IHSW - May Signup

I got an email from Jo over the weekend saying that "IHSW is famous." Curious, I clicked on the link to cross-stitching.com and there it is... Rhona's wonderful write up of Stitching Abbreviations.

IHSW, here we come!!!! WE'VE MISSED YOU!!!!

A gentle reminder for blogger users: Please remember to put in your BLOG ADDRESS in the "URL" box. If you type in Blogger.com, it takes all the readers to their own homepage. :(

Let the needles fly and the bum-dents prevail!!! You know what to do... :D


rosey175 said…
Weeee, I'm gonna try this month! I'll get this phone thing figured out somehow, haha! :D
Lija Broka said…
Sadly I will be with my text books on Continuum Mechanics and Partial Differential Equations next weekend. So won't do the silly error of signing up and being unable to stitch. The cross stitch is banned to the bottom of the draw for now. Can't wait for next month though - will definitely participate then.

Oh where were the abbreviation glossary when I was starting off with the cross stitch blogging?! It would have saved so much confusion.

Enjoy your amazing weekend. I am very jealous of all the stitchers.
tiffstitch said…
That's so cool about the mention on Stitching Abbreviations! I wonder if there will be more hermiters this month?
Katie said…
Congrats on the mention.

Good luck to all the IHSWers. I'll be joining in with you.
valerie said…
I'm signing up even though it's one crazy weekend! I must stitch a little or I'll go berserk! lol
OMG You're famous!! Kudos on the recognition there girlfriend. IHSW is a fabulous idea how could it not be catchy!!! Don't forget us though xoxo
katica said…
Congrats on the IHSW becoming famous!!!

I'm definitely going to try it this month as I've missed the last two! Its a long weekend here so hopefully that means even more stitching!
Stitching Noni said…
Wow - famous! How brilliant! ;o)
All signed up for another month - fingers crossed lots of stitching will be done by all - especially little ole me!!

♥ Nia said…
Uhuuuuuu! Congrats sweetie!! It was your idea and initiative that began IHSW so all props for you!! :D
Once again, I'm in! Of course ;)
Measi said…
Congrats on the new celebrity status! :)

In as usual... hoping I'll have a good amount of time to stitch, although the nice weather may pull me outdoors most of the weekend!
Unknown said…
I might be away for the weekend, if so, I will be taking something a little more portable than Ascendant, lol.
Cheers to IHSW, Joyce, you rock!

mdgtjulie said…
Grats on being famous, Joysze. That's awesome!!
Veronica said…
No idea how I'm gonna get any stitching done with D3 out but here's to hoping ^.^

Maud said…
Yahoo! Just signed up for my very first IHSW :)
Kay said…
I have cleared my calendar for this weekend. Once I get home from errands around noon on Saturday, I'm not leaving the house and barely moving from the stitching chair. Flower Power here we come!

StitchyDon said…
Really looking forward to this, this weekend, some focussed stitching is just the medicine I need !!


demeter83 said…
Oh wow, I can't believe that IHSW is famous, that's amazing!

And I'm definitely in, hopefully I'll finally finish my next page of Winter's Majesty so I can get back to my many HAEDs
Yeah :D I have remembered this time around! Though the chances of me actually stitching are low since we start to move house this weekend!
Cathy said…
I love being a part of this! This weekend I'll be stitching, but not actually hermitting (is that a word?). It's time for my stitch group on Saturday!!
Topcho said…
IHSW totally deserves to be famous!
Parsley said…
I've read about this in many places on blogger and couldn't resist stopping by. I'd like to join in this weekend.

I've reopened my blog and hope to catch up on all the fun going on. Meeting others will be fun too :)
Dianne said…
Not sure if I'm doing this right - I sent along the info, and posted here (so I thought LOL), and then my computer shut down unexpectedly as I sent the comment, so I'm not sure what came through after all - anyway, I'm hoping to stitch LOTS this weekend (it's a long holiday weekend here), as a break from working outside (I need quite a number of those breaks ;) )
Sara said…
Congrats on becoming "officially" famous eheheh... it was about time it's my favourite time of the month; and most productive too stitching wise (I can't say the same about cleaning xD) I'll be joining in as usual... and since my laptop broke down I bet I'll be stitching even more than usual... I just don't know if I'll be able to post any picci before Wednesday. but I'll try :D

Beauty Bonnet said…
hi joysze! i remembered to sign up, AND i have something to show,yippee!
congrats on IHSW fame!
Susieq said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
I didn't realize I had to sign up EACH month. I signed up in the beginning back in January and have been regular as clock work each month with my posts. :( LOL I am making sure everyone knows I'm in over at STITCHES http://stitchesbymh.blogspot.com/

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