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November IHSW Report

Helloooooo everyone!!! First of all, welcome to my new followers! *hugs* I hope you enjoy your stay here. Secondly, to my long-suffering followers, thanks for sticking by me through all the gaming and lack of posts. Feel free to kick my a** anytime. ;) How was your IHSW?? I hope yours went better than mine as I only managed to stitch a few hours on Saturday. I can't wait to check out your blogs!! (For a list of IHSW'ers please CLICK HERE .) Friday was hubby's birthday, so we took the day off and went out for brunch and to watch the new Bond movie, Skyfall which was fantastic!!! Saturday saw the fruition of the fourth butterfly (YAY!!) minus the backstitching (BOO!!!). LOL! Sunday was cleaning and cooking day. Throw in some Diablo 3 at night, and it's time for the work week. Why do weekends go by so fast and work days crawl by so slowly??! Next blog post will feature Busch Garden pictures. Till then, have a fantastic week!!! What's that you say? Picture

IHSW November

Helloooooooo out there!!! So sorry for the long silence (again!!). I just happened to glance over to my wall calendar and noticed that it's IHSW this weekend!!!! (Wow... I'm using a lot of exclamation points. LOL!) I owe you guys Busch Garden pics...I have yet to upload those into a post. I owe you guys stitching pictures...I haven't put in a single stitch for weeks. I owe you guys kitchen backsplash and overhead lighting pictures...I haven't told you about that project. *hangs head in shame* I've been playing lots of D3 again...I have a new picture of monkette in her blue whore stockings, if you're interested in seeing it. LOL!!!! They cost me a pretty penny. 4 million gold, to be exact, but because it's a set item, is not dyeable in any way, shape, or form. Ok.... technically, it's supposed to be pants, but that's what they look like as soon as I put them on her. At least it's not a clam digger pajama bottom, which is what it looks