Stitching for Sale

My friend Vanessa aka Magicmonster, as a lot of you guys might know her from various BB's, is selling some of her stitching. She's such a fantastic stitcher and stitches so quickly that she's run out of wall space. I feel her pain... about the wall space, not the stitching quickly (especially not in the recent weeks, but we won't go there. *giggle*)

So rather than let them pine away, lonely, in her closet, she's going to put on a stiff upper lip, wot, (hubby always says this to me in a British accent, LOL!) and part with some of her gorgeous pieces and send them out into the world.

I can tell you for a fact that her stitching is immaculate and I know this first hand as she recently sent me  Mirabilia's September's Sapphire Fairy for my birthday, SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!, (pictures upcoming. It's been cloudy here the last few days, grrr!!!) but I'll let her pictures speak for themselves.

Here are a but a few samplings. Every time I see her stitching, they make me stop and just... STARE... CLICK HERE for the entire album. :D


Anonymous said…
Wow, what gorgeous stitching!
I'm a slow stitcher so my walls will never fill up.
I hope she manages to sell them.
Karen said…
WOW - beautiful work! I HOPE mine will be full eventually (when I have two less kids in the house & more wall space AND get everything framed)(We'll see if all of those things happen). Good luck to her finding homes for them, though I'm not entirely sure she's asking enough for them :)
Stunning work from your friend! I only have one finish so too much wall at the moment. Kudos to her I don't think I could sell any. I have made a few for friends but it was the initial intention so it was ok. Good luck I hope her work finds a loving home. xox
Bea said…
That is gorgeous work. I hope they all find good homes. I'm not quite out of wall space yet, but what is left is hard to get to! LOL
Jennifer M. said…
Cloudy weather is an understatement lady! The rain is non stop down south in Miami. I'm about to buy a boat to get to work!

Her stitching is lovely. I will check out her album.

♥ Nia said…
Gorgeous works from your friend :)
Linda said…
Gorgeous finishes from your friend. Does she have a blog. I love the Moonbeams and Stardust Witch and would love to get the pattern.

Carla said…
Beautiful pieces!! I wish her good luck with the sale :)
Colleen Clark said…
Joyce, I cannot believe how beautiful your stiches are. Just looking at your latest finish, Gardenia, it's amazing. How do you get such an even, smooth look to your stiches? I've been stitching for 30 years and mine isn't even close to yours. any secrets? lol

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