Friday Randomness

Hubby and I love Cirque du Soleil. Well... I do, he LOVES them. Ever since our first, "O," in Vegas, it's been his dream to see all of them.

One year, for his birthday, I bought him VIP tickets to see Dralion in Dallas. We were living in Kansas City and had driven to Oklahoma City to spend thanksgiving with his sister's family. We drove to Dallas in the afternoon, had a blast at the show, and drove back to OKC that night.

As part of the VIP treatment we had champagne and hors d'ouevres in the VIP tent, and hubby even got a cuddle!! ROFL!!! To this day, it remains my favorite. Of course, it had nothing to do with one of the acts where this buff, hot, specimen of male perfection talented juggler made you forget he was just that, but instead conjured up images of a panther at play. It was art at its finest!!

Being in S. Florida, we're fortunate enough to have a lot of travelling CdS shows come through. Every two years, right around his birthday, a new show comes to Miami, and we do that. Every other year, an older travelling show comes to a venue in Ft. Lauderdale and we do that too. :D

To date, we have Alegria, La Nouba, Saltimbanco, Varekai, Corteo, and Kooza under our belts.

Remember the juggler I mentioned? Check him out:

*backtracking to Nov 2010*

Me: Just got an email from Cirque. They're doing a Michael Jackson show.
Him: Oh?
Me: Yup, calling it "The Immortal Tour." Wow, they put that together quick!! (MJ had just passed away in June.)
Him: Maybe they were working on a show with him?
Me: Didn't read anything about it though... maybe it's kinda a farewell thing I guess. Wanna go?
Him: When is it?
Me: The weekend of Mar. 2-4th. We could do the 2nd. Would be easier to drive to Miami if it's not the weekend.
Him: Sure. Will be nice.

*Mid-February 2011, watching tv at home*

Him: When is that MJ show?
Me: Mar something... *pulls up email* March 2nd!!!! Holy crap!! Good thing you remembered.
Him: Yeah. Remember that time you thought it was a 7:30 show and we were 30 minutes late? (Umm... yeah.... but that's the story for another day..... ROFL!!!)

*End of February, 2011... on the way to work*

Me: You know, those tickets were for Mar. 2nd right???
Him: Yup, that's what the email said.
Me: Huh...
Him: What?
Me: ... Huh....
Him: *silence*
Me: ......
Him: .....??? *long-suffering silence* (this happens a lot... LOL!!!)
Me: Well, I was teaching Dylan yesterday and was writing the date.... *counts fingers*....
Him: .....
Me: The 2nd is a Wednesday.
Him: How can that be?
Me: *pulls out phone... check calendar* Yup... the 2nd is a Wednesday.... did we see Friday instead of Wednesday?
Him: Both of us??!
Me: ...... ????.....!!!!!.....?????

*At work... pulls up email... *
Me: *muttering* Nope... it says Friday, Mar. 2nd.... .... .... 2012!!!!!!!
Him: (on IM) .........
Me: *hysterically laughing* That's like NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!! How can it be next year???
Him: ........
Me: WILL WE REMEMBER????!!!!!!!!
Him: We'd better....
Me: Huh... I guess they didn't put the show together quickly after all....
Him: ........ (I have friends that say they feel sorry for him... I wonder why.... ROFLMAO!!!!)

*March 2nd, 2012* (Guess we remembered..... ROFLMAO!!!)

Tickets are printed, teaching schedule has been rearranged... The Immortal Tour, here we come!!!

I was reminded to check the time... yes, I'm sure it's at 8pm. LOL!!!!!!!


SoCal Debbie said…
Oh how exciting!!! Have a fantastic time tonight! It sure has been a long wait for both of you!
Andie said…
LOL :D Have an awesome time!!! Even though you had a looooooonnnnnnnnnggggg wait! :D
Ann said…
I think it will be an exciting show to see. Hope they'll pass somewhere in Belgium in the near future.
I've seen Saltimbanco about 6 (or was it 7) years ago and it was wonderfull.
Now each time I propose to go to a new one, he says "when you've seen one, you've seen them all". I don't agree with that so hope to go soon to a new one!
Have a nice weekend (maybe with the Serengeti mandala?)!
Ewa said…
I just watched that whole video. Completely mesmerized. There's a CdS show Totem opening up about 15 minutes from my house... tomorrow? I can't go but i'll think of you!
Susan said…
.................hmmm? Oh yeah, um juggling, yeah,juggling! LOL!!! The one time we were in Vegas EVERY show was on hiatus and the one chance I had in Orlando (Downtown Disney) it was sold out the entire week I was there! Have a great time at the show and I did get a kick out of the history of your getting there - sounds an awful lot like something I would do.
Heidi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Minnie said…
OMG we love them too and have seen Mystere,Zumanity,KA,Quidam and OVO. It took a while to see the MJ CdS but I hope you enjoy it and you will have to share tomorrow.
♥ Nia said…
I love CdS too!! Unfortunately, so far, I had the opportunity to go to only one show here in Portugal: Quidam :) loved loved loved!
McKenna C. said…
I hope you guys have fun!! :D
Have a good time at your big outing! I can totally sympathize with the date confusion- it's a little surprising that they sold so far ahead of time, but at least you remembered it in the end! ^^
Dani - tkdchick said…
Very entertaining and too funny!

Enjoy the show I've only seen them once and it was fantastic!
Karen said…
Holy smokes, that guy was fantastic! Not even considering that he was a "buff, hot, specimen of male perfection," he seems to be in complete control over every single muscle in his body. I was mesmerized.

I've only seen CdS once many years ago. (Mystere) I'm totally jealous! Have a great time!
Maggee said…
Just saw a commercial for it coming up here to the Tidewater area this month! We're next! Hugs!
Diane (di) said…
Oooo Joyce, I am so green right now! :) I can't wait to hear about how wonderful it was.

BTW, I couldn't take my eyes off the juggler... incredible!!
demeter83 said…
The juggler is absolutely incredible.
Hope you enjoy the show, looks like it'll be amazing!
Dana said…
Hope it was amazing! I saw them once in Orlando...the La Nouba. It was great. Haven't seen any others but was blown away. The juggler was awesome too. He had muscles that I didn't know muscles were! haha!
Xeihua (Sara) said…
LOLOL!!! Great story xD... and after 1+ year you didn't miss the show xD.. I'm so jealous of you I love Cirque du Soleil too (although I never seen one show in person...) when I was a kid it would be one of the things they would show on TV on Christmas morning... and there I was watching it, and loving it with my new toys...
Maybe next time they come to Ireland I might be able to see it
Deb said…
Hope you had a great time seeing CDS!! I love them as well. They put on the best shows!!! We have Quidam coming here soon! I have never seen a show in person and unfortunately, we will have to miss Quidam as well.
Anne said…
You two are hilarious!!! This made me seriously LOL!!! I bet you had a wonderful time last night! So glad you two got the dates right finally!! Love that picture of Satish. He looks like he's really having a good time!!
Stitching Noni said…
How fantastic! Hope you had a wonderful time - even if you had to wait a whole 12 months! :o)

I love the CdS shows... we have had a couple come to Perth which I have seen - can't wait til the next one gets here! There is one on the way! ;o)
Veronica said…
Thanx for linking. That was entertaining. Male juggler. Mmmm... ^.^ I'd love to watch one of their shows one day.

ROFL! Both of you are hilarious! Made me LOL :D


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