Friday Randomness

I usually try (operative word here being 'try' and ignoring the fact that I tend to ramble...) to keep my blog posts somewhat short as I hate to take up too much of your time but I have a feeling that I'm going to fail miserably today...

As Mouse always says, grab a cuppa and visit for a little. And remember... you're laughing WITH me, not AT me. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

I was just telling my friend, Brenda, a little bit ago that I'm getting old and forgetful. Last night, I filled up the electric kettle, as I usually do, for the morning coffee, before wandering off. This was the conversation a few seconds later:

Hubby (from the kitchen): Why is the kettle on?

Me: What do you mean?

Hubby: The kettle is on...

Me: *walks over and looks at the blue light, like it's grown an alien eye*

Hubby: *probably thinking... "Don't tell me she's making coffee at 1am!"*

Me: HAHA!!! I put it on for tomorrow and turned it on without thinking. Getting old sucks!!!

It's only going to get worse, isn't it? One day, I'm going to walk out of the house naked and not even realize it!!

Speaking of getting old, hubby's birthday is less than 2 months away. To celebrate, we're taking a trip to Busch Gardens! It's something that's been on the agenda for the last few years, but being such homebodies, we kept putting it off. I'm please to say that THIS is the year! I've booked the hotel room and planned out the trip. We're going to leave early on Oct. 18th and drive to Legoland for the day, and then head to Tampa for the next couple of days. It's going to be so much fun and we're definitely excited!! :D

Of course, what's a trip without a new camera? I should qualify that by saying my trusty little Canon Elph is more than 8 years old and is starting to take pictures that are blurry at the bottom. :( I've been wanting to get a new camera for a couple of years now but can't decide between a DSLR or point and shoot. I like the idea of a DSLR, but they're kinda pricey and I don't know if I'd use that to its full potential.

After lots of research and reviews reading (yeah, I'm one of those people, I have to know (almost) EVERYTHING before I purchase), we finally decided on a Panasonic Lumix. Amongst its many features are 3D pictures. No idea how that's suppose to work, but we'll find out. I know I'll be reading the manual from cover to cover. ;)

Hey, Poppy Poo's pictures next week will be with the new camera. Hope they turn out well.

Speaking of Poppy Poo, or Poopy Pop, I took a picture of her this morning. Not much has change since the last picture, in all honesty. But since I had the camera out, I thought it was worth a shot. :) The lighting is much better this time around. Many of you wanted to know about the fabbie. It's PTP's "Dawn" 32ct opalescent lugana.

I have 2 more colors to do on her skirt and then it's on to the skin. Her left arm needs quite a bit of smoothing out and I'm definitely not looking forward to that. Blargh!!

She's almost midway now, which is usually my favorite part of a project, and it's at this stage that momentum starts to kick in. YIPPPEEEE!!! I love being able to see what has been accomplished and imagine what is to come. Hopefully I won't be too distracted by gaming this weekend. ;)

Which segue me to a pic of my embermage and her trusty falcon, Pierce. On the sidebar is a portrait of the Berserker I created. Crazilla seemed an apropos name for her.

Earlier this month, I was shocked to receive an email from Robin informing me that I had won one of her giveaways! The goodies were beautifully packaged and it's going to be fun finding uses for them. :D Thanks, Robin!!!

Because the winter sun is starting to peek its lovely head into my balcony again, I went out with my morning coffee for a quick visit with the plants. Look at how every single flower on this oncidium is growing upside down! I had to send my dad a pic, it's so odd!

While watering the other day, I saw a rather fat leaf stem on my elephant ears. Imagine my joy and surprise this morning when I discovered that it is flowering!!!! A quick Google search yielded no information on this topic. Apparently they don't flower? I'm chalking this up as a wonderful gift from God. :)

I don't think I showed you guys a pic of our new lounger. The gravity chair we had was so old and every time I leaned back on it, it'd tilt forward again. I guess it just didn't like me cos it worked just fine for hubby. ;)

We didn't like the outdoor rug we had hanging on the wall anymore, so we bought a $25 reed fence from Home Depot and added it to the front of the rug. Much better!! :D

We get such beautiful weather in the winter months and I'm looking forward to sitting out here again. I'm trying to decide about getting a floor stand so I can stitch out here. That might be nice. :)

On the topic of God's gifts, this was what we were blessed with on the drive home last night. We'll be seeing sunsets such as these for the next couple of months and they never fail to remind me of of God's love and majesty.

Well, this has been long. Thanks for sticking it out with me. :) And what's a Friday Randomness post without something hunky and cute? ;)


Xeihua (Sara) said…
AHAHAH... You just had a "Me" moment... but in my case I blame genetics...
And the proof you're not getting old is that you're going to Legoland and to Busch Gardens... if you're doing that you can't be old right :D
I hope you read the manual quickly as I'll be expecting tons of pics from your holidays :D (I've never been to Legoland but I love to see the cities they have and the lego built rides that actually work)
As for the Poppy Poo (yay the nickname :D) it's looking really great and I bet that when you finish the arm it will be amazing... so no gaming afterall you're already level 50 :p... and go stitch ;) and the fabric makes the red so vibrant :D great choice :)
And what an amazing giveaway you won.... I'll bet that you have found an use for everything or almost everything (if you got sidetracked with your game) by now :)
I love your flowers and your lounger... I wish the Winter here would allow me to sit in a lounger like yours.... (here only with 2 or 3 blankets on top and a cup of hot tea)...
and that sunset is really WOWWWWWW.... it's my best word to describe it.... perfect to be followed by the hunky and cute piccie eheheeh :D
P.S.- You know the consequence for you of writting a long post... is that now you have a long comment to read ;D

Emma said…
Oooooh Busch Gardens! I LOVED it there when we went last year, even though I wasn't feeling so great that day and decided to stay off the rides I still had a brilliant time.

Your Stitching is looking great :)
EvalinaMaria said…
What a nice thing to do for your hubby birthday! Have a nice trip and take a lot of pics with your new camera. (Really? Will you read the manual from cover to cover?)
Kate N said…
Its all good! Lovely progress pics and I am so jealous of your plans and love the puppy! ;)
Anonymous said…
Hihi, sometimes even I think I'm getting old (usually when I have the desperate need to get to bed early... or hear kids on the subway talk to each other... ;-D )
Remember, oldie but goldie ;-D
Concerning your stitching: Miss P. looks wonderful, the red colors seem to pop into the eye ;-D
I hope you enjoy a wonderful time with your hubby, it certainly looks like a lot of fun.
In Germany it's turning into autumn, the leafs are falling of, more rain outside and it's quite cold by now. So I am a bit jealous when looking at your balcony ;-) I love winter but some days I would love a bit of sun ;-)
And beautiful pics, what a great sundown =)
Your new pic looks very promising, I hope you will live the pictures it makes ;-)
rosey175 said…
Oooooooooooo (any) Legoland is definitely on my (our) GO TO list. I'd be like a little kid all over again.

I mean... I'm still a little kid... yes... ...

Poopy Poo is looking amazing with all her fiery reds and congrats on your parcel of awesomeness!! :D
Bea said…
I had to laugh at the kettle story - that could so be me!

Sounds like a fun plan for your DH's birthday. Lots of pics, right?

Poppy looks wonderful - that fabric just seems made for those colours.

I envy you your balcony. The only way you could sit outside in the winter here would be with an ENORMOUS umbrella and some kind of windbreak.

Have a great weekend! I'm hoping to stitch and possibly a finish.
Yvon (jioya) said…
thanks for a lovely post, i enjoyed reading it and i would love to sit on a balcony like that.
Great flowers and a really nice lounger you've got there.
I hope that the trip will be fun, and that you can take lots of pic's with the new camera.Poppy poo is looking great, i like the red of her dress.
Enjoy your weekend!If you don't know what to do you can start something out of your great packaged.

Hugs Yvon.
Mouse said…
ooooo I am on my second cuppa now heheheh .... well where to start whoop my name is in lights with stars heheheh
love your goodies you won especially the where stitchers gather :)
ooooooooo re the orchid and the wee white flower ..looks like a peace lily ...
and PWHOOOAAARRRRR that doggie is a cute and the hunks not bad either ;)
quick where is that fan hahahahah
love mouse xxxxxx
Kate said…
HOw awesome!! You guys will have such a blast! Your patio and plants are beautiful too :)
Isadarena said…
Waouh Joyce: what a wonderful post with so mny beautiful pictures !!
Oh !Oh ! you made a lovely progress on your stitching and I so love this puppy :))
Have a nice trip with your new camera:)
Joy said…
Poopy Poo is looking lovely! LOL Love the beautiful colors of your blog win gifts...soo cheerful. I wish you and hubby a wonderful trip. Don't forget to take some pictures of a few hunks! LOL
Annie said…
I LOVE your ramblings, and I am definitely laughing WITH you! I am also at "that age" where I am getting forgetful. You're sucks! (But better than the alternative, right;)
Your stitching is beautiful. I love those vivid colors! And congrats on your win. That looks like and awesome prize package! Enjoy!
Minnie said…
You think you're forgetful now...what was I saying? Oh talking about being forgetful. At least you didn't specifically get up and go to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and then leave it there and not remember it until it was ice cold. You're still a baby yet, it gets worst. Now what was I talking about? Oh your stitching is beautiful and you got some great gifts. Enjoy your trip to Lego Land and Busch Gardens and take plenty of pictures with the new camera.
♥ Nia said…
Maybe that's not about forgetting, maybe it was just sleep deprivation! 1 am, right? :p LOL
Congrats on your win! How nice to get some surprises on your mailbox :D

My orchids had no flowers this year =( summer is gone and not a single flower..
New leaves have grown so I think I've taken good care of them but flowers.. I can only think it was the weather instability from this summer =/

Enjoy your weekend sweetie!! :)
Anne said…
ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Oh my darling forgetful Joyce girl. I almost spat out my coffee while reading that!!! Oooh so you are going to Legoland! AWESOME!! I wish I could go too! Look at your new fancy camera! SUWEEETTT!! 3D pics though? What will people look like a hologram now? So crazy!!!Poopy poop is looking poopy and fab :D I love that weapon Tiger Lily is holding! Torchlight 2 looks amazing compared to the first! I've been playing here and there but now I might have to purchase this one!! Big congrats on your win! What lovely gifts! That upside orchid is so cool and odd! Love it!That flower looks like a calla lily. Perhaps a seed flew in? I adore your patio and wish I had one too :( Sunsets always make me think of God too and his majesty. Breathtakingly stunning!!!

hey there mr hunk with dog...mind if you come over here and visit me?!?!!!

Dani - tkdchick said…
Wow what an awesome way to celebrate a bday!!!!

oppy is awesome!!!
Ewa said…
What a lovely post, Joyce. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Soozie said…
Wow Satish really has been working out!!!!!! Oh hey when did you get a puppy? ROFLMAO!!!!

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