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Stitching for Sale

My friend Vanessa aka Magicmonster, as a lot of you guys might know her from various BB's, is selling some of her stitching. She's such a fantastic stitcher and stitches so quickly that she's run out of wall space. I feel her pain... about the wall space, not the stitching quickly (especially not in the recent weeks, but we won't go there. *giggle*) So rather than let them pine away, lonely, in her closet, she's going to put on a stiff upper lip, wot, (hubby always says this to me in a British accent, LOL!) and part with some of her gorgeous pieces and send them out into the world. I can tell you for a fact that her stitching is immaculate and I know this first hand as she recently sent me  Mirabilia's September's Sapphire Fairy for my birthday, SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!, (pictures upcoming. It's been cloudy here the last few days, grrr!!!) but I'll let her pictures speak for themselves. Here are a but a few samplings. Every time I see her stitching, th

June IHSW Report

*peeks out* Hellooooooo hermitters... How were your weekends? Did you stitch lots? Are you projects growing by leaps and bounds? Did you stay in a bit from the sun and nice weather to play hermit? In other words, were you a good stitchy hermit, unlike me?.... LOL!!! I swear, it's a good thing you guys don't know where I live 'cos I have a feeling you'd descend on me en masse  to take D3 away from me, and then stand over me sternly as I stitch. *giggle* There is, however, a break beneath the endless tide... oh lordy, I'm quoting D3... *smacks forehead* but there's hope for me yet!!! You see, we've made it into the Inferno difficulty level and are dying quite a bit, which kinda takes the fun out of it. (Hmm... I wonder if I should mention that hubby and I are also leveling new characters or that I just bought us Torchlight 2 .) Don't give up on me yet, ok? Stitchy feelings are a-stirring and I have a feeling seeing your IHSW posts will do a

IHSW June Signup

No, I haven't forgotten!!! And I hope you guys haven't either! I know I've been kinda a Diablo-brain lately, but I haven't forgotten about you guys or stitching, and I'm going to carve out some time this week to catch up via emails and blogs. :) Also, with summer upon us, I know everyone is busy, but maybe we can all make some time to hermit and stitch ? :D I'm going to be back to stitching  full  um... half  hmm, let's make it semi-forced!! *giggle I've been pep-talking myself all of yesterday. I'm either going to stitch another small over-1 butterfly for this month's IHSW or *gasp* start a Mirabilia pixie. *slaps forehead* What am I saying???!!! I'll be working on a butterfly.... LOL!.... what about you?

Friday Randomness

Hi, my dears!!!! I've been a bad blogging friend. I haven't blogged, I haven't checked emails, I haven't caught up with your blogs... Anne sweetly mentioned the other day that it's been awhile since I blogged and Vanessa called me a 'slack ass' in an email today. ROFL!!!! Things have been a little crazy around here. Work has not been fun, and I haven't stitched since IHSW so there's been nothing much to gab about. What we've been doing is play D3, so I do have a picture of my monk, or monk-ette, as I lovingly call her. And of course, there are always hunks to drool over. In this case, it's Patrick Stewart, or "My Sexy Bald Captain," as I like to call him. Finally, what's a Friday Randomness post without some 'cute and funnies': Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Here's to wishing for a stress free June. :D