IHSW August Report

"I'm late, I'm late!!!!!" Imagine the white rabbit running around looking at his watch saying that, except that I'm feeling lazy, and am sitting on my bum saying that instead. LOL!!!

Vanessa reminded me to post "since IHSW is over" and Anne told me that she almost posted comments on your IHSW blogs to not worry about being late since "Joyce hasn't posted." LOL!! I'm so slacking... and feeling lazy.

No... it has NOTHING to do with the fact that I didn't stitch all weekend. :S HAHAHAH!!! I did the "s" thing, but it was sewing instead of stitching.

I procrastinated way too long on some cloth books I was going to make for my cousin's youngest's first birthday, and so the bulk of Friday evening went to that. Of course, since I stitched ALL the pieces wrong, they ALL had to be ripped apart and then they ALL had to be resewn. Grrrrrrrr!!!!

I'm just going to load up the covers of the books here. The interiors can be found HERE.

Saturday was the little darling's birthday party, and since I was nursing a headache from the previous day (from being out in the sun), nothing other than chores got done.

On Sunday, I finally got down to making a floor cushion. I've been wanting to do this for a long time so that I could play the game sitting on a single pillow instead of a mountain full of them. (HAH!! Look, Katie!! I didn't mention the name of the game at all!!!)

So, I bought a 5lb box of stuffing from JoAnn's for 50% off (YAY for coupons!!) and used the stuffing from four out-of-commissioned pillows and ta-dah!!!

This baby measures 24 x 30 x 11. Perfect for me to sit 'indian style' on it.

It doubles as a footrest for the love seat too!

Mmm... comfy, comfy. Oh... the pink bag houses my glasses. :D

The reason for the lack of stitching in this household!
Hubby really needs to pick up that needle. HAHAHAHA!!!!


Anne said…
LOL!!!! I love the white rabbit image! Super cute books for your cousin's little boy :D I would love for you to make me a floor cushion cause I am too LAZY to make one for myself :P

Bea said…
What super ideas for books for a little one! They're great. And I think your pillow is fabulous - love the size. A nicely productive weekend for you.
Anonymous said…
That's a really cute book. I love your cushion. Your finishes are awesome. I did not realize the past weekend was IHSW. I haven't stitched in awhile. However I should have checked for the IHSW as did have a finish this past weekend. Have fun playing your "game".

The Maiden said…
I like that idea, for every hour you spend gaming hubby should do 10 stitches! He he. Love the little cloth books and the pillow looks so comfortable!
Kate N said…
Seems like you had a productive weekend! :)
♥ Nia said…
Such a cute book cover!! Adorable =)
Great work on your pillow! Looks perfect :D
Ohhhh that little bag for your glasses is the sweetest thing?? Where did you find that??? It's so sweet, so girly :D I love it! I wish I could find where to buy one for me!
Hahahahahahah your hubby needs to do some stitching :p LOL
cucki said…
Wow such a cute book cover and lovely Work on your pillow :)
And the little bag for your glasses is so cute too.
Hugs xxx
Isadarena said…
My Joyce, what a funnu moment reading the story about you and the white rabbit with his swatch...lol...I love it !!!
I also love yoyr little pinky bag for your glsses and all oyur folders: too cute!!
What a great idea to make a pillow close to the armchairs: yes !!!
I LOVE that floor cushion. I have been meaning to make something similar for myself as often when I'm stitching in the sitting room I sit on the floor.
Anonymous said…

Lovely sewing - that cloth book is so sweet!

Holly x
Very pretty and colorful cloth book and your floor cushion turned out very nice too.
Katie said…
Good thing I was not eating my breakfast at the moment of reading your entry. I LOLed. The books are very nice and I love the pillow even though it's for "the game" and not for stitching haha. But I totally understand your new addiction.
SoCal Debbie said…
What a wonderful big floor cushion you made! Great idea to use old pillow stuffing!
Dani - tkdchick said…
That floor cushion looks fab! LOL too funny that you didn't mention the name of "the game"
Melissa said…
Great job with all the sewing! The books look cute, and I love the floor cushion :)
Lesleyanne said…
The books for your cousin's birthday are gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
I love the cloth books! I wanted to make some when my girl was smaller but I'm terrible at things like that!
I also love your floor cushion, it looks so comfortable! I only wish I had a floor big enough for one! :D
Ewa said…
lol Joyce, you bad bad girl. I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers to sit on the floor despite all the comfy seats surrounding me!
demeter83 said…
Wow, you were amazingly practical. I'm no good at proper sewing so I'm so impressed!
I love those cloth books, do they come as a kit?
Te cushion is great too but my boys would just use it as a trampoline! Anything on the floor is considered their's!
Susan said…
Very cute books! And the cushion is great! You know, sewing is stitching so you've done quite a bit the last couple of days...
Jennifer M. said…
At least you got some sewing done on somethings LOL. Great looking cushion. BTW, my boyfriend would be totally jealous of your home theatre setup if he saw it. It looks awesome to play on.

Jen :)
Minnie said…
The books are adorable and I love the big cushion I would probably have to fight the hubby for it.

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