December IHSW Report

I've really loved writing down dates this month--12/4/12, 12/12/12, 12/19/12... What does that have to do with the price of eggs, you ask? Nothing... it just popped into my brain and the fingers went with it... yeeeeeeahh..... LOL!!!

How were your IHSW weekends? I'm looking forward to seeing your BLOG POSTS and gorgeous pics. :D

I had yet another pitiful IHSW showing. At the rate I'm going, I might as well just back virtual cookies and send them out as the IHSW host. :S I did stitch some, but it's a small, pathetic "some." So here's the new start I mentioned, but don't let it fool you as the weekend's progress was only the top part and not the entire thing.

The fabbie color is off in the picture above. Here's a truer color match, although the greens are a bit more pale and mossy than teal. My friend, Brenda, sent me this gorgeous thing, SMF Belfast "Merfolk's Mom," a couple of years ago and I finally found the perfect design for it.

Oh yes, the design... well, it's Mirabilia's Lady Alexandra reimagined. My partners in crime, Vanessa and Heidi, were instrumental with the conversion. Vanessa changed the dress and hair color and Heidi charted an asian face for me. My contribution? "Hm... I'm not sure... how about... hmm... wellll, her face looks wonky. Can you try...."

Me? Picky? Anal might be more the word you're looking for. ROFL!!!!

I'm afraid that you'll have to stick with me to see her purple dress revealed. At the rate I'm stitching, it might be a loooooong haul. What I have to show you is Heidi's drawing of her face. :D See the chopsticks in her hair? Those were hubby's idea. :D


Oooh, so far, that looks like it'll be really pretty, and the alterations to the chart seem well done, too! Good luck as you stitch her!
busyhands said…
Wow, your stitching will look great when finished. Well done on these first steps!!!
I have been working on much smaller designs... as usual!! :)
SoCal Debbie said…
How nice to have a custom face charted just for you! She will be beautiful.
Ann said…
Wow this looks like a great conversion to me! Can't wait to see her face stitched up.
Have a nice weekend!
cucki said…
She is going to look so pretty
Happy stitching x
Anonymous said…
I did notice the chopsticks. Hilarious that it's DH's idea.
Melissa said…
Awesome! The fabric is beautiful, and I like her recharted face. The chopsticks were a brilliant idea :) I plan to stitch Lady A when I am done with Lady Hera. I can't wait to see more of your conversion!
Anonymous said…

I love the the purple and the fabric is going to compliment this well.

I like the idea of the chopsticks and how your going to make this your own!

I can't wait to see more progress.

Kate said…
Love, love it!! Cant wait to see it grow and the chopsticks are awesome!
Katie said…
I love how you can modify the chart to make it looks better. I've noticed several Mirabilia charts just don't look right to me either.

Hope you had a good weekend even if it wasn't full of stitching.
Some stitching is better than none, and I love the combination of the fabric color with the color of the threads! How awesome that you had the face customed! Can't wait to see more of this piece!
rosey175 said…
Oooh, an edited pattern sounds like a lot of fun -- I'm too chicken to try it more than a few stitches or incorporating "mistakes", haha. The purples look all lovely against the moss!

I thought I'd have been much busier this past weekend but wound up with stitchy time anyway! o well, I guess I did your portion, LOL :D
Pauline said…
That is a great new start!
Keebles said…
I've learned the hard way that any progress is good progress! Congrats!
Anne said…
Even if life is a little or a lot busy, isn't it wonderful to be able to put even a stitch or two! It makes me happy just to do that sometimes! :) Merry Christmas! :)
EvalinaMaria said…
Wow, you really like challenges. Don't you? Can't wait to see more of her!
I like the special conversion, are you changing the skin tones too?

Love the chopstick in her hair.
Stitching Noni said…
Love the adjustments that have been made to the design. Love the chopsticks!
Can't wait to see it all stitched up! :o)
♥ Nia said…
Gorgeous fabric!!! :)
Ohhh you're really changing her face! I 'm curious to see your stitching done :)
Wendy said…
funny, here in the Netherlands we write dates the other way around ; day, month, year. so that would be 4-12-12 , or today is 26-12-12.
12-12-12 was a polular date here to though !

love the fabric, we just do not have anything like that over here, have to order everything from overseas.......
and I can´t wait to see your asian version !
I've been run off my feet since your post popped up so my report is a bit on the late side but.. here it is: IHSW, Christmas baking and more
Anne said…
Boy do I have a lot of stitching for IHSW 2013!! Will you have one? :)
Ann said…
Hi Joysze,
I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!
I hope that you'll "host" the IHSW again in 2013!
Andie said…
Oh I adore the changes!!!

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