A Random Afternoon Question Hijack

Before the hijacking begins, I want to apologize for giving you guys a scare with my last post!!

I couldn't resist having some fun with you guys. I know, I'm so bad!!! I had giggling fits writing that up and fully expected the laughs and the threats, but your shock and dismay humbled me. I promise I won't go too far away (even when Torchlight 2 comes out Sept. 20th), I miss you guys too damn much!!

Huh wha? New game??! I don't know what you're talking about and where you got that idea... LOL!!!!

I suppose I could throw a question in with today's post... it is Wednesday after all...

Wanna see a WIP?

Your wish... my command. :D Here is Gardenia after the long weekend. Though I have to confess, I hardly stitched on Sunday and Monday. Spent some time playing on Sunday and Monday (Labor Day) was spent bumming around being anything but laborious. ;)

I wish the color of the fabbie would photograph better. It looks almost white in the pic. You can see a hint of it on the scrolled up part at the bottom. I hope it photographs better when she's done.

I've also been catching up with your posts on my Google Reader. It's still flashing 1000+ post at me after all these days, but I'm going to get to the bottom of it!! I might not comment much, but I am reading them all. :)


cucki said…
your wip is so cute..
lots of love for you xx
Pauline said…
Gardenia looks like a cucumber...or a eggplant!
Karen said…
I love Gardenia, she is one of my favorites! I think Chrysalis is an excellent choice for her. (Maybe I'll use it too. hmmm)

I used Chrysalis for a Spring-themed band sampler round robin, and it was absolutely beautiful.
Katie said…
Your WIP looks beautiful.
Emma said…
Great progress, the fabric colour shows a little! :D

Yvon (jioya) said…
Your WIP is looking good, although i can't see what she will look like.
you will have to keep stitching so that the pic. will show something more.

Just Kidding but i do love to see more.

Hugs Yvon.
Melissa said…
She is looking pretty! I love the colors in her dress.
Your project is so pretty so far! All of the greens look great to work with.
Bea said…
Love the colours - both in Gardenia and the fabric. But I have to agree with Pauline, at this point she looks like some kind of squash or zucchini!
Kaisievic said…
Great progress - I hope that you get to catch up on all your blog reading - it is hard to do sometimes.
Anonymous said…
You are so funny...I see another game in your future...Don't feel so bad because honestly I like playing the Sims3 and darn it they keep coming up with more things to add..Your stitching is coming along nicely...You made my day with the monkey pic...giggling....
Stitching Noni said…
Good to see you back with your stitching. Have missed your gorgegous WIP's. The games will still be there when the stitching is done!! :)
Veronica said…
LOL! Well, you're not the only one whose Google Reader is flashing 1000+. I have weeks of posts to catch up to. No idea how I'm gonna do it. Really contemplating just clearing it and starting over with a clean slate.

Gardenia looks great. I can imagine the fabric colour and I bet the combination looks great in real life.

tiffstitch said…
Excellent work! Glad you had time for some stitching. :) Thank you for all the comments on my blog too! I reached the 1000+ on Google Reader trying to finish up my piece too... :D Good luck getting through them all!
Bonnie Brown said…
LOL you are funny!
Great progress on your WIP
Topcho said…
Lol! There is that little thing that we love you too much to get mad ay you!
Wips are gorgeous as always!
Ewa said…
Yeah, mine is still flashing 462... siiiiiiiigh

Carla said…
Nice progress!! I'm glad you're stitching again :)
I think you are making excellent progress :) I read blogs through Google Reader too, and sometimes it takes me FOREVER to get through, so you are in good company :)

Isadarena said…
I love your gardenia start my Darling and I am sure she will look more and more pretty thanks to your small stitches :))
Your small monkey is too cute !!
Have a great and sunny week-end;

Anonymous said…
Yay for the animal-pic!
I love your stitching =) It's great to see it again =)
Anne said…
Your Gardenia is so pretty darling!! Glad to see you are stitching again...now I can't :( too busy with work! Torchlight's coming out hey...hmmmmmm


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