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Checking In...

Hi guys! I'm still here, alive.... kinda....

I had everything planned out to finish Sweet Pea over the weekend and do a HD post on Monday, we were going to do the balcony flooring, I told hubby I wanted to go shopping... this was all on Friday. What do they say about the best laid plans?

I came down with the worst case of stomach bug over the weekend. I won't bore you with the gory details, but let's just say I wanted to die! Then, in my kind and generous way, I gave it to poor hubby. Can't say I don't share. ;)

So here we are, in the middle of the week, and I'm starting to feel human again. Can't say that for poor hubby yet. I have blogs to catch up on reading and emails to reply to. If you haven't heard from me in a while, now you know why. It's not because of Diablo 3. It's not out yet... ROFL!!

I'll leave you guys for now with a pic of my mail when I came in to work yesterday...

Friday Randomness

It's TUSAL time, and I'm only a day late! *giggle* But wait!! Before you guys think of vetting out any punishments, I have BRIBES!!! Yes, I do!!! :D

First off, my ORT jar. The newest additions of Sweet Pea threads are enjoying some company from my oncidium (dancing ladies) orchid.

Secondly, Spring has sprung! When we lived in the midwest, I loved spring. Well, I didn't enjoy the allergies, but I loved seeing life bloom. The colors are bright and fresh, the weather is crisp and cool. Nature is saying "HELLLO!!!!!" and what could be better than saying "HELLO!!!" right back with a frolic here and there? ;)

Told ya I had bribes. ;)

Third and finally, I was awarded the Liebster Award by Irishcream06.
Liebster is a German word meaning favourite, dearest or beloved. The Liebster Blog Award is awarded by bloggers to other new bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers, to help spread the word about their blogs and to help them gain wider recognition.

The Liebste…


Sometimes it's good to deviate a little from the norm... to take a day off just because... sit out in the warm spring sun just because... to walk around naked... well hmm... to skip a Random Afternoon Question just because I know my fellow stitchers love to stash, and all the better when it's at great prices.

SALE!! SALE!! SALE!!!! One of my friends, Brenda (, is destashing (and items are still being added to the albums as we speak). You know how I've always said that I don't stash? Well, that's cos she has enough for the both of us and more!! ;)

Everything from fabrics....

... to charts and kits.

The best part is? She will ship internationally. :D

I'm running a little behind with blog reading and emailing... why does that sound soooo familiar? ;) I'll catch up!! Promise!!! :D

March IHSW Report

Hi all!!! How were your hermitting weekends? We had 117 HERMITTERS this month. How exciting!!! Click on the link to check out each other's progress. I know I can't wait to get out there and see what you guys have done this weekend. :D

Now, about mine... I know a lot of you thought I'd have Sweet Pea finished this weekend. Heck, even I thought so but *hangs head in shame* it was not to be. Oh, I started out well enough. I got her wings finished on Friday night, by 10:30pm no less!! Then, I spent the next hour or so stretching and pinning Chinese Garden on foam core board. Now, she'll be ready to go as soon as I see that nice 65% off on Michael's custom frame sale.

Saturday saw me reworking Sweet Pea's arms and legs a little to smooth them out. Stitching began (in the midst of laundry etc), and I got her face and arms done. "Oooooh, this is going to work," I thought to myself. "I just have her hair and flower to do tonight, and then on to her legs …

Friday Randomness

Ready?... Set.... HERMIT!!!!!!
Wherever in the world you might be, Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!!! Remember to not drink and stitch this weekend!! ;)

Diablo III

That's it!! My life... as I know it... is going to officially come to an end at the stroke of midnight on May 15th, or whenever hubby and I finish downloading Diablo 3 on Battlenet... I wonder if we can download right away... I mean, they're saying that Presale starts today... so surely, right? Gotta ask hubby.... Need him to build me a computer. He's been saying that for awhile now in anticipation of the game release, but I kept saying "Nah, let's see. I might not want to play it after all."A statement, I should add, that resulted in a snort and very little else on that day from him and much teasing since then. I think maybe we should get me a gaming laptop, then he can hook it up to our TV and my wizard,... no, demon hunter.... ermm... no... monk... yes! MONK!! No, make that wizard.... maybe... can run around larger than life! Yes... I realize I'm rambling but I can't help it!!!! My fingers won't stop typing and my brain is going a hundred word…

Random Afternoon Question

I'm anticipating a lot of comments with resounding 'NO!s' for today's question.... LOL!!!

Is there a project that you'd love to do but haven't started?

I go through bouts of "ooooh, I should" or "oooh, I will" and while some projects stay at the back of my mind for 'someday,' the one that I keep coming back to is Stephanie Pui-Man Law's World.

It's one of those that translates beautifully into a stitched piece. Couple that with a dark-haired girl and all that green, it's a wonder it's still on my to-do list. ;) This finished piece was stitched by Vay and isn't it just gorgeous???

Sweet Pea & March IHSW

Many of you wanted the name of the game I was playing. It's called Gardenscapes, available for your iDevices, Macs, and PCs. :D

I did work on Sweet Pea over the weekend. Not as much as I'd have liked, as we were prepping our balcony for hardwood decking tiles. More on this later.... nevertheless, I'm extremely please with how SP is turning out. Hubby says her skirt looks like a strawberry jelly donut exploded!!.... ROFL!!

Oh... hasn't it been a crazy few weeks? Seems like we keep running out of time and things are in a constant flux of frenzy. So, why not set aside some 'you' time this weekend and stitch away? :D

(A gentle reminder, please double check your blog links. If you're using blogger, it should always read

March WIPocalypse

Herein lies my March WIPocalypse report, or lack thereof. :S

Apart from the pics from the last couple of days on Chinese Garden and the itty bit of Sweet Pea, I have nothing else to show! :S

I'm happy to report that I did feel like stitching last night. I had my scroll frame sitting on the carpet in front of me, patiently and faithfully waiting while I built....

I thought I'd play for a little bit starting at 10pm. Then my mom called, and I chatted with my parents for an hour... while building my gardent. After we hung up, I built some more. When hubby said at 2am that it was bedtime, I said... "ya... ok!!!" I vaguely remember him calling out from the bedroom that it was "bedtime" at 2:30... and me mumbling something about needing to build a bridge...

This does remind me of Martina's seasonal knotgardens. Speaking of which, I should probably get back to Spring Knotgarden as well, huh? ;)

Random Afternoon Question & Then Some

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your kind words about the Chinese Garden Mandala. Thea mentioned that she hasn't seen one of my post with so many comments, and I agree! I was floored when I woke up this morning to all of your lovely comments and congratulatory notes. :D

To answer some of your questions, next on my stitching plate is Sweet Pea. I abandoned her to bead CG, the poor dear, so now I think she deserves some love. This is how I left her last.

Next on my Chatelaine plate is well... this one's harder... the next class I'll be doing is the Serengeti Mandala, but I'm still waiting for all the goodies to get here, so no start yet. ;) Since I'll only be able to stitch it a part at a time, Butterfly Lace will get to flutter around too.

I'm feeling a little discombobulated cos I don't feel like stitching at the moment. I get this way after finishing something. Last night after dinner, I sat on the couch and played games on the iPad all night. :S

Do you …

Chinese Garden Mandala - Finished!!!!

(picture heavy post upcoming)

O HAPPY DAY!!!!! *dances and twirls around* The last bead went in at 11:15 last night and CHINESE GARDEN MANDALA IS FINISHED!!!!

This was my first Chatelaine class, where Martina released one part a month. A lesson in patience, that's for sure! And I am reminded every month at what a designing genius she is.

I want to thank you all for taking this journey with me. It has been so much fun!!!! :D We had four different color phoenixes, four scenic views, four seasons, four different ming vases, wisteria bushes, bamboo shoots, gorgeous chrysanthemums, lanterns, kois, mandarin ducks.... the list goes on....

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, here are a few thousands and I'll let them do the talking. Me... I'm speechless at the moment, a rare occurence, that's for sure!! LOL!!!!!!

The Particulars: by Chatelaine - Martina Rosenburg Fabric: 32ct antique white lugana Materials: Silks and beads. Kit from Started: April 21st, 2011 Fini…

A Wonderful Surprise!!

Hubby came back from getting the mail today with a package for me. "Huh, what could it be?" I wondered. It was something from Kate!! Since I was stitching, hubby opened the package before handing me three carefully packed pressies.

*squeeee* Oh my goodness, you guys are not going to believe your eyes!! Kate make me pins!!! One with Hermie and the other with her hoop and stitching. Her sweet note mentioned that she sculpted the pin tops herself! How precious are they??! :D

As if that wasn't enough, she also made me a biscornu!! I love the colors she's picked and I believe she filled it with rice. Great idea!!

She said these beautiful pieces are a thank you for the charts I sent her from my surprise giveaway, but I think that her generosity is beyond the few charts I know she'll put to better use than I ever could. I am touched beyond words... THANK YOU, KATE!!!!!! :D