IHSW October 2013

Hello, my dears!!! How goes your stitchy adventures?? I'm very sorry to report that mine is non-existent and I haven't stitched in six weeks!! Oh the horror of it all!!!!

On the upside, work things are nicely set up. I've finished the website for our company. I'll do a "Life Update" post soon... promise. In the meantime, I've missed y'all lots and lots.

I shall endeavor to stitch some this weekend. Would really like to get Spring Knotgarden finished. You're all welcome to whip me into shape with some wet noodles or silks. HAHAHAHA!!!


Mouse said…
hopefully this month I will be able to sit and stitch on a hermitting weekend whooo hooo :) love mouse xxxxx
Kate said…
Well said Mouse! Hope I can manage some good stitching this coming weekend. I didn't manage to report lats month's progress yet!
Claudette497 said…
The wet noodles are out - I'd like to see knotgarden finished too, lol! We miss you right back!
6 weeks and no stitching!!!! OMG I would have died. I've noticed your absence and missed you! Especially the eye candy posts LOL. Good luck for the weekend. xox Alicia
Ele said…
perfect timing! I need to finish my WIP this week! happy stitching
Deb said…
Ouch! Six weeks and I would be having stitchers withdrawal!

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