Random Afternoon Question

Don't you wish that with all the good friends we've made in blog land, you could hear what they sound like? Put a voice to the face and 'hear' their voices in your head when you're reading their blog?

Well... in the case of Kate of Momuboocrea Island, wish no more! She put up a podcast yesterday as part of her Blogoversary celebration and I freaking LOVE her accent!!! What a cutie she is! I finally learnt the origins of her blog title... how inventive! :D

Head on over and have a listen. She's looking for Christmas ornie exchange pals and I know that for a lot of you, that's right up your alley. :D

Ignore all her mentions of me. I'm humbled and flattered and thoroughly embarrassed! :S

BTW, some stitching news on my end, I have blobs of red with the Poo Poppy start. I keep doing that!!  Every time I type Poppy, it comes out Poopy... what's up with that??! LOL!!


Kaisievic said…
Hi Joyce, just wanted to say hello!
It'd be interesting but I rather like you all being like characters in my favourite book - I can imagine what you look like and sound like in my head.
If I saw and heard you I might think "I wouldn't have cast her as Joysze"!

So my question is - who would play Joysze in the film version of your blog? LOL.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for letting us know about a new blogger with a voice. I love it and it is a great idea. I have her on my blog list!
Bea said…
Thanks for the connection to Kate's blog. I love her accent as well. And what a great idea for something a little different on a blogiversary!
Karen said…
Thanks, Joyce, for sharing Kate with us! I'm now following her, too.
Anne said…
I would love to hear people's voices when I read their blog! I'll go check her out! Such a fab idea! She mentioned you! Why wouldn't she!!

Anonymous said…
I'm heading over there right away =)
It's a wonderful idea to put a voice to the name ;-)

Love the cartoon =)
♥ Nia said…
That's so cool :D
But does anyone like to hear their own voice? :p I don't like to hear mine on tapes! So weird! Hahahaha
But I may do that someday... It would be fun for my blogger friends :) Thanks for the idea! ;)
cucki said…
aww it is so cool..i am off to see her blog now..
love xx
Anonymous said…

That's brilliant. I'm off to visit her now.
Tammy Bergeron said…
It would be neat to hear everyone. Even neater to have a stitch conference a thon online I think.
jcat0629 said…
I will hop over to her blog to check it out. I rather like her blog.

I'm glad you have a red blob of Poppy & not a red blob of poop. hehehe :-0
rosey175 said…
LOL, I think if people would hear me, they'd be convinced I am a little girl instead of just suspecting it from the insanity I type. Plus I'd get halfway through and then all you'd hear is MEOOOOOOOOOW???? MEOW????? because Oreo would butt right in thinking I'm talking to her!

But it is a great idea and everyone ELSE should get in on it! :D
Xeihua (Sara) said…
Well since you made the question... I guess now it's your turn to share a "voice" post with us eheheh xD... after all I do wonder, how my blog friends sound like :D

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