More Butterflies...

Thank you so much, everyone, for all of your well wishes and prayers for my dad. He's doing good. My parents have always ate healthy, but now my mom is ramping that up and trying to eat only organic foods.

A quick picture before I dive into my day. The three bottom butterflies are done, as are the leaves and outside border. I just have to finish the specialty stitches in the bottom corners and backstitch the flower petals and butterflies and then it'll be time to scroll up to work on the top section. I have 16 days, and counting, to my deadline... wish me luck! :D

P/S. There were a few questions in the previous posts about the designer of this chart. Unfortunately, some of your email addresses are not attached to your blogger account and I was unable to reply. This is the Butterfly Lace Mandala by Chatelaine (Martina Rosenberg).


Julie said…
Hi Joyce,sorry to hear about your Dad and hope he gets his tests done much sooner and continues to do good.Your Butterflies are looking so good they don't look sewn.
Jessie Marie said…
Glad to hear your dad is doing good. Still sending good thoughts your way.

Everytime I see progress on your Butterfly Lace Mandala, I want to start my own. Not yet, but hopefully soon! Congrats on such beautiful workmanship. Really stunning. And good luck on reaching your deadline!
Blu said…
Glad to hear that your dad is doing better.

WOW those butterflies look unbelievable! If it wasn't for the much bigger stitches around it I would have sworn they were a photo not stitched!
Marcy said…
Such gorgeous butterflies!
Jenni Mills said…
Oh this is gorgeous, I must have missed previous postings.
My dad's recovering from a triple bypass ... so I know how scary their health can be for us kids.
Stitching Noni said…
Joyce, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I do hope that things go well and that he can get all the tests arranged for a closer timeframe than October. Sending you lots of prayers and positive thoughts and hugs x
Your butterflies are stunning! Great to see you stitching on them again :o) Nothing like a deadline to stir you into action, is there?
Take care
Hugs x
Lesleyanne said…
The butterflies are beautiful. Glad to hear your dad is doing better.
Kate said…
glad to hear your dad is doing better! Gorgeous butterflies!
Marilyn said…
The Butterlies are soooooooo prety.
This is a gorgeous piece.
Glad your dad is doing ok.
Shirlee said…
So glad to hear your dad is doing well. Your work on butterflies amazes me every time you post about it : )
Terri said…
So, so pretty!! It's going on my wish list! :-)

Glad to hear your dad is improving!
Anne said…
Still praying and thinking of you and your Dad.

You are on fire with getting this done! I know it will be done in 16 days because you've got speedy stitchy fingers!! It's absolutely gorgeous Joyce dear. The butterflies are so perfect! I really need to make this one for my mom too!!

Isadarena said…
Hi Joyce, your butterflies look stunning !!!
Tamara said…
Your work is gorgeous as always! Sorry to hear about your dad; waiting for tests/diagnoses is always the worst part, I think. October does sound like a long time to wait to me, too. When one is in that situation, one wants to know NOW. Best wishes for him.
This is such an amazing piece. You should put it down for August's Theme-a-licious, Things with Wings.

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