September IHSW

Hellooooooo hermitters!!! The weekend is almost upon us!! Ready to close out the world and have a little "me" time? I know I am. It's only Monday and already I've about had enough of this week. LOL!

I'm not sure what I'll be stitching this week, since I just finished Gardenia. What's that I said?? A finish!! YES!! I'll do a separate post for her in a little bit here, but I wanted to get Hermie up first.

You know what to do. ;)


cucki said…
Hello deary I really need this Stitchy week ..I am in :)
Hugs xxx
Bonnie Brown said…
Woot! I might actually get to stitch this weekend :)
Congrats on finishing Gardenia! I can't wait to see her. ^^ I'm looking forward to a stitching weekend, too.
Anonymous said…
Yes!!!! I will be stitching!! ;)
Stitching Noni said…
Fingers crossed I actually some stitching done this weekend!!
Kate said…
So looking forward to the weekend
I'll be there as usual! I have no social life LOL.
busyhands said…
Oh what a fabulous idea! Exactly what I had in mind for this weekend... think I wull join in :D
Shame I missed finding out about this till today, however I did get stitching done in the weekend so not all was lost :)
lesli said…
Dag nabbit! I forgot to sign up! :) I'm posting my progress from this weekend anyway...I'm a rebel!
I participated, but forgot to sign up too :( Oh, well, I posted my progress and I am happy with what I got done.


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