Catch Up and July IHSW

Helloooooooo sweeties!!! I hope your summers (and winters) are moving nicely along.

Sorry I've been so quiet of late. I think I've become a hermit well and true. Maybe it's the summer weather... although, there's not much to complain about cos it's been pretty nice around here for a South Floridian summer. It's still hot (hermit) and muggy (hermit) and we've been getting lots of rain (hermit, hermit, hermit), but it's not scorching.

Why do I get the feeling that you guys are laughing at me and reading "D3" instead of "hermit?" LOL!!!! I actually have been reading quite a bit too. Some new books, some re-reads. It's nice to just bum out on the couch and not do much. :)

On the subject of D3, hubby and I decided that his witch doctor and my monk-ette shouldn't have THAT much armor on. By the time, they're all decked out, they have armor, headgear, gloves, boots, shoulders, and bracers.

Toss in the possibility of shields, BIIIIG axes and swords, and the whole idea of an old-style fantasy-based RPG goes out the window. Monks, witch doctors, demon hunters, and wizards running and fighting while lugging all that weight around is quite laughable.

I mean, what monk fights with spikey, heavy shouders, metal gloves, and studded boots, right? Let me show you what I mean... She looks more like a warrior than a monk!

Granted, she looks pretty cool and kick-ass, but still. Are people to believe that she can dodge hits or weave into battle without getting one of those metal things snagged on a baddie's tooth??? ;) (And I absolutely, on matter of principle, will not use a shield.)

My friend, Heidi, said awhile back that monk-ette would make a cool cross stitch. I told her to get to charting it. ;)

So, after thinking about it for a few days, we decided to dye some of our toons' armor invisible. Now, don't you think she looks more like a monk? (Yes, I dyed her armor pink too, LOL!) And don't you love her sexy legs? I do! :D

Meanwhile, I was telling hubby last night, that maybe his witch doctor should have some clothes back on.... LOL!!!

Before; After

IHSW!!!! I'm going to sign up again this month and hope springs eternal that I'll stitch something. It's going on 2 months since I've picked up a needle. *gasp!!!*

If nothing else, I'll get to see all your lovely stitching and live vicariously through you and your needles. ;)

You know what to do!! :D


Katie said…
I didn't figure you could get through a blog post without mentioning D3 LOL. I've been reading some too. Too hot to breath here in Indiana. Plus we are having a severe drought.
Emma said…
Have to admit she does look better with less on her! I am the same with my Warcraft characters...I always tick the hide helm/cloak option :D

Talking of charting your character I am thinking of doing the same for mine and the other half Warcraft characters to hang pride of place in our new "Geek Room" LOL.

I hope you get some stitching done this time!
Anne said…
The Witch Doctoc SHOULD put his clothes back on! ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
Juls said…
You need to be stitching and that's all I'm going to say!!!!!
Margit said…
Dear Joysze,
I would like to participate in July's IHWS, if that's ok. I couldn't find a "sign up list". Please let me know what I have to do to join.
Thanks a lot in advance,
Veronica said…
ROFL! You crack me up. Hermit? (Yeah, right :P) Definitely subbing that word for D3 XD

I think you're on the right track for invisible armor ^.^ Your monk-nette certainly has the legs for it. Can't say the same for the witch doctor though...

♥ Nia said…
hahahahah you made me laugh so much with this post!! :p I agree! Doctor should have is clothes.. back on!!! LOL
Have fun sweetie!! :D
I won't be joining IHSW this month but I will be checking out everyone's progress ;)
Delphyne said…
Wow, is it that time again? This summer is flying by. Whatcha readin'? :)
Anonymous said…
Oh it's time for IHSW again! I don't know if I will get so many stitches in because I have another exam on Tuesday. But I will surely put a few stitches in during the week ;-)
So my stitching weekend might turn into a stitching week ;-)
I think I had my IHSW weekend last week, but I'm sure I can manage two in a row, now that the stitching mojo is BACK!

LiBBiE in Oz
Stitching Noni said…
Oh go on then, I'm in!!! Fingers crossed some stitching will get done!!
Dani - tkdchick said…
OMG girl go and stitch!!!!
valerie said…
Ok, I signed up and I am hoping (hope, hope, hope) I actually get to stitch. Why are things so busy! You better stitch too! =)
lesli said…
No more DIABLO, girlie! Stitchy stitch stitch! :)

Just kidding! My hubby has D3 too, and I gave it a try...but my stitching won out!
EvalinaMaria said…
I am definitely stitching this weekend and I will work on my Halloween House.

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