Random Afternoon Question - A Giveaway

Some of you might be able to answer the following questions easily, especially if you know about the monumental (hubby's word, not mine) event that will be taking place in my our (might as well drag him into it too) life in two weeks. Ermm... nooOooooooOoooooo..... we're NOT having a baby!!

Although, I can see how you might think that... with my baby cheetah sitting on the lamp. Isn't he cuuuuute? My friend's son, Dante, saw him and told Brenda, "We have to buy this for Joyce!!" and when Bren saw his name, Serengeti,... well, he was in a box to me within days. :D

But, I digress... on to the subject at hand....

There's a secret something in this picture. What is it? Where is it?

To make this more fun, let's have a GIVEAWAY!! :D

Up for grabs: 4 skeins of premium-weight and 5 skeins of normal-weight Vikki Clayton HDF silks, 2 Lavender and Lace Santa charts (I know lots of you are starting to plan on or have already started on Christmas stitching), and 5 skeins of Ozark Sampler cotton floss.

HDF silks, L&L charts, Ozark Sampler Floss

The nitty-gritty: I have enabled COMMENT MODERATION till the morning of May 7th, Eastern Standard Time. This way, you guys can guess without any preconceived notions. If you'd like to pass on the giveaway but still join in the fun, please do so. Just let me know in your comments and I won't include your names in the draw.

On Monday, all the correct answers will go into a bowl and hubby will do the honors. Good luck and I can't wait to see your comments!! :D


McKenna C. said…
This is hard! I think the event is you finish downloading Diablo III, and maybe the secret something is your game console?

Mouse said…
heheheh I think I know the answer :) diablo lll :)
due out on the 15th of may .....

love the giraffe on your gigantic Computer / tv screen :)
would love to be entered as that floss looks divine and a girl can never have too much floss ..lol (charts are cool too ..lol)
love mouse xxxxxx
Xeihua (Sara) said…
The cheetah is so cute... I can totally see why your friend said it was for you especially after the name "Serengeti" eheheh... Now onto the challenge I would say you decided to finally (it is about time)start the Serengetti Mandala (that was my first thought) but considering that your hubby said it was monumental event and it was his words I must say you gonna replace us by your Diablo 3 ;)

Sherry said…
Are you starting your Serengeti Manadala for your husband?
Sherry said…
By the way I love that piece and can't wait to see it stitched!
DebbieSFL said…
It looks like a little green something, maybe a frog, peeking out from the dish in front of the TV.
Daffycat said…
OMG Joyce are you guy going on safari to Africa? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't buy a giraffe to keep in the backyard...

Don't enter me in the giveaway, please!
Jen said…
What a fun competition! :P I know you're getting ready for the release of Diablo III as I am tooooooo (can't wait) but I can't think of what is in your photo - ummm you're all set up for playing Diablo on your big TV screen complete with wireless everything... that's about all I can think of?
Laura said…
So very intriguing - especially since I can spot/think of 4 things it might be - but I'll go for the little green toy in the bowl under the t.v. screen?

Love the little cheetah too :) Thank you for the chance to enter your contest!


ljmcd7 @ gmail.com
jillyヅ said…
You are such an enabler!!!!! LOL

I will pass but wanted to throw my two cents worth in. I'm tempted.

blessings, jilly
Anne said…
Okay, if I actually know the answer and don't guess correctly, I'm going to feel like a heel!!

You gonna start working on Serengeti? LOL!!! Or you are going on a safari :D


lesli said…
Ok..the only thing I can think of in the pic...is you have your TV set up with your desktop so you can play Diablo III on the big screen! :)

that or....there's a little green cyclops looking thing with a frown in the bowl by your TV (hahahaha!)
Linda said…
Ok Joyce. Not fair. I'm old and blind and etc etc. I need a hint. lol Okay, if I have to guess here goes.
Theres something green in the bowl under the TV. or
The giraffe on the Tv and your going on a safari.

Adrienne said…
There's a keyboard and mouse in the picture ... all set up and ready for Diablo III on May 15th!!!
Ann said…
I know that you are going to Cirque de Soleil but can't find a clue in the picture sooo ... my best guess is that you're going to start stitching on the Serengeti mandala ... or maybe travel to Africa ;-)
Have a nice day!

P.S.: Curious to see if I'm close! ;-)
Kate said…
Hi Joyce, This is tough it could be anything...ermmmmm..... You're going to Africa? Whatever it is I am excited to find out :D
Stitching Noni said…
Oh what fun! My immediate thought was you're going on holiday to Africa! Then I thought you are buying a giraffe! No probably not that! Maybe you've stitched the Serengeti mandala. I know - you're getting a kitty! I think I am probably missing something very obvious here - are you getting a new bigger TV!
Can't wait to see what all the fun is about & who is clever enough to guess.
Veronica said…
Well, um... All that comes to mind looking at that photo is Serengeti Mandala. LOL! I mean, what else can it be? With the giraffe on the tv, African figurines and leopard softtoy, giraffe patterned mousepad... XD So I assumed you've finally made more progress? ^.^

Laurylyan said…
Hum... Isn't it the Diablo III official release in 2 weeks? ;-)
Minnie said…
Could this monumental event be a trip to Africa? I see an African style figurine (which I love by the way) a giraffe on the TV and a giraffe mouse pad on the table along with the baby cheetah. You also mentioned Serengeti which is in Africa. Or maybe not. I would love to be in the drawing.
Melissa said…
The TV is actually your computer screen?!

Gosh this one is a toughfy!

Happy Stitching :)


Michele said…
My guess would be that the TV, when off, is a mirror. That's the only thing I can think of. (And OMG ! I love that "Spirit of Christmas" pattern...I've had it on my wishlist for a year now. LOL)
tiffstitch said…
Hmm, I'm not sure what it might be, unless it's your Taj Mahal over on the left wall. Fun idea!
Tammy Bergeron said…
Are you going on a safari or going to San Diego Zoo??
Thats on my bucket list to go to San Diego ZOO!!
Please include me in the give away
♥ Nia said…
I can't say... I really have no idea!!! :p
Could it be computer television?
Novia said…
I would say the turtle in the ashtray. And yes I am the winner, I'll always be the winner even with wrong answer. In order to honor the one who will definitely gives the right answer, I'll pass the give away :-)
I have looked and looked and looked and simply cannot guess!
Is it the little notebook? Does it have plans to take over the World? Actually I think it might be a coaster not a notebook!
Is it the green thingie in the dish under the TV?
BTW where is all your tut? You know, the TV guide, old magazines, bits of stuff you find on the floor, spare remotes, discs you've taken out of the player and not put in the box, useful bits of paper to use as bookmarks/notelets, Lego pieces.
Or have you just swept it under the sofa out of view for the photo?
dulcinella said…
I know! You're going on a holiday to Africa? You bought a Zoo? How many guesses are allowed?
Great idea to do a giveaway. I can hardly wait to see the answer. Have a happy cross stitch weekend!
Cindy said…
I think it is the giraffe on the TV.
It means you will be starting Serengeti in 2 weeks.

Cindy in Ma
Is it that your Tv is now a computer enabling you to play D3 on an awesome big screen?
Katie said…
You hooked your TV up to your computer so the D3 game will be huge. LOL Your big day is coming quickly.

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