EEEEK!!!!!! I almost forgot!!!!!!! Good thing I had it listed on my calendar. :O

HAPPY IHSW everyone!!!!


Yikes!!! I forgot too. Thanks for the reminder.
Awesome I finally have a full weekend off to participate. YAY!
Ele said…
Wow, time flies!! Thanks for the reminder :)
diamondc said…
I have submitted my link but the button does not direct to my page what have I done wrong on this link.
Anne said…
Woot! I think I'll actually be able to participate in this one :D
Débora Peixoto said…
Olá ! Eu gostaria de participar mas ainda não percebi muito bem como funciona :x será que me poderias explicar por email ?! urcrazystitcher@gmail.com
I always hermit, I have no social life LOL.
Lonneke said…
Crap. I missed it.
Stitch byRachel said…
I'm super late but thanks for keeping me motivated!!!!

Anonymous said…
I posted mine super late!


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