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Random Afternoon Question

My brain is mush today.... and as hard as I try, I can't come up with anything random or fun to ask.... so I'm going for a brainless:

How cute is he???!!!!

His name is Boo. He's a pomeranian and is known as The World's Cutest Dog and even has his own book. Me? I just crack up laughing everytime I see his pics.


Hello, fellow hermitters!!! How were all 122 of your weekends?? :D

Thank you all SOOO much for your understanding on my last post. I figured if anything would sway you, it's cute animal pictures, you tender-hearted lot! :D

I am pleased to report that I was a good hermitter and dungeon crawler this weekend. I finished the inner border of Butterfly Lace, and those cute little jessica stitches make me swoon every time. If you've noticed that the right side has two less flowers on than the left side, you are correct!!! The butterfly which will reside on the right has a bigger wingspan.

See all the holes in the center part? The unstitched rectangle, the corners, etc... ALLLLLL beads. I am tempted beyond reason to bead-as-I-go on this one, cos they're going to make this so gorgeous, but I will resist.

The D3 beta went well. I forgot to take pictures of the characters to show you guys. In particular, I wanted to show you the hulk of a man that was the female barbarian. Yup, you r…

Friday Randomness

My story today, in animal pictures.....

Around 1pm EST, I got a message from my friend with a link, saying "You know about this already, right?"

I clicked.... and then I swore. LOTS!! First, in multiple messages towards him and then out loud.

Looks at link again.... reading it this time....

Then, reality hit my fuzzy brain!!!


Oh no, my dears. I haven't forgotten about the LINK in question. Hmm, that font is a little small... let me try again, cos I know a lot of you are fans as well...

... yeah... if I have to suffer, so do you!! ROFLMAO!!

I will try and stitch... I will.... I hope.... but you guys will  forgive me if I ended up wreaking havoc in Diablo land, won't you? :D

Random Afternoon Question - Funny Version?...

... perhaps not. You be the judge...

Today's question is courtesy of hubby via one of his forums:

THE ZOMBIES ARE HERE!!! Quick, look to your left and pick up 3 things to defend yourself. What are they are how do you plan to use them???

I have a crunched up piece of paper and some sheets held together by a paperclip. TWO THINGS??? TWO THINGS???

Ok, ok, calm down... I suppose I could tear up the paper and ball them up into little missiles and fashion the paperclip into some kinda slingshot. Nope, no can do... can't do a slingshot without a rubberband... drats.

Ok, skinny, puny arm.... start flicking those paper balls and AIM FOR THE BRAINS!!!!!

Butterfly Lace - Center Flowers

At long last, I have stitchy pics to show! Feels like it's been forever since I did a Monday WIP post. How do things get more and more busy during the year? Seems that I'm too tired to stitch anything after work every night. Do you guys get that way too?

And the worst part is?... I had planned to start and finish the border this weekend. But we had such fantastic weather–the winds were blowing, the weather was cool, and I just couldn't resist spending time in the balcony. Factor in the weekend chores and housework, getting Chinese Garden to the framers, and mucking around on the new PC (gotta get it ready for D3 after all, *giggle*), this is the sad state of the border. At least I got the flowers done. ;)

IHSW - April 2012

What's this you say??

April's IHSW is this weekend??!!

You know what to do. ;)

Friday Randomness

This will be a picture heavy post...

Lego. Just the word alone conjures up memories of fun. Hours and days spent putting little pieces together, and letting your imagination run and soar to discover endless possibilites.

Legoland Florida is a recent addition to S. Florida. While we haven't made it there yet, it's a definite on our list and we fully expect to be charmed and awed by all the models on display. However, I doubt they will compare to the magnificence that is Germany's Legoland.

I am in awe of such talent and artistry. Oh, to be there in person to see this...
Germany’s LEGOLAND opened on May 17, 2002 in the Bavarian town of Günzburg. The park consists of more than 40 rides, interactive games, shows and entertainment, but what is more impressive than the rides is the detailed lego models in Miniland which showcases Lego reproductions of various German cities and rural landscapes.