Alien Cats with Temple Hats

"What on earth??!!!" must've been what you thought when you read my title. That's what we call Spring Knotgarden. See it?? LOL!!!

Apologies for my IHSW report being a week late. A few stitches didn't quite justify a post so I thought I'd give it more love before posting a picture. It's coming along really slowly though. :( In the meantime, I have Serengeti waiting on the sidelines, not to mention numerous Mirabilias and some Joan Elliotts.

Need... More... Time!!!

On the work front, our company is growing nicely. God has blessed us abundantly and continues to do so. Everything is falling into place and I couldn't have asked for a better business partner. I don't think I showed you the logo I created, did I?

I recently finished building our COMPANY WEBSITE. Let me know what you think and if you see any errors, please let me know. My eyes start to glaze over with all that text. HAHA!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes about my dad. My parents have always eaten well, but since we found out about my dad's prostate cancer, my mom has him on a really strict diet of salads and fruits, lots of smoothies, and steamed fish and chicken breast. His last blood work saw his PSA level drop from 51% (when he was first diagnosed) to 24%!!!!! God is good! :D

Since they'll be visiting for a month in January, I want to make sure that his dietary needs will continue to be met and bought a BlendTec Designer Series blender. Of course, I also  had to buy the Twister jar to make nut butters. Homemade sherbets and ice-cream, here we come!!!! ;)


Anonymous said…
LOL! It does look like Alien cats with temple hats. The spring knotgarden looks great! I'm sorry to hear about your dad and hopes he continues to do well. Great job on the logo! It sounds like you are enjoying what your doing! Good for you!

Take care,
Emma/Itzy said…
You do realise that is ALL I am going to see now with this project!

Great news about your Dad too! x
tiffstitch said…
Great to hear your Dad's levels are so much better! And excellent work on Spring KG, I hear you on needing more time. :)
Ele said…
Great project!
And wonderful news about your Dad
Marilyn said…
They DO look like cats!!!
Congrats on the success of your business.
Glad your Dad is doing well.
Claudette497 said…
That was too funny - I so see the cats! I'm thrilled that your dad is doing well; I have an uncle who changed his diet and his terminal brain cancer completely disappeared - yay healthy food! Although it could have been prayer in his case too :)
Carla Eldridge said…
I love how things are coming together for you, your business and your dad!

I do have questions about the stitches you are doing, I wanted to ask about them when you finished the butterfly mandala, do you practice the stitches before you stitch your piece? Or do you just go for it and hope for the best?
♥ Nia said…
hahahaha I can see the cats with the hats!! :D LOL!!!!
Beautiful work :D
Kate said…
I totally get the alien cats thing!
Great news about your Dad's recent test results.
Yes, they really are blue alien cats! They look good though.

I had a look at the business website, it's very professional and impressive with all those languages spoken!

Hope you enjoy your parents' visit.
LOL! I love your name much better! It is gorgeous so far. Glad to hear your daddy's doing much better. Enjoy the smoothies...lurrvve them!!!
Alicia xox
Lol cats totally see it. Good to hear your dad's diing better. Xx
Angie said…
glad to hear your dad is doing better.

Lovely Alien cats.
Isadarena said…
Hi Joyce, your project is very beautiful :)
I hope your Dad is doing very well :)
Susan said…
Great progress and I will now seeing nothing but alien cats when I see this piece. So glad to hear the positive news on your Dad - will keep him (and all of you) in my thoughts. Such great news on the work front too. Congratulations!!
Shebafudge said…
Lol! I love it! Now all I will ever see in that design will be alien cats with temple hats.

Anne said…
Joyce!! Spring knotgarden is beautiful despite the alien cats! ROFL!!! It really does look like that when you mention it. The site is amazing. You did a splendid job! So good to hear that your Dad is doing a bit better and that he'll be visiting. Take lots of pictures and enjoy your time with your parents. Still sending you prayers and hugs from afar.

The Maiden said…
I encourage the healthy eating, I recently had a health scare and changing my diet was better than the drugs I was prescribed! I recommend growing microgreens, they are super easy (especially compared to your orchids!) and can be added to smoothies for extra nutrition! E-mail me if you have any questions, they are ready in about 12 days and grow in your kitchen! I love them on salads and sandwiches too! Alien cats with hats are perfect! I did think I was going to see hunky men dressed as cats though, he he. Joy
Anne said…
Good to hear your Dad is better. Your business looks good and im looking forward to next IHSW..
Deb said…
Your description is accurate! But beautiful!
Congrats to your dad and the lowered numbers. Your mom must be working pretty hard to keep him inline!
ricketyjo said…
I Love the Alien Cats name, brilliant! I'm glad to hear that your Dad's numbers are coming down thanks to his diet... it's funny what sort of an effect diet can have on the body, isn't it? Hope you have a great time with your parents when they visit. And I'm so glad that your company is getting stronger and stronger :) Have a lovely weekend!

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