Friday Randomness

We bought a new orchid!!! :D We were on a quick trip to Whole Foods during work hours yesterday to grab lunch, and per habit, I stopped to admire the orchids. It's been awhile since I've bought an orchid, as nothing has caught my attention for awhile. This time, however, amidst the usual array of whites (I have quite a few of those, all with different colored centers), yellows, purples, and pinks, there was a purple veined one(!!!) and the purple is nothing like the three that we have at home!!

There I was, trying to decide if I should bring another into the brood, and there hubby was, telling me to get it. Well, my mommy didn't raise no fool, did she? Got it we did. ;) I took a couple of pics at the office yesterday, so please forgive the ugly carpet.

Last Sunday, hubby went to pick up the weekend mail and walked in with a box addressed to me. Huh wha??? To me??? I didn't order anything?!! An address check showed that the culprit was my friend Soozie, and the box yielded this gorgeous Coach bag and scarf. How cute it that??! See the little bumblebee? :D

I found out later, that nestled and wrapped in the tissue papers in the box was a bumblebee keychain and fob, but I'd already thrown out the box!! :( So, I spent all of Monday hoping that the garbage didn't get picked up and was ready to dumpster dive to get the box back. Ok, who am I kidding... hubby was ready to dumpster dive for me, hahaha.... but when we got home, the trash had all been taken out. *crrrrrryyyyyyyyy* I wanted my bumblebee fob!!!!!

Monday's mail also yielded this honey of a needleminder from Soozie. "To chase away the frogs," she said. I hope so! :D Hubby said he looks right at home in my Butterfly garden. :D

On the subject of throwing boxes away without checking for all contents, I threw away a garlic peeler from an Amazon order. *bonks head* A new one has been ordered and will be the first thing taken out of the box this time around. LOL!

OH!!!! 5 more days to Legoland and Busch Gardens!! I'm so psyched!!! I've been counting down the days every night before dozing off. :D

DOUBLE OH!!!! I'm all caught up with blog reading!! My counter was reading a nice, big, fat ZERO yesterday, baby!! :D


Marcy said…
Your new orchid is gorgeous! I can see how she would be hard to resist.

And Poppy is beautiful -- love all the sparkles.
cucki said…
wow your very sweet orchid..
and poppy is so beautiful too..
big hugs and happy stitching xxx
Rhona said…
Your orchid is gordeous, what lovely colours and markings. And as for that little froggy...too cute!
Rhona said…
Ooops, gorgeous!
Emma said…
Beautiful flower, I would love to have one but with a hyper kitten in the house it wouldn't last long I fear...

Ahhhh I'm SO jealous of your Busch Gardens trip! Legoland is new right? I want to know details as I have never been before! Have lots of fun and take lots of photos hehe. Make sure you go see the beautiful tigers in their enclosure :) Ohhhh and the cheetahs! I could go on forever...LOL.

Bea said…
The orchid is gorgeous. I love purple in all its various hues. Which leads to some definite envy for the goodies in your surprise box. What a delightful bunch of goodies! Sorry to hear about your fob though - that hurts.

And thank you for the blog advice. I think it's fixed now.
Karen said…
That was plenty of purple prettiness in one particular post. Positively perfect!
Mouse said…
ooooo a purple stripy one :) very pretty ...
Sorry to hear about the loss of goodies ... not good :(
ooooo love the wee frog and I hope you enjoy your trip away :)
love mouse xxxxx
Susan said…
The orchid is beautiful!! Love the bag and I've been dumpster diving a time or two myself - finally learned to squeeze all the "packing" paper DMom put in a box - makes me look sort of greedy but I haven't lost anything in a while. The little frog needleminder is too cute.
Soozie said…
You take such lovely pictures! Joy Joy I cannot tell you how many times I have admired orchids and wanted so badly to bring one home but have always been told they are difficult to grow. Love you cuddle bug.
Anne said…
Very beautiful orchid! The colour is stunning! Sorry to hear about the loss of your fob. And your little froggy is very cute. Hope it does keep the frogs away!! :)
busyhands said…
beautiful orchid, love the color shade. Sorry about the loss of your fob
Anonymous said…
The orchid is really beautiful, but I am so sorry to hear about your fob =( The goodies you got look so wonderful =)
Isadarena said…
Hiya Joyce, your new ocrhcid is so gorgeous : its clor is marvellous :))
I am sure your little frog will help you to work along on your butterfly garden :))
I wish you a lovely Saturday with Satish,
Melissa said…
I love your orchid and the bag. They are so pretty!

You kind sound like me-throwing things away that you were not supposed to :)

Have fun in Legoland and Busch Gardens!
Angela said…
I love the color of the orchid, it's so pretty :)

What a wonderful gift, have fun at Legoland and Busch Gardens!
Topcho said…
So much purple everywhere, love it sooo!!! And the little frog, lol! The one and only frog a stitcher could have on her work - it's adorable!
The Maiden said…

I have a name for the frog that calls in the night, taunting us:

Annoyicus joyonous

Genus species, of course. oy.
SoCal Debbie said…
That's terrible that you have the nasty habit of throwing away your boxes and packing so quickly and efficiently! Last Christmas I sent my friend gifts and a cross stitched ornament wrapped in tissue paper. She actually re-used the box and packing materials and sent gifts to me, and the ornament was still in the box! So I mailed it back to her again!
Wow how beautiful is that orchid!!! I recently bought my first orchid. I love them!! It's pink but you probably guessed that. Oh no about throwing away the fob and peeler. What a shame. At least you still have some gorgeous gifts from your friend. Very cool. LOL re the office carpet. I know they buy cheap carpet due to the quantity required but why is it always so nasty looking as well??? Ours is exactly the same except it's drab grey euggghhh.

Lana said…
Love the new orchid!!! SO beautiful!!! Have fun at Legoland! I love it!!
Yvon (jioya) said…
That is a very pretty Orchid, it will look very good next to the white one's.
Your needleminder is also very pretty,as is the chatelaine you are working on.
Your friend Soozie knows how to pick beautiful presents, what are you going to wear with it?

Enjoy your weekend,
hugs Yvon.
Kate N said…
Just trying again to comment from my phone
Kate N said…
Ok so it worked this time :) such a gorgeous orchid
you most definitely were right to buy it. A very cute frog too!
Hope you've had a good weekend.
Butterfly Garden is seriously gorgeous, and the needle minder looks right at home :) Also, congrats on the new addition, the orchid is lovely.


Anne said…
So much to drool over Joyceee!!! Your momma sure didn't raise a fool! Glad you got that spotted orchid, she's a beauty! I think my mom has this one in her collection. Okay, who's this Soozie person and when can I meet her?!!! Amazing gift my dear!!! Wow! Purple my fav colour too! I love the bumblebee and glad you found the bee! Adorable frog minder too...hopefully he'll be good at chasing those frogs! Where's the other butterfly hmm?????

♥ Nia said…
Your orchid is gorgeous =)))
I wanted to buy more, I always love to watch new orchids but.. the 2 I have at home, have no flowers.. =/ I will wait until next year to see if that changes! If it goes well, I will bring more sisters home ;) heheheh
Keebles said…
Absolutely in LOVE with the bag!! Gorgeous!

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