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IHSW December Report

Didn't get much done over IHSW on Spring Knotgarden, but I'm getting there slowly. I'm starting to feel the excitement of getting this to the finish line, and usually this is when I kick things into gear. But, I have to admit I'm not feeling too hare-ish at the moment, so tortoise might have to do. ;) I'm loving how this is shaping up though, so hopefully it won't be too much longer now. :)

2013's Final IHSW

Hello, my dears! Are y'all busy bees getting ready for the holidays? Do you have some time to set aside for our last IHSW of the year? :) I think I do... but the question would be if I would have the energy to stitch or if I'd rather just be lazy. HAHAHAHA!!! I've been really, REALLY bad about stitching lately. I don't think I've even showed you the latest pic of Spring Knotgarden which, horror of horrors, is about three weeks old! Anything I've done since then has been pitiful. So here's a toast to our December IHSW. I'm going to put my name down in hopes that it'll spur me on for some stitchyness. ;)