March IHSW

OH MY WORD!!!!!! Is this weekend our third full weekend of March, which means it's IHSW time??!!! I just checked the calendar again and what do you know??? It's IHSW time, you guys!!

Surely my eyes doth deceiveth me!! I'm going to bed!

P/S. See you this weekend!! :D


The Maiden said…
I was wondering where this was!
I cant wait to join in again this year :)
Me said…
I was wildly searching to sign up ,yesterday Joyze..then I realised It was the Feb IHSW I was looking at!!!
All signed up now though:-)
Yana Hanim said…
see you this weekend ;)
cucki said…
happy stitching dear all x
Happy IHSW!!!
Hope to make some good stitches ;)
geeky Heather said…
Say it ain't so!

Scratch that, please say it is so!! =D
diamondc said…
Thank-you for your invite.
It will be a great week-end to be a hermit with the awful snow that is on its way.
Anne said…
It's supposed to be quite cold again here tomorrow for a few days, even though today is plus 13c. So March is definitely here, but it really surprised me to see that it's already IHSW weekend. Where did the month go!? Happy Stitching everyone!! :)
tiffstitch said…
Yay! You didn't forget :)

Hope you get some stitching done too!
Elena said…
Can't wait! Hoping to get lots of stitching done!
Anne said…
I'll be doing some I'm sure YOU WILL BE!!!! But I will try and get some stitching done too :D

♥ Nia said…
Happy stitching!! :D
busyhands said…
oops, very last minute, but I am joining too!
happy stitching
Carla Eldridge said…
This weekend was pure stitching joy!!!!
city said…
thanks for share..

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