Random Afternoon Question

Jenny sent me these questions last week and wondered how many of us are in the same boat. I won't copy and paste her answer in here as I think she might want to let us know herself. :D

1. Have you ever bought a chart for a design even though you know that you will never stitch it?
2. Have you ever stitched something just for fun without a thought to ever use it for something?

I don't think I've ever bought a chart without the intention of stitching it. Whether or not I get to it is another matter. HAHAHAHA!!!!

As for Question 2, oh nooooo!!!! LOL, I hate starting too much to stitch something at random. ;)


Mia said…
Hi across from the big sea :D

It's way past midnight - over 1 am actually... :D

1. Yes, I have... Or maybe in the intention of stitching it way back when I first got "into" stitching, but became wiser with my taste and now it's out of date - the chart that is LOL

2. I actually have - I've got a few that I've stitched just for the fun of stitching. I do realize that often I find some use for it after it's been "dusting" in the box :D

Ok, I'm hopeless, but hey - I love stitching, so does that really count... :D LOL
Sarah said…
1. Yes, but not new . . .usually in bulk lots from the NZ equivelent of ebay when theres other charts I want in the lot

2. Yep, all the time. Surprisingly most of them find an owner fairly quickly. . I have about 5 smalls waiting to be finished into something, but that's it.
Rahenna said…
1. Yup, I'll buy anything by Teresa Wentzler even if I know I won't stitch it. I guess it's my collection. :p

2. Hmm, I don't really plan to do anything with my finishes aside from frame them and stick them on the wall, or finish them into ornaments. So I guess that would be no, I don't stitch something if I won't do something with the finished piece. :)
jillyヅ said…
Yes on the first and no on the second. That little voice always tells me not to buy as I have too much already. That same darn voice tells me I need to stitch, quilt, sew what I am making for a gift. I would love to stitch something for myself, but feel guilty.

blessings, jilly
lesli said…
1- No, but I have to admit, going through some of them now...my thought is, "what was I thinking when I bought this"?
2- No - at least so far!
Jenny said…
Hey Joyce, I can't wait to see all the answers!
So far, it looks like I am not as crazy as I thought...
Answer to questions 1: Yes! For example, recently I bought The Gate Keepers Window chart and I opened the package and thought "what the heck was I thinking!? I can't see myself ever stitching this...". LOL Another design that I had to buy, even though I knew that I would never attempt to stitch was TW's Woodland Fairy. Both of them are just so pretty, but I have issues with crazy-confetti!
Answer to Q2:
Yes, all the time! That is why I have a 2-inch stack worth of finished samplers hanging in my stitch-room....
Vickie said…
For the first question, I always start with good intentions of stitching everything I buy. But time passes, and I will sometimes clear out charts or the rare kit that I buy if I don't think I'll ever have somewhere to put it. Occasionally I'll just lose interest in a particular project.

I have stitched a few things without having a use for them, but they eventually have found a home. Except for one: Mermaids of the Deep Blue. I managed to avoid purchasing it even though it caught my eye. I'm not a "mermaid person"; I like 'em and all, but I never had the urge to stitch one. Maybe I finally broke down because every time my daughter saw the pattern she kept calling it "Ariel and Mommy", but whatever the reason I bought it and stitched it in 3 months. It's gorgeous, I have nowhere to put it, but I don't regret it one bit. Those girls were a blast to stitch. :)
Pauline said…
No! I always want to make the patterns i bought, when i have time...Also i never start something without knowing wherefore it is.
Xeihua (Sara) said…
So my asnwers:
1 - No, I plan to stitch everything I buy, they might still be on my waiting list but I'll stitch them sooner or later :)

2 - Yes, actually apart from very few projects like the HAED where I know in advance that most likely they will be framed (but I also know it will actually take ages for me to finish the next one to be framed xD) and the biscornus (becuase they are biscornus) all other projects I just stitch for the fun of it and then I'll let it "tell me" how it should be finished... and if it doesn't speak to me... well it just goes to the finished pile for some day to have some use...
milly said…

My answers is no to both questions!

I usually think carefully before I buy a chart and always have the finish in mind from the start.
Donna said…
My answer to the first is no but I start almost 99 percent of my projects without any knowledge of what to do with it afterwards!!!!
1. No, I always intend to stitch the charts I buy. Freebies on the other hand I save just in case I can't find them again!

2. "use" interesting word! I guess that comes from someone who like to make their stitching into something rather than just framing it!

More and more I think half the fun is in the stitching and not in having the finished piece. That's why I don't mind giving things away to people who will love them. I've had my fun already.
Anne said…
No-I don't buy any charts without having plans of stitching them...too costly!!

No/sometimes- The no is for the purchased charts...I always find a use for them or a plan...the sometimes is if I stitch a freebie that I like, I may not know what to do with it right away, but over time a picture of the finish evolves so I eventually find a use for my stitched piece!

Susan said…
Good questions!!

I *plan* to stitch every chart I buy or every freebie I save - just don't as when! LOL!!

Yes, I have stitched something with no plan for its use when it was finished - actually many times. I enjoy stitching just for the sake of stitching not what it will be when done.
Topcho said…
Good questions! On the first one - no! Every chart I have, I got it with the intention to stitch it someday. Well, too often good intention is all I have! XD And as for the second... I have no idea what to do with more than a half of my starts! So that's a big yes! I love to start and don't like to finish (I mean framing or finishing as diferent items) and it's such a bad combination. I really admire (and envy,lol! ) how you can resist starting and get motivated in the middle of the project!
demeter83 said…
1. Kinda, I've got one that I bought recently, and I can't get teh chart to load, and I keep forgetting to contact them, so if I don't get my ass in gear that's never going to get stitched.
2. Yes, all the time. Unless I'm stitching something for someone else, then I never know what's going to happen to it.
♥ Nia said…
1) nope! never

2) all the time hahahhaahah I start because i like the design and then decide how to finish it! I like to stitch just for fun, i'm pretty sure I'll find how to finish in the end ;)
Starting is my favorite part! Joy
Mangogirl said…
1. well i intend to stitch them at some point but if I ever get around to them.....

2. Always. Quite often I have no real purpose like my sampler at the moment. it's for me, but once it's done I have no clue what I want to do with it!

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