Friday Randomness - Friends and Serengeti

One of the best things in life is the opportunity to meet new friends. The internet has made this process so much easier and in many cases, a shared love for stitching has translated to close-knit friendships for a lot of us.

Ana and I are such a case. It started with her offering to harbor my orphaned Spring Knotgarden and things just blossomed from there. Since it's Spring Break for her kids this week, they headed to FL to visit her dad, which meant we got to meet up. YIIIIPEEEEEEE!!!! Her kids are so cute!! :D

We had dinner together, and after ordering, she and I abandoned the hubbies, kids, and her dad, and hopped into the car for a stitching "show and tell." She brought her WIPs, and man oh man, if you think the pics on her blog are gorgeous, they are more amazing in person!!! We were so engrossed that we ignored two calls on her phone notifying us that the food had arrived, and hubby had to come out to haul us back in. But really, who needs to eat when there's stitching to drool over?? ;)

Then, much to my surprise, she pulled out a stitched piece of the two girls from Under the Friendship Tree, stitched on a gorgeous soft lavender fabbie she'd dyed herself, and told me it was for me!!! *THUD!!!!* I was floored and so touched. How cute are they???? I've claimed the dark-haired girl as me, cos that's the dress I'd wear and also, Ana bleached her hair when she was younger, so she gets to be the blonde. She doesn't know about this ownership claim yet, but nothing much she can do about it now. HAHA!!!

Now, about the Serengeti Mandala... you guys have been on pins and needles waiting for news of my start since I blogged about the arrival of the kit. My fabric, a gorgeous piece of Flax belfast by Wichelt, arrived on Monday. I am sooooo pleased with it as it's the perfect shade of variegated brown I wanted.

So after work, dinner and clean up, out came the yummy silks and on to the fabbie they went for a floss toss. I'm getting giddy just looking at this pic. How yummy are they??? :D

Tuesday night saw me measuring, cutting, and scrolling up the fabbie. Then, since I promised my friend Bren a start, I did. All of one thread length...

Here's the thing: As many of you know, I hate starts and I dislike working on multiple projects at a time. (Shush, Andie! I can hear you giggling all the way over here. LOL!) Add this to the fact that I haven't touched Butterfly Lace Garden in months, not to mention Spring Knotgarden, is enough to drive me bonkers! So I've made the executive decision to let Serengeti wait a little longer and stitch Butterfly instead. Here is the pic from January....

Did I say it was driving me bonkers? Well, looks like I'm waaaaay pass that 'cos I actually talked myself into possibly finishing Butterfly before May 15th. To see why, CLICK HERE. *slaps hand to forehead* I really need to do something about these voices in my head...

Stay tuned for the big 'face plant of failure.' No, the house isn't taking bets either. LOL!!!


Linda said…
Your friend gave you an awesome. How lucky for you.

Yvon (jioya) said…
Good luck with all that you like to do!!!

Happy Easter.

Hugs Yvon.
Crafts4others said…
love the gift she made you, it is gorgeous!
jillyヅ said…
At least you have your priorities straight;-) Hard work now, fun later.
Zipped over to Ana's and both the hubs and I were stunned. What a beautiful piece of craftwomanship!!!

blessings, jilly
Melissa said…
What a sweet present!

I can't wait to see more of your Butterfly Lace Garden. Good luck finishing it. I remember playing Diablo II for hours and hours in undergrad. I was a sorceress, and it brings back memories. I think we will be getting the game also :)
dulcinella said…
what a wonderful gift you got! I have the chart myself and never realized it was so gorgous. I'm rather curious on seeing your progress and how you handle not stitching on multiple projects:-)
valerie said…
It's always great to meet blog friends. Ana gave you a beautiful gift. Love it! Great start on Serengheti but I understand the draw to Butterfly. Can't wait to see your progress! :)
Susan said…
Sounds like you had a really fun time and what an amazing gift! I like your choice for you - the stitching on the piece is beautiful. I love the fabric you chose for Serengeti - almost makes me rethink mine - hmmm okay, I'll keep mine. It might not be a lot, but it's a nice start. Looking forward to watching your progress on Butterfly. Finished by May 15th? Yeah, you might want to sedate those voices. You have smoking needles but WOW! I'll be cheering you on.
Ewa said…
First of all, Joyce, you're gorgeous! I've met so many friends through the blogosphere (including you!) that I'm so so grateful for. That's awesome that you got to meet Ana and I can't believe that she stitched something so beautiful for you! That's wonderful! Don't be so hard on yourself and stitch what you want. I believe in you and your ability to finish! GO JOYCE!
anastich said…
I had a great time too! It's so fun to meet others who love stitching as much as me, doesn't happen too often. Thanks for all the nice compliments on my gift piece for Joyce. It was really a TREAT meeting Joyce and her hubby Satish. I just wish we had more time to visit! I loved drooling over eAch other's stitching. Joyce, ur China Mandala is the BOMB - i can't believe how gorgeous and intricate it is!
How lovely to meet such a great stitchy friend and what a beautiful gift! For purely selfish reasons I am glad you are on the case with Butterfly - means I can drool over your gorgeous WIP pics as I try and catch up!
Lesleyanne said…
Ana stitched you an absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see your stitching, whatever you decide to stitch.
Kate said…
That's a gorgeous piece, and what a lovely photo of the day.

5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!
What an amazing gift you got =)
It's so beautiful!!

The materials for your new mandala look amazing =)
But I am happy to see Butterfly again =)
tiffstitch said…
What a great night! That sounds like a lot of fun for both of you. :) Love the piece she stitched, and hey of course you get to claim ownership of "you"! Good luck with Butterfly, a month is all kinds of time, right? And you're motivated after all.
Bea said…
Meeting a fellow stitcher is always a treat and what a gorgeous gift she gave you!

Butterfly is lovely. Looking forward to seeing how you progress.
Isadarena said…
Your friend Ana spoilt you a lot with such a cute design from Mirabilia.A lovely gift to treasure !
I am sure you spent a wonderful time together.
Yes, you're right, The Serengheti threads look really yummy :-)
I wish you a Happy easter,
Lots of Hugs,
♥ Nia said…
hahahhahha :D I laugh so much reading your posts! I would love to meet you and spend an afternoon like that! So nice to meet friends =)
What a lovely gift!!!! So pretty and special =)
hummm.. I'm pretty sure we will see Butterfly all done before May 15th! ;) LOL


Sweet Easter to you :)
What a lovely present Ana gave you. I stitched the two girls for my friends' 2nd daughter several years ago.
Love your Chatelaine stash but hear what you're saying about too many starts. My threads are never in the right place these days!
Veronica said…
What a lovely, lovely gift! I'm thinking of stitching this for my bestest friend in the world too. Those little girls are adorable.

Mmm... Those yummy silks. One thread length? Only one? Come on, Joyce. You can do better than that. LOL!

Um... 15th May eh? Well, all the best with that. I'll be cheering you on from this end of the world ^.^

Mangogirl said…
what a lovely gift :) your friend is lovely. I understand about the serengeti goodluck on your other projects.
Maureen said…
Oh it is so nice to actually meet stitchy friends and what a gorgeous gift!

Serengti looks like it'll be a stunner.
Andie said…
How awesome that you got to meet up!! :D And what an awesome gift! WOW!!
Serengeti floss toss looks fantastic and since you only put one thread length in we can't class it as a wip yet ;) I'm sure Diablo will be enough incentive to finish Butterly Lace, you need to get it done for your Mum don't you? Diablo aside, when does it need to be finished?
demeter83 said…
Well, it's all looking gorgeous all teh same!
How lovely is it that you've made friends like that, that's great!
Julie said…
How nice to meet up with a blogging friend and getting such a nice pressie to remember the day by.

Congrats on 2 lovely finishes.
Kielrain said…
Great gift.

And those threads all laid out on the fabric... just beautiful.
Pauline said…
Yehhhh, stitching can give you new and very good friends!
I already have two off them.
It is so much fun to share your work!
And is so nice to make and to recieve gifts!
milly said…
Lovely photo of the two of you. The stitching gift is beautiful, very special.

Your threads and fabric all together look great.
Anne said…
JOYCEE!!! You and Ana are darling! How wonderful to meet up with her and have a nice dinner together! I love what she stitched for you! what a sweetie!! I'm so glad we have met and have become good friends. Isn't it the best thing?!!! I'm so grateful for our friendship :D

Oh that Serengeti package is delish!!! YAY on stitching Butterfly garden! Can't wait to see more progress!!

Giovanna said…
Wow, what a great gift from Ana - lucky you! Your stitching is lovely, even that single length on Serengeti, lol.
Jenny said…
What a fantastic gift, Joyce! I am so jealous!!!
Stitching Noni said…
How wonderful that you got to meet up. It must have been so nice to have that time together to cement your friendship. The gift Ana stitched for you is a delight - lucky girl ;0)
Butterfly lace is gorgeous, and the Serengeti stash so yummy. I've signed up for the Fairytale Castle, but won't be starting it until about June when I've saved up enough stash money to buy the kit from ECC :)

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