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June IHSW Report

I'm actually posting on time this month after IHSW. QUICK!! Run out and buy a lotto ticket! LOL!! How were your IHSW's? Did you get lots done? CLICK HERE for a list of June's IHSW'ells to check out all the pretty pics. I didn't get to stitch as much as I wanted or anticipated. With it being month end, the closings are coming in hard and fast and as a result, we didn't get home till 11:30 Friday night. Saturday, I was out all day working, which meant chores and groceries got relegated to Sunday. So, alas... *puts forearm to forehead*... I didn't get to finish LotV. HAHAHA.... I said finish. Apparently, I'm demented! I doubt that would've happened even if I spent all weekend stitching. Her she is. I've started on skin. I hate stitching skin... blargh.

Deja-IHSW-vu? and a Pic

Well... it looks like some of you lucky stitchers out there are going to get two IHSW this month. ;) If you haven't yet, CLICK HERE to join us! :D Technically, we decided (or did I decide and dreamt that WE did? HAHAHAHA) that IHSW will take place every full 3rd weekend of the month, including a Friday. But really... who cares about technicalities when you can get two IHSW out of a month? Wish someone had sent me a memo. HAHA!! I haven't been stitching much of late. Bad me, bad me. Somewhere in the chaos were a 4-day Harry Potter movie binge, a 2-day new novel binge, and being busy with work and then being lazy binge. LOL!!!! I'm happy to report, however, that my stitchy fingers have been busy the last couple of nights and Lily of the Valley is taking shape nicely. I've never liked her wings, so I'm stitching her with Morning Glory's wings instead. Morning Glory is SOOOOO cute too... hmm... I might have to add her to my pixie list after all, but then

June 2013 IHSW

Here we are, almost halfway through the year! How is it that time is flying by so quickly?? I'm sitting here printing docs for a closing tonight, only to find out from the borrower that the bank screwed up the escrow amount. So, things are on hold till they sort things out. Siiiiigh. To the fun stuff!!! It's IHSW weekend!!!! The current pixie I'm stitching is limping along quite pathetically and I'm planning on doing nothing but stitch this weekend, though, the success of said endeavor remains to be seen. ;) You know what to do! Let's IHSW our weekend away! :D