June IHSW Report

I'm actually posting on time this month after IHSW. QUICK!! Run out and buy a lotto ticket! LOL!!

How were your IHSW's? Did you get lots done? CLICK HERE for a list of June's IHSW'ells to check out all the pretty pics.

I didn't get to stitch as much as I wanted or anticipated. With it being month end, the closings are coming in hard and fast and as a result, we didn't get home till 11:30 Friday night. Saturday, I was out all day working, which meant chores and groceries got relegated to Sunday.

So, alas... *puts forearm to forehead*... I didn't get to finish LotV. HAHAHA.... I said finish. Apparently, I'm demented! I doubt that would've happened even if I spent all weekend stitching.

Her she is. I've started on skin. I hate stitching skin... blargh.


Lesleyanne said…
She is looking lovely. Great progress.
Katie said…
She's beautiful. Great job actually stitching and actually updating haha. I got a ton done. I finished a Halloween and a Christmas ornament. Thanks for hosting IHSW. My family doesn't like it but I sure do haha.
That looks so cool so far! The skirt may be impractical for reality, but it looks really nice stitched, especially the flowers!
Linda said…
She looks beautiful.

Jan Gartlan said…
Such pretty colours. You are doing so well with it. I hope you get more stitching time this week
The Maiden said…
Look how close you are, a finish does not seem that ridiculous! I hate stitching skin as well, I wonder if that is a universal stitcher thing? It seems like I am always stitching an arm, or neck!
Mouse said…
oooooo well done you , she is looking fab and not too far away from a finish is she :)
and sorry about all the W word but at least you can buy stash when you are not at work ...lol
have a good stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxx
Stitching Noni said…
Oh no... Not yucky ole' work when you should be stitching. LotV looks lovely :)
I did get some stitching done... But alas can't show anyone just yet as its for an exchange!
♥ Nia said…
ohhhh another gorgeous lady =)
Anne said…
Darn...lost on my lotto :( Lol! Well my dear, you sure had your needles blazing the past week or so! Great progress on your Lily of the Valley! Yay for skin....blech! I'm like you and don't particularly like skin either. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll chat with you when I get back from my trip!!

Yep skins not my fav thing to stitch on either. She's looking lovely, though. Sorry to hear your weekend got a bit clogged. Hope this weekend has been better.
Alicia xo

Are you not stitching the skin over 1 then?

I worry about my tension more on skin, it's okay on material or hair because there would be natural differences but skin should be even. Because its pale I also fret about the fabric showing through.
But your's is beautiful.

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