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Almost a Butterfly

I promised Anne a Saturday SAL but didn't quite make it. Ended up going to get our eyes checked which threw our whole day out of whack. Nothing the matter, just routine, but a 12:30 appointment didn't get us seen till 1:15. Coupled with dilation, getting new glasses, yada yada, we didn't get out of there till almost 4... and had our first meal of the day. :S The optometrist said that I was an "interesting" case. ROFL!!! We all know that the "interesting" word used that way is never good thing. ;) My prescription is so low and though all that needed correcting was my astigmatism, I'm straining my eyes when I'm reading and on the computer. I told the doc, I only ever use my current (15 year old pair) for stitching and watching movies. After it was all said and done, I walked away with two new pairs of glasses on order: one for stitching, and the other for distance. (It was buy 1, get 1 free, and hubby didn't need new glasses. YAY for me!!!

"My Memories Suite" Software Giveaway

A couple of months ago Liz from My Memories Suite , a digital scrapbooking software company, emailed and asked if I'd like to host a giveaway. Of course I said yes!! Giveaways are so much fun!! She generously offered me two copies. One for my own use and another one as a GIFT!!! I was all set to get on it right away, but as you well know, I became horrendously preoccupied with a certain game and I've let this fallen by the wayside. OH!! *slaps forehead* Which reminds me... I owe the following to Butterfly. (Click picture to enlarge. I'm sure after you'll agree with me that Monk-ette means well.) Aaaaanyway, back to the subject at hand. I finally got my act together and after some 'duh' moments (poor Liz probably wanted to throw in the towel with me) downloaded the MyMemories software and went to town! Boy, I have to tell you guys, this program is slick! And so addictive. Best of all, My Memories Suite works on both Mac and PC and you can install up

Lucky Me

A couple of months back, Vanessa asked me to pick a gift from some of her amazing finishes. She emailed Heidi and I about it and while Heidi , silly thing that she is, demurely said no, I jumped on the offer and, I believe my very unladylike response was "*$#% yeah!!! I get first dibs!!!!" I know, I know... you guys are shocked. How could that be me? I'm usually so sweet and polite, and not to mention, dainty. *snort* There wasn't any doubt that out of all the mermaids, dragons, and ladies, I'd picky September's Sapphire Fairy. I've always wanted to stitch her and what's better than a gift of her from a dear friend? As Vanessa said, she's part of the both of us... the asian part for me, and the fairy part for her love of fairies. I decided on a simple mounting for Sapphy. So onto the foam core board she went, and as luck would have it, Annie sent me this beautiful ribbon as part of her giveaway from way back. I love how the edging gives it

July's IHSW Report

Hi sweeties!!! How were your IHSWs? I see lots of posts already and am looking forward to spending some time with all that eye candy. CHECK THEM OUT HERE . On my end, I STITCHED!!! :D I promised Anne that I'd SAL with her on our Chatelaines for a couple of hours on Saturday (she'd better have stitched on her Knotgarder or there will be trooouuuuble!!! LOL!), and ended up stitching both weekend days. Remember my yellow blob from yester-months? (Oooh look, I made up a word! :D) Well, it is now starting to resemble a butterfly! :D Before After Another ten or so colors, and this one will be done. :D Man, I've missed stitching...

Catch Up and July IHSW

Helloooooooo sweeties!!! I hope your summers (and winters) are moving nicely along. Sorry I've been so quiet of late. I think I've become a hermit well and true. Maybe it's the summer weather... although, there's not much to complain about cos it's been pretty nice around here for a South Floridian summer. It's still hot (hermit) and muggy (hermit) and we've been getting lots of rain (hermit, hermit, hermit), but it's not scorching. Why do I get the feeling that you guys are laughing at me and reading "D3" instead of "hermit?" LOL!!!! I actually have been reading quite a bit too. Some new books, some re-reads. It's nice to just bum out on the couch and not do much. :) On the subject of D3, hubby and I decided that his witch doctor and my monk-ette shouldn't have THAT much armor on. By the time, they're all decked out, they have armor, headgear, gloves, boots, shoulders, and bracers. Toss in the possibility of shiel

Happy July 4th!

Yes, I'm still alive! ;) Manbroider  emailed me this morning asking just that. *giggle* I've been terribly neglectful of you guys, stitching, and blogging though. *hugs* Diablo 3 is going well, I've been reading quite a bit as well. Is it just me (and D3) or does summer (no matter where you live and when it occurs) just zap the mojo? To all my American friends, HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! Stay safe and happy BBQ'ing! :D