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IHSW September

Apologies, my dears!! I'm making a bad habit of posting our IHSW sign-up late. This will actually be the first weekend in a long time I don't have work things planned, so hopefully Spring Knotgarden will get lots of love. What will you be working on? You know what to do. :D

A Handful of Finishes

I've been a busy bee since finishing Butterfly Mandala. The initial plan was to jump right in and get back to Spring Knotgarden and finish that before starting Serengeti in November for a Chatelaine SAL I have planned. What is it that they say about good intentions? ;) Well... right after Butterfly was finished, I stitched a small for my aunt. I used part of the Weeping Violet design by Sweetheart Tree and added a poem to it. It's nothing flashy but she loved it's simplicity and sweetness. Since I'm redecorating our office, I decided to put some stitching up on what I call our "Welcome Wall." This is the first wall someone sees when they come into the office. First, I stitched My Big Toe Design's Faith. I've been wanting to stitch this design for a few years, but never had a place for it. Now that I do, I decided to bead the top and bottom parts and stitch the words. The frame and mat were from Michael's which, on sale, came