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April IHSW

YIKES!!!!! I'm so sorry, Hermitters, I'm way late this month with the IHSW sign-up. I didn't realize till 1am this morning that we're on the 3rd week of April. My new job as a Notary Signing Agent has kept me really busy, and while that is wonderful, I'm hoping that as I get more used to it, it'll settle down some. I haven't put in a single stitch since Lady A was finished and some stitches are going to happen this weekend, by hook or by crook!! Are you joining me? :D

Ducky Update!!

"They hatched!!!" That was the message hubby sent me while I was getting paperwork ready for a mortgage closing. Of course, I had to stop everything and tell the ladies at the office! :D Everyone at hubby's office building has been waiting on pins and needles for this day. They were starting to worry that the eggs were dead and if mama duck was going to sit and incubate till her heart broke. :( Then, they worried about how the ducklings would fare if they fell from the ashtray since it's about three feet tall. So, someone brought a blanket and surrounded the base of the ashtray with it. You can see a bit of it on the bottom right of the picture. I didn't get to see the wee ducklings till early evening and, oh my!, a day old and already too cute for words!! There are still a few eggs that are unhatched, so fingers crossed that they'll peck their way out in the next day or so. The pic is kinda fuzzy as hubby didn't want to disturb them too much,

Cost Cutting

Hi my dears!! Thought I'd do a a quick 'life' update. I wanted to thank all of you once again for your support and encouragement over the last few months. Things are continuing smoothly on the Notary Signing Agent front. We're very busy and are constantly adding new signing agents. Any of you in the US happen to be notaries and want to make more money on the side? :D Would you be interested to see if I can help save you some money on your monthly utility or telecommunication bills?  CLICK HERE  for more information. I would love to have you as my customers! :D The best thing is, ACN is available in 23 countries worldwide, so CHECK IT OUT and see if you can save. After all, more money saved, means more money for stash!! :D Teaching is going well. The kiddies are adorable as always. Speaking of which, I'm off to go do that. Stay tuned for some pictures tomorrow... not sure of what yet. LOL!!! Don't forget to CLICKY-CLICK HERE to see if you can