Stash for Sale

No, not mine... you guys know I don't have stash. ;)

My friend Cheryl (, however, has gobs and gobs of it. Her stash-downsizing loss is your stash-acquisition gain, and I'm not kidding when I say she's priced them at bargain-hunting prices! Clicking on her name takes you to her Photobucket page and all the items for sale are on the RECENT ALBUMS tab. She's only shipping to the US and will combine shipping costs.

She is destashing everything from magazines, to kits and charts, to fibers, and even quilts!! Here are some pictures to whet your appetites. Click on the links for more. :)

 Serenity Prayer kit $5
Nantucket Rose $5

Girl with Shells $2
Mommy and Me $5
Rose of Sharon $6
Eterna Silks


nikkin said…
aww, too bad she is not shipping to Canada...

*sad panda*

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