Wilson? I had to google him lol
Anne said…
The magic is gone!! Haha!! Just kidding! You know me :P

Love Heather's orchid photos! I went and stalked them on her beautiful!!

Sweet Pea is gonna cause drama!! We always get excited to see a post from you!!! Love that fabby too! Isn't the lugana stuff hard to stitch on though (remember my trying times with Tiny Rose mandala?)

Mmmm, LOVING the fabric you chose for the Serengeti! Good choice on the Flax! You ordered the kit?!!!!! Lucky some moola for Autumn Watergarden okay?!

He's a hunky one...but mess him up a bit and he's all mine :P

Deb said…
Love Serengeti on Flax!! The blues just POP!!! Thank you for sharing the link to Heather's orchid pics. Major drool!! Care to lend your hubby for a fountain of my own??
Susan said…
Love the fountain - the fish is too cute. WOW! on the orchids. I remember going to an orchid show at the National Arboritum in DC when I was in HS with the parental units - I wasn't very impressed - I've grown up though!
Great start on Sweet Pea and no, I'm not tired of your posts, I look forward to your random afternoons (especially with Patrick Wilson photos). Flax is a great color for Serengeti. I kitted mine from various sources (found some really good sales) so fibers should be winging their way to me soon.
jcat0629 said…
Joyce your posts are never boring my Sweet! Lovely pics this week. I'm loving the Sweet Pea start. She's one of my faves. I really admire your fountain & the jar being there is perfect. I know you're super excited about Serengeti. I didn't know that DH is from Zimbabwe. How cool it's going to be when you stitch that one & hang it...he's going to love it. I say go for the beading on CG - it'll get done that much sooner.
Anonymous said…
ROTFL!! Down with craptcha!! So glad you loved the orchids...I don't mind you sharing the picture since you gave me credit. =) I still have to put up my camellia pictures. They're not orchids, but they had some crazy varieties.

Go go garden beading!!! =D
Dana said…
I too am new to blogging and enjoy all the posts that I read and keep up with. I still haven't posted my TUSAL photo yet...will do tomorrow! Patrick Wilson, I got to meet and get his autograph when I was in NYC...although at the time I had no idea who he was...Nice stitching!
Dana said…
I too am new to blogging and enjoy all the posts that I read and keep up with. I still haven't posted my TUSAL photo yet...will do tomorrow! Patrick Wilson, I got to meet and get his autograph when I was in NYC...although at the time I had no idea who he was...Nice stitching!
Miamina said…
I love reading your blog posts!

Well done on the start of Sweet Pea. I love the fabric choice too.

Good choice of fabric for Serengeti Mandala, I'm sure it'll look beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the WIP pics!

I just want to thank you for your kind words of support on my blog, it really meant a lot to me.
SoCal Debbie said…
Your Serengeti mandala will be incredible! Great fabric choice.
Daffycat said…
You are LATE! I sentence you to ten lashes with a skein of floss!

Lovely ORTs though...worth waiting for. Maybe my punishment is too severe?
mdgtjulie said…
Oh, God, you had to show Serengeti. I want, so badly, to start it right now!!! And I can't afford the kit yet, and I haven't finished DGM yet, and I promised myself I would finish it before I started another Chat. It IS gorgeous though, and I'll be picking fabby soon too, I hope. As for the rest, the orchids look fabulous. The blossoms are so lush and pretty. Great piccy!! Sweet Pea looks beautiful. And I still get all happy with a post from you, so don't worry. The magic is still there! (I think some of my followers groan for me though, so maybe we have the same problem!!) TUSAL is very late, but they say better late than never!! Hope you're having a great Saturday so far!
Kim said…
Wow, this was a little bit of everything kind of post--including hunky guy at the end.

I admire anyone that does Chatelaine pieces. They are stunning. I see lots I like but I haven't broken down and purchased one yet. So pretty :)
Topcho said…
Always love your posts :) Your fabric choice is great and I kinda envy your TUSAL jar it's in such a lovely place, lol! And I of course love the end of your post. Is this supposed to be the "kitchen sink"in the everything post? XD
Veronica said…
I'll just say that your posts are always entertaining, Joyce ^.^ Looking forward to seeing your Serengeti WiP!

♥ Nia said…
"Everything AND the Kitchen Sink" LOL :D

Yeap! "Craptcha" is unanimous! :p Glad everyone is taking that out!
I saw those pictures on Heather's blog!! Gorgeous!! :D

Oh!!! I love reading your posts and admiring your stitching :) You're always full of joy and fun! :D
Have a great week sweetie!! Hugs&Smiles
Mangogirl said…
Yep can't stand crapcha. Couldn't stand it before they changed the codes it's why I never had it on my blog.

I always love hearing from you. And that serengeti is going to look stunning.

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