2012's Final IHSW

Helloooo everyone!! It's been a long while. Life has thrown a few things our way. Without going into too much detail, I find myself with some free time on my hands as I was laid off. Don't worry, everything is ok. I find this a blessing in disguise as I've been needing to take a break. So, apart from teaching, I've used the last week to just relax and basically not do anything. ;)

I'm back though, and even have a new start (more about that in a later post).

For now, it's our final IHSW of the year! Can you believe it? I think we will keep this ongoing for 2013. What do you guys think?

I won't have too much time this weekend, though. My students are having their Winter Recital this Saturday, so that day is pretty much shot. Sunday, we have to go to a Christmas party in the evening, but I'll squeeze some stitching time in. :D Oh.... and who's excited about The Hobbit??? We have tickets to go see it on Friday. :D

Let's close off 2012 with a bang, shall we? What will you be stitching? Me? Why... my new start, of course. :D


Kaisievic said…
sorry to hear that you lost your job. But more free tome must be nice. Yes please re IHSW for 2013. Hugs, Kaye
Anonymous said…
Yes!!!!! Please keep IHSW for 2013!!!!

Sorry to hear you lost your job but you are getting some much needed time off.

I can't wait to see your start.

Glad to know you are okay. I was worried when you hadn't posted.

You know me...I will be stitching on the Spiritdancer. Beads, beads, and more beads. YIKES!

DebbieSFL said…
I wasn't able to stitch for all of them, but I do like the incentive and knowing that many others are stitching with me. And, my nephew and I are going to see the Hobbit this weekend for my birthday.
Anonymous said…
Ditto the above. Let's keep the IHSW going for 2013.

Sorry to hear about the job loss. On the bright side, you'll be open for more stitching!
Sorry about the job loss but I'm glad you're looking on the positive side. Did you get much redundancy pay? Treat yourself to something nice for Christmas!!

Of course IHS weekends must continue in the New Year!! Madness to think otherwise. How else will we get you off that games console? LOL.
katica said…
Sorry about being laid off! but at least you are being positive about it!

Most definitely please, let's continue ihsw for 2013! It's one of my favourite weekends!
Mouse said…
oooo sorry about the job but more stitching time and relaxing is a bonus .... yup still want it carrying on with for next year ... I need a valid excuse for stitching now am working heheheheh ... love mouse xxxx
ps want to see the hobbit but not sure when can get ...
Kate said…
It's time to take some "Getting back to Joyce"so enjoy the stitching, the gaming, the new start and the HObbit!(cant wait to see that either!) And IHSW must live on!!!
Sorry to hear about your job loss, but hopefully you get regroup and go on to bigger and better things! Yes, please please do keep doing IHSW in 2013! I have no idea what I'll be stitching this weekend--maybe something seasonal?
valerie said…
Oh No! So sorry to hear about the job situation but it seems as though you're in good spirits about it. Hope you have a fun weekend. I hope to get a little stitching in but whoa, it's another crazy weekend planned. Please continue ihsw in 2013. I love it and many times, it's the only reason I find to blog lately. Blogging more is a new years resolution!
Shannon Meyer said…
Yes, continue on into 2013, please

I'll be working on trying to finish up 'Crowning the Tree' from BBD and Autumn Saltbox Scripture (series) from LHN.
Ah, I'm very sorry to hear you lost your job, but if you get some time to relax, I guess it's not that bad. :S I'm looking forward to IHSW, though, and will actually do something this time! I'm working on an all glitter project and look forward to showing it off. :D
Katie said…
I'm sorry about your lay off but sounds like it might be a blessing. At least I hope it turns out to be that.

Yes please do this again next year. I loved participating.

I won't have a lot of time this weekend cause we are attending an overnight get together Saturday. But I will definitely stitch when I can.

Good Luck everyone!!!
Anne said…
BIG HUGS TO YOU DARLING!!! Oooooooooh the HOBBITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I soooo wish I could go with you and Satish! No one here wants to go with me! GASPs* I think I'll go opening night on my own...then we can chat about it!!

Lee said…
Although it was not planned make the most of having a break for a while.
I will not he taking Part with the IHSW this weekend but wish you all happy stitching. Do continue in 2013 by then I will have settled down and look forward to stitching again.
cucki said…
sorry to hear that you lost your job. But more free time for stitchy will be nice too..
a big Yes please for IHSW for 2013.
love cucki x
IHSW for 2013!!! Please!!!
Pauline said…
I,ve missed you soooo much!!!
Hope everything is going well soon.
This weekend i am joining IHSW!
Maybe it is time for a littlebit of stiching on a HAED...if i can get the mood...

Hugs and smiles from Holland,
Joy said…
I understand how you feel as I was laid off from my teaching position 4 years ago. The days will get better. :-) Yes, please keep IHSW for 2013! Although I found the group late in the year, I do look forward to it as my own private stitching time with friends.
emily said…

I would like to join you and would be interested to take part again.
Melissa said…
Sorry to hear about your job, but glad to hear everything is ok.

I can't wait to see your new start :)
Sara said…
I am new to IHSW but think it is great and very inspirational. I like to see what others are doing so would love to join in during 2013.
Vickie said…
Sorry to hear about the job loss, but you seem to be taking it in stride. We've been there, done that as my husband was laid off in 2008. We were very fortunate as he was only out of work for a month.

I seem to have fat-fingered my blog address on my entry (that's what I get for doing with my phone), so it says .co instead of .com. I don't know if you can just fix it, or if you just delete it. Let me know if I need to "re-enter" myself. :) Thanks!

2013 IHSW is a must!!!! :)
Julie said…
Sorry to hear about you being laid off at least you don't seem to upset which is the main thing.Look forward to seeing your new start.No need to say have a good weekend,looks like you have that covered too. ;) But i will.Have a good weekend. :)
demeter83 said…
Hun, hope you're okay. As you say, if you needed some time off though that's got to be a good thing, it's just a shame that it's happened like this.
Ewa said…
First one I'm participating in in a while! I hope you're doing alright. I know you say you are but I know I say I am all the time when I'm really not. Hugs. Shoot me an email if you ever need to talk. Or your address if you'd like some cookies. And no, I'm not kidding. I will make you some cookies.
Emma/Itzy said…
A busy weekend for me but as it is the last one I'll squeeze some stitching time in! :D Please do continue is to 2013, I look forward to these weekends (as does my other half for the peace)

Hobbit! I am hoping to go this weekend, but there are never enough hours in the day so will have to wait and see!
Juls said…
So sorry about the job situation..... Definitely keep IHSW going and I have my Hobbit tkts for friday too!!!!!
lesli said…
I just heard through the grapevine about what has happened! it breaks my heart that people lose their jobs during the holidays (not that it's ever good)...just...it's the holidays!! to you....I'm so happy to see you looking at the bright side! I'm behind on posts (always always behind!)....what is your new start?
♥ Nia said…
Looks like you're having some big changes over there! I hope everything will work out even better than it was before! :) Good luck sweetie!! Go after what you wish for!! :D

I'm in for the weekend! Looking for to stitch with everyone ;)

huge hug to you! good luck my friend!
I've plugged this on my calendar to sign up and I am still late…just very busy.
So Sorry to hear about your job loss and glad to see you look at it in a positive way and that you needed a break too.
Please do keep this going for 2013. I do look forward to these weekends of stitching.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Andie said…
Oh I am so sorry to hear about your job!! *hugs*
Andie said…
Oh I am so sorry to hear about your job!! *hugs*
Bea said…
Yes please, IHSW for 2013.
Keebles said…
Sorry about your job, but glad it worked out! You got a lot of friends in the cyber world rootin for ya!
Shelleen said…
Sorry that you lost your job and hope that you find a new one when you are ready. I enjoyed the ISW and updated my blog.
mdgtjulie said…
Grats on the new start, Joysze. Those are always so much fun. I've been stitching a lot, but missed the sign ups. Still, I really enjoyed doing IHSW, and I may be able to join for the summer next year. (I don't get much stitchy time with school, so...) Anyways, I hope you have a great holiday, and get a job whenever you are ready to go back to work. (It's nice to take a break sometimes, isn't it?!?) Have a happy and profitable new year, and thanks for running such a great SAL this year. It's been fun!!

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