Of Butterflies and Poppy

I was a good little stitching bee over the weekend and finally finished my third butterfly. (Let's not go into how long it took me to get to this point, shall we? Haha!)

Talk about jewel tones on this baby! There must've been at least twelve colors in there... from the hot pink, to the electric blue, to the christmas green! YUM!!!! Backstitching was a b**** to do though. Thank goodness for those spots of bright pinks as they made it much easier to count.

3 down, and only 9 to go. Oh boy!

The fabric color is pretty spot on in this picture.

I also did the finishing on Poppy. My initial thought was to get a red or purple fabric for her backing, but they all came out too loud. So, we opted for a light blue gray to pick up on her wings. The gray swirls were a nice touch and we decided on a lavender gray ribbon to pull it everything together.

Five pretty pixies in a row now. I'm thinking at least two more and then we should be done. Might be able to squeeze in another three, I'm not sure as yet.

Finally, just for fun, a couple of pictures of my latest baby in its natural habitat. The last picture is of my currently flowering brazilian orchid.


Ann said…
WOW! Your fairies all look very lovely together (was waiting for da piccie).
You've got a great mandala in the making - pitty that there's soo much over one and backstitching but ... this adds to the beauty of the piece.
Also adore your orchids. I would love to have some but don't have a good spot to put them :-(
Have a nice week!
Yvon (jioya) said…
That's a beautiful butterfly, great colors!!!
poppy is looking very good next to the other one's, and your orchids are truly amazing!

Hugs Yvon.
Isadarena said…
Wooooow Joyce, your butterflies are just awesome :))
And what a pretty Poppy you have done : I so love your closet with all your pretty pixies :)))
SoCal Debbie said…
Your butterfly is gorgeous! Only 9 more to go! Your closet is the best one I've ever seen! The pixies look lovely.
Kielrain said…
Stunning butterfly. Wow. Such a great piece.
Lesleyanne said…
The butterfly is stunning as are your fairies.
Bea said…
The butterfly is incredible. Every time I see a finish or a progress picture of a mandela I get closer to buying one.

Love the fabric you chose for finishing Poppy and she looks right at home with the other fairies.

And the orchids are fabulous.
Anonymous said…
The butterfly is really beautiful, the colors are so rich!
Poppy looks very lovely in her frame and along the others =)
Love you orchid =)
Mountain Ash said…
Your pixies, butterflies and orchids are all looking just spectacular. I'm sure you could get a few more pretty pixies in that closet.
cucki said…
The butterfly is so beautiful and poppy is looking so stunning too..
Hugs xxx
valerie said…
Wow! Lots of pretty in this post! Love the over 1 butterflies. So much detail! And the Poppy finish looks great. Love the new orchid's home. I have the worst luck with orchids but like to look at them. They are so interesting.
Barbi said…
Such beautiful orchids! And I love the way you finished poppy. Can I ask how you are mounting/framing these? It's just perfect.
Karen said…
Your butterflies are amazing! Great collection of pixies.

I'll never get tired of seeing pix of your beautiful orchids. Thanks for sharing.
Dani - tkdchick said…
So good to see your attention has moved from D3 back to stitching ;)

That bitterly is amazing!!! Those fairies are fabulous!!!
rosey175 said…
That is one blingin' butterfly, haha.

Oooooooo, they all look so awesome together!! Are you poking new holes in the wall every time you add another one?

Lovely orchids! I wish I could get them to grow here but it's too dry in the winter, and we keep the house quite cool inside. I'll have to stick to a million African violets!
QueenPetra said…
The colours on that butterfly are beautiful. Can't wait for more of them~
Stitching Noni said…
Ooh Ahhh... what beautiful butterflies you have! The latest one is stunning.

Poppy is so sweet - I love how you finished her. Doesn't she look gorgeous with all her "sisters" :o)

Pretty orchid too.... you are spoiling us with all your gorgeous photos :o)
Anonymous said…
Hello Joysze

Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments.
Your butterfly is very pretty, all those colours are great together.
Your Poppy finish is beautiful and all the pixies together look awesome.
Beautiful orchids too.
Annie said…
Where do I start?! Your butterfly Mandela is gorgeous! I love the fabric you're using, and the colors on the lastest butterfly are stunning! Poppy turned out beautifully. She looks great among all the other fairies. How you must love to see them there every day!
Kate said…
Those butterflies are absolutely gorgeous! The pixies look wonderful together.
Linda said…
What beautiful butterflies. The pixies look stunning hanging together.

tiffstitch said…
That is a fantastic butterfly! With all those colours I can see why that would make backstitching more annoying. :) Gorgeous orchids too!
nikkin said…
I see a full pixie wall in the making, lol! Love your finish, and still can't get over how realistic those butterflies look, way to go!

Xeihua (Sara) said…
That butterfly is WWWWOOOOWWWWWWW (I guess it's the best word to bescribe it) the colours are really amazing congratulations.... I'm really glad I've been asking you for piccies of it eheheh.... and I love to see the Poppy with all her friends around they are really beautifull :)
Big Hugs,
Lesley said…
Wow. Your butterfly is absolutely gorgeous and the whole design so far is beautiful!!
I love the reds in Poppy and your orchid looks a whole lot healthier than mine. I seem to have a problem with my orchids,they never flower again:(
♥ Nia said…
I believe it was a lot of work but it was worth it!! Those colors on the butterfly look amazing :D
9 more? wow! :p
Love to see that center, those colors around are so pretty =)
I'm drooling on your pixies all lined up... all so beautiful =) Do you have a favorite?? :p
Tamara said…
As usual your stitching is gorgeous! That butterfly is amazing. Can't wait to see more!

Kaisievic said…
Joyce, You are such a talented stitcher. The butterflies are amazing as are the pixies. Just gorgeous.

Veronica said…
Wow, such detailed butterflies. Martina really is talented. Love the jeweled tones of this one :)

You've done a wonderful job with Poppy's finishing. The fabric you've chosen suits her nicely.

Your orchids are just mesmerizing. Gorgeous!

Juls said…
Stunning as always!!!!! Those butterflies just pop!!!!!! Beautiful and delicate!!!!! Love love love the closet!!! i say at least 3 more!!!!!
The butterfly is incredible, so many beautiful colours.

The pixie wall is looking good too, such lovely stitching and mounting.
Tama said…
Lovely, lovely butterfly and lovely flowers, too! Poppie remains magnificent :D
Anne said…
Absolutely stunning Joycee darling!!!!! I think that butterfly is my favourite...and soo tiny!! i can see that the BS was a B**** to do!! Poppy looks wonderful all done up and with the other ladies!!!! You can squeeze another three :D

Lana said…
That butterfly is AMAZING!! The time spent on it was worth it! It is gorgeous! I love your Poppy finish!
Caitlin Jordan said…
Such a stunning butterfly! So gorgeous! And poppy looks stunning finished next to the other fairies.
Julie said…
Your Butterflies are so colourful.
Poppy is looking amazing with the rest of her Fairy famiy.And you seem to have the old green fingers when it comes to your lovely Orchids.I would have them dead in no time.lol

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