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IHSW and Legoland, FL

(Warning: SUPREMELY picture heavy post. You might want to make a big ol' pot for this post. Hehe.) Sorry, my dears!! I'm so late with pictures!! On Monday, I forgot to snap a pic of the little bit I stitched for IHSW on Sunday night, and then time ran away from me on Tuesday. Here we are at midweek already and I'm finally getting some time. IHSW progress first... what little of it anyways. I discovered, after studying more of the chart, that the two smaller butterflies of each three-butterfly set are the same on all four sides. (Wow, that was a convoluted sentence, LOL!) So, the one that I'm working on right now will be exactly the same as the jewel-toned one from the last few posts. Well, minus a bit of fudging here and there. This happens when I've left a small square unstitched and being too lazy to start and stop for one single stitch, go over it with the color I happen to be using at the moment of discovery. I'm usually thinking... it's over 1 on 32