September IHSW Report

LINKIE LINK for September's hermitters.

I can't believe we have said goodbye to our 9th IHSW weekend of 2012. Boy, oh boy, has this year flown by or what?

How were your weekends? Did you guys get some some stitching in amidst your busy schedules? Did you get to hermit or did the male help provide too much distraction? ;)

I got quite a bit of stitching done this weekend, although, I spent all of Friday night reading and finishing Nalini Singh's latest book, Archangel's Storm. I simply could not put it down! I love when books do that to me. :D

I started Saturday by working on the finishing (tutorial can be found HERE) for Gardenia and told hubby that my IHSW is not heading towards a good start since it was already 3pm and I haven't done a single stitch. He said that since Gardenia was a cross stitch, that counted. Smart man! :D

We decided to go tone on tone with her and found a fabric that was the same color as her dress for the backing. Some brown ribbon to accent the green and match her hair and ta-dah!!

Jo wanted to see a picture of the pixies that are currently finished together, so I took a pic of them on the closet walls. Ivy, Sweet Pea, and Fern were all stitched on PTP's Ancient, and when everything is done, they'll be split up for diversity. You can see the actual color of Chrysalis' green in this picture.

Now, on to what I did this weekend. Poo (You guys would be interested to know that hubby has taken to calling Poppy just that... LOL!!!) Let me try again... Poppy is taking me longer than expected. There are lots of red swirls on her and my eyes get tired very quickly. Maybe I'm not used to stitching with red?... The color in the "Before" is closer to real life. I had to use a flash this morning for the "After" pic cos it's cloudy here today.



I was hoping to get her almost done after the weekend, since Torchlight 2 is due out this coming Thursday, but that's going to be very unlikely. On this subject, I haven't decided what character to play yet, but it's between the Berserker and the Embermage.

If I go the route of the berserker, and even though there is a female version of the class, I'm thinking of playing a male version and picking the Papillon as his pet. Maybe I'll name it "Fifi." What do you guys think? I wonder if someone would mod pet accessories for the game. A studded collar for Fifi would sure be nice...


Yvon (jioya) said…
I love your finish of Gardenia, and you did a lot on Poppy too.

Good luck with the game, but please don't stay away from the needle and thread too long!

Hugs Yvon.
Katie said…
Love the finishing on Gardenia. Love how they all look in your closet too.

All those reds are gorgeous. You got a lot done just look at those pics and you can tell.

Good luck with picking your new character out. I like the Embermage but the Berserker looks pretty awesome too! Love the idea of Fifi haha.
Ann said…
Hi Joysze,
Another beautifull finish! I must say your way of finishing them is great if you don't want to invest too much in framing and so on (more money for stitching stash :-).
Don't get to distracted from your stitching - EVIL game! ;-)
Have a nice week!
Emma said…
Oh games, they are the source of evil when it comes to stitching! Borderlands is also out this week then the new Warcraft am I going to get ANYTHING done?!

Your stitching looks great :D
cucki said…
Wow another sweet finish..
Good luck with the game..
Have fun
Lots of love for you xxx
Pauline said…
Aaaaaa, an walk-inn closet...that is the ultimate dream off each women...
And all that beautiful stitching work on the looks very great!
Danielle said…
Do you have a tutorial on how you did the framing for these pixies? I would love to try it on some of my own stuff. They look great! Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Poppy looks wonderful =)
Sounds like you had a great weekend ;-)
purplesunset24 said…
I absolutely love your pixies. I want to stitch Ivy, if and when I get my hands on a chart. They are absolutely beautiful hanging the way they are.

Poppy is coming along very nicely. :)
valerie said…
Great finishing on Gardenia! Love how all the Pixie's look hanging in the closet. Love the new start on Poppy too. Sometimes it's hard to see the subtle shading within colors. I have that problem with Fairy Moon. So easy to get all confused! Argh! lol
Kaisievic said…
Your pixies sure look pretty. I think that you seem like an Embermage to me. Good luck with the new game.
Bea said…
That is great progress on Poppy, especially with everything else you were doing.

Love the finishing on Gardenia and thanks for the tutorial. I may have to have a go at that - right now all I do is either have them framed or pillows!
Anonymous said…
Gardenia is gorgeous and the fabric frame is another awesome fit! All of your pixies are looking great in their spot.

Honestly I can see why your eyes would bet tired from all the red swirls and it is coming along nicely.

I like Embermage and Fifi is a good name.

Joyce you keep me entertained...Thanks!

Melissa said…
I love all your pixies hanging together! Gorgeous! I think I am going to borrow your idea and do something similar :) Are they all the same size when mounted?

Great start on Poppy! (I almost added another O. Hehe)I really like her red dress.
The Maiden said…
Poppy poo is looking great! I love the reds, and I always wondered if my eyes would get tired stitching so much red.
Lesleyanne said…
Gardenia looks fantastic. Great progress on Poppy. I missed IHSW again must try harder next month to sign up.
Isadarena said…
Hi my darling, your finishing on Gardenia is lovely and how nice is you closet wall now : you had a great idea to hang your pixies there!!
Good play with your new game :)
Anonymous said…

I love the way you've finished Gardenia!
Your new start is lovely too.
Xeihua (Sara) said…
I love the finish Gardenia... the greens are gorgeous, and I loved seeing all the pixies you have done so far... all the colours mixed together they look so cool... and the way you finish them is stunning (hint for me sending you my pieces for you to finish eheheh ;))... and no new games Miss Joyzce... you should stitch Poopy not starting new games... otherwise who will make me feel guilty for not stitching or not blogging so regularly... and I need to get back to the IHSW I'm loosing my mental health for not keeping up with my stitching and they are the best excuse ever :)... Well before it gets to long of a comment for you to read I'm saying goodbye :D

Marcy said…
Everyone should have a papillon -- even a berserker.

I agree with your hubby, finishing Gardenia is great IHSW material. She's lovely!
Anonymous said…
Your Pixies are soo beautiful and I love the way you finished them.
Tama said…
Your pixies look splendid! and what a great start on Poppy!
I would absolutely go with the Berserker and Fifi if it was me - I couldn't resist!
SoCal Debbie said…
Your closet walls look lovely! What a nice arrangement!
Gardenia looks really nice framed, and Poppy is pretty so far! Thank you for all of the comments, too. I've been so behind on posting. ><
♥ Nia said…
I love Gardenia :) Beautiful beautiful beautiful!! And I love the way you finished your pixies, I have to take a note on that ;) thanks for sharing sweetie!!

Once again I didn't join for IHSW but soon Summer will be gone.. I will spend more weekends at home - because I really don't like the cold outside :p heheheh soon I will join you all on IHSWeekends again ;)

Anne said…
Squeeeee! She's is sure purdy isn't she?!!! I love her Joyce! And all your pixies in your closet! The men did distract and I didn't get much stitching done but I am catching up on blog reading so yay!! Whoohoo for a new Torchlight!! Excited?!! I bet you're playing it now!

HMBW GTSKSD....hehehe
What a beautiful collection of fairies you have - and I agree with you, those flowers in Gardenia's hair just make the piece. Congratulations on another wonderful finish :)

Thank you to me for asking for the photo! They look great in your dressing room. I thought it was huge then saw it's got a mirror!!
I like the mounting technique too. Our house is too dusty for that but I do like the idea of using co-ordinating fabrics.
The red is lovely and bright too.
Anne said…
Just a new comer to commenting on your blog, but I love your Gardenia and your other stitching is also beautiful. You matched the green perfectly and the framing is excellent idea. I too have eye strain but mine is with white, so its my pet peeve colour. Keep up the wonderful stitching. Love to see it..
Valentina said…
Lovely finish for Gardenia!

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