Deja-IHSW-vu? and a Pic

Well... it looks like some of you lucky stitchers out there are going to get two IHSW this month. ;)

If you haven't yet, CLICK HERE to join us! :D

Technically, we decided (or did I decide and dreamt that WE did? HAHAHAHA) that IHSW will take place every full 3rd weekend of the month, including a Friday. But really... who cares about technicalities when you can get two IHSW out of a month? Wish someone had sent me a memo. HAHA!!

I haven't been stitching much of late. Bad me, bad me. Somewhere in the chaos were a 4-day Harry Potter movie binge, a 2-day new novel binge, and being busy with work and then being lazy binge. LOL!!!!

I'm happy to report, however, that my stitchy fingers have been busy the last couple of nights and Lily of the Valley is taking shape nicely. I've never liked her wings, so I'm stitching her with Morning Glory's wings instead. Morning Glory is SOOOOO cute too... hmm... I might have to add her to my pixie list after all, but then I'll have to many green pixies... not that there's anything wrong with that. Green is, after all, such a gorgeous color!! :D

Without further rambling, here she is. :)



Marcy said…
What fun! Another excuse to stitch :) I call that an excellent oversight.
Linda said…
What a beautiful design Joyce.

Susan said…
Great progress on Lily. No, you can't have too much green. And a lazy binge sounds just about perfect right now as this is the first "fun" time I've had on the computer in a week!
Ele said…
Wonderful stitching!
Anonymous said…
She is looking beautiful!
Isadarena said…
Hi Joyce, what a pretty design and I love your fabric choice : I look forward to seeing your next progress on her :)
Have a lovely week-end,
valerie said…
Oh, your Lily of the Valley is so pretty! It makes me want to pull my Lilac out. And good that IHSW is this weekend too. I signed up this week and tehn realized I was so behind on blog reading that I had missed it. Now I have a re-do! Yay!
Peggy Lee said…
I'm afraid I am guilty of flubbing up the IHSW thing. Oh well. Another excuse to sit on my duff all weekend long and stitch my troubles away, right?
Stitching Noni said…
Gosh, how pretty is Lily of the Valley :)
I am very happy yo have a stitchy weekend this weekend as I didn't get an awful lot done last weekend!!!
Melissa said…
Love this one, she is gorgeous!
Wow, a stitching pic! is that your's or "borrowed" from somewhere LOl

I thought it was IHSW this weekend as the weekend starts on Friday evening!

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